100 Max E-Juices-Tasty Aromas You Must Try

100 Max E-Juices-Tasty Aromas You Must Try

Are you tired of trying out new juices all the time, but still not be pleased with their quality? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place, because we are about to tell you everything we know about one of the best-selling aromas at the moment that you just have to try out.

So, allow us to present to you 100 Max e-juices that are taking the vaping market by storm. We were blown away by their quality, and we had to try out each flavor and see if they were as good as everyone was talking about. And with great pleasure, we have to say that they deserve straight A.

There are a few options you can opt for, and we will gladly present to you all of them. These aromas will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding vapers because they were made by one of the leading and most influential manufacturers that know how to create first-class products. We are about to talk about seven luscious aromas, and we are sure that each vaper is going to be able to pick at least one.


Revolutionary Aromas You Will Use Over and Over Again


As we have already mentioned, Naked 100 Max e-juices are some of the best ones we have ever tried, but what really makes them so special? Well, first and foremost, you have to know that upon buying the flavor of your choice, you will receive the liquid in a 30ml bottle, safely and nicely packed.

To make the product as safe as possible, the designers are using a child-resistant cap, so you can rest assured that spilling and wasting product is never an option. Not to mention that never again do you have to worry about annoying stains. The bottle itself is pretty standard and minimal, and on it, you will find all the most important information about the product. And of course, they are very easy to use.

But, surely one of the things we appreciate the most is the fact that Max 100 juices come in two options, and based on your liking, you can opt for 35mg or 50mg of nicotine. That makes it perfect for beginners who want to start their long journey with a lighter dose of nicotine, but also for those who have a bit bigger nicotine cravings.

The flavors we are about to talk about are pretty simple, but their quality is undeniable. They will award you with a clean aroma, but each inhale is going to be hard-hitting and you will be able to feel the flavor to the fullest. You can expect some stunning vapor production and forget about any throat irritation.


Classical Strawberry Flavor that Stands out from its Competition


Sure, we have tried so many strawberry aromas throughout the years created by various manufacturers, but, honestly, Strawberry Ice one is on completely another level. It is a perfect blend of sweet fruit and refreshing menthol that we all need and want to taste during the warm days that are ahead of us. So, if you are a fan of this fruit, in particular, you cannot go wrong by choosing this option. It will give your taste buds the true joy they deserve.


Who Can Say No to Marvelous Apple Flavor?


Sometimes the simplest flavors are the best ones, and Apple Ice proves that. It is very difficult to create a top-notch basic aroma, but the creator nailed it with this one. It is very bold and tasty at the same time, and each inhale will remind you how crisp and fresh apples taste. So, if you are not ready to experiment with your e-liquid and you like to stick up to some good old ones, this one is the way to go. We promise it won't disappoint you!


Want to Cool Off? Choose Watermelon Ice


Nothing screams summer better than Watermelon, not to mention the one mixed with ice. During hot days, it is crucial to have super refreshing puffs by your side all the time, and thanks to Watermelon Ice that has never been easier. This mixture of tasty fruit and extra cool menthol is one of our favorite aromas from this range, and we want you all to try it out and see first-hand why we love it so much.


Cool Aromas for Warm Days - Blend of Berries is Here to Give You Refreshment


The Berries Ice is yet another mind-blowing e-juice that is about to provide you with a unique vaping experience. Feel the intense taste of mixed berries combined with menthol and get ready to enjoy your puffs any time you want. This trifecta is insanely good, and you have to give it a go as soon as possible.


You Are a Fan of Tropical Fruit? Say No More, Pineapple Aroma is Here for You


If pineapple is your cup of tea, then you need to add Pineapple Ice to your cart when making a purchase. Taste the crisp menthol and exotic fruit all at once, thanks to this innovative aroma. If this blend sounds appealing, don’t wait a lot, and grab this ultimate e-juice that is, without any doubt, going to become your favorite.


Must-Try Ice Flavor!


White Guava Ice was one of the e-juices we were the most curious to try out, and we are glad to say that it didn’t disappoint us. It is an ideal combination of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, with a hint of menthol to keep you cool. This one is a true flavor sensation, and it is about time that you experience it.


Last but Not Least-Peach Mango Ice


The last fruit flavor on today’s menu is Peach Mango Ice, and it is a true flavor bomb. At the same time, you will taste ripped mango, sweet peach, and cooling menthol, but somehow, this combination works, and we liked it a lot. It is at the same time a very complex yet simple mix that many vapers will adore.


No matter which e-juice you decide to buy, you need to know that you can find each one of them at our favorite online store, ApVapeShop. So, visit it ASAP and purchase one of the 100 Max aromas that are waiting for you!
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