2500 Puffs Disposable Vapes - Which One to Choose?

2500 Puffs Disposable Vapes - Which One to Choose?

Imagine having an opportunity to draw 2500 delicious and intense puffs from a single attractive device where each puff is as tasty and generous as the first one. Well, it is all very possible thanks to the ambitious vaping manufacturers who invest greatly into each new edition and make our lives a little bit sweeter. 

Today, we will present you with the best possible solutions for those who are looking for a disposable that promises around 2500 puffs and lasts from a few days up to a whole week. Of course, it all depends on your vaping style, but having in mind that the modern disposables have a powerful kick and strong flavor, this can motivate you to vape in larger intervals and therefore reduce nicotine intake.

If you are interested to learn more about the devices that could potentially enter your disposable collection and stay there for long, we encourage you to stay with us. We will present you with a few devices that simply have it all - a powerful battery, impeccable design, deliciousness, and simplicity of usage. 

Esco Bars Ripe

The first thing you notice and feel when holding the all-new Esco Bar vape is how great it feels in hand thanks to the round shape and matte finish. It is designed and made by Castel Cartel Labs and comes in 7 different variants where each promises a unique adventure. After all, you can’t expect anything less when you take a glance at the flavors’ titles – Fiji Melons Ice, Strawnanners Ice, Tropical Rainbow Blast, and more. It already sounds super delicious and exciting, don’t you think?

Esco Bars come with the built-in 1100mAh battery and the tank with 6ml of e-liquid capacity which is more than enough to ensure you promised 2500 puffs. Thanks to the mesh coil, the device heats up rapidly and ensures a powerful and satisfying kick without the dull or burnt taste, and the anti-leak technology keeps the device safe to use and durable. The nicotine strength comes in regular 50mg, but Esco is still very beginner-friendly since throat irritation is excluded and the device is as simple to use as possible. The mouthpiece looks slightly different than the rest, and its round shape with the narrowing edges makes it quite comfortable to hold in the mouth. 

This Esco Bar vape is a fitting example of a beautifully looking disposable device that is easy to use, incredibly tasty, and comes with a super low-defect rate which gives this device an excellent value for money. No to mention the fact that it comes with the piece for under $15. 

Pod Twist 

Pod Twist comes with a similar design to our previous recommendation, yet it only has a single color for each flavor – white. This trait gives it this specifically elegant appearance while the black mouthpiece and the bottom part of the device make it look subtle and minimalistic. 

This bottom part has a unique and significant role as well – to control the airflow. The adjustable airflow control ring gives you an opportunity to change the draw’s characteristics. You can make it as loose or tight as you please which is certainly a nice addition. These little details are what make the device stand out from the crowd. 

Pod Twist comes with a 1000mAh battery and a tank with 6.5ml capacity, but its greatest asset is the flavor palette with 20 different variants. Whether you enjoy straightforward fruity flavors like Lemon Lime Twist, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Lemonade, or Watermelon Peach Pear, or you like icy and fruity mixes like Peach Ice or Frozen Strawberry, Pod Twist simply has it all. There are also purely minty editions which are all incredibly refreshing and potent, and utterly interesting and bold combinations like Glacier Fuji Apple Tangerine or Strawberry Apple Watermelon. As you see, there is a mix for everyone, so it is up to your likes which one will become an integral part of your disposable collection. 

The device comes with slightly higher nicotine of 5.5% which is good news for those who need more of it to satisfy the cravings: Still, thanks to the high-quality nic salts and coils, the draws are smooth and remain gentle on your throat which makes this device ideal for beginners as well. It is simple to use, and doesn’t include any buttons or need for maintenance. Also, the mouthpiece is super comfortable thanks to its thin design and narrow edges. 


The biggest and more colorful of them all, LOY Flow XXL is an all-time classic adored by many passionate vapers. It comes with a 1000mAh battery, 10 amazing editions that come with 5% of nicotine in each, and a super-rich flavor that got it recognition in the first place. 

It looks very vivid and characteristic at the first glance which some will like and some not. 

Still, both of our previous recommendations are ideal for adult vapers who appreciate a discreet vaping experience. When it comes to flavors, there is an edition that will suit everyone’s likes. Whether you like a super sweet variant that comes with Candy or Unicorn, or you are looking for a refreshment in the form of tasty disposable Strawberry Watermelon, this vape can answer your demands. 

Where To Buy Original Products?

Whichever disposable you select, keep in mind that you should always buy it at the certified vape shop. The market is overflown with the fakes which will leave the bad taste in your mouth and disappoint you. We at ApVapeShop guarantee the authenticity of our products, offer rapid and accurate delivery, and 24/7 customer support service. Among our offers, you will find fresh arrivals and all-time vaping evergreens which is one of the prime reasons why we are America's nr. 1 vape shop. 

Feel free to give our vaping experts a call anytime, and they will gladly provide more information on any given vaping product you are interested in or suggest you a fitting device which will answer all your requirements. 

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