5 Must-Try Disposable Vapes

5 Must-Try Disposable Vapes

Whether you’ve been in the vaping world for quite some time, or you are about to enter it, what you seek in the vaping product is high-quality, convenience, and the overall enjoyment. There is a single device that could easily answer the demands written above and many more – disposable vape. 

Disposables gained huge popularity quickly mainly because they are one of the best tobacco smoking alternatives that actually work. This is why they are specially designed to be vaping-beginner friendly and don’t require any maintenance and care as you simply throw them away in the trash once the device’s battery is dead. 

Since the market is vast and is growing bigger by day, it is difficult for vapers to select suitable products, especially since most of them offer similar experiences. This is why we decided to present you with the 5 must-try disposables that will ensure you a unique and utterly enjoyable vaping ride that you will surely come back to repeatedly. 

This wasn’t an easy task at all, but we went for the products that offer nothing but premium quality flavor and exceptional functionality. In case you wish to speak to our vaping experts directly and get valuable first-hand info, don’t hesitate to contact our Ap Vape Shop staff anytime. 

Puff Flow 1800 Puffs

The first one on our list is a truly exceptional disposable vape that promises amazing 1800 puffs and comes with an interesting add-on that will enhance the whole vaping experience – an adjustable airflow function that lets you control the draw strength at any time. 

Puff Flow is designed to fit the palm perfectly and provide a secure grip, while the mouthpiece is as thin as it gets which makes the vaping even more comfortable. The battery is 850mAh and it will last enough until the ultimate e-liquid drop from the 6.5ml tank is gone. 

Puff is well-known for pre-filling their disposables with the top-quality nic salts e-liquid only, but this time they surely took an extra mile to ensure the vapers' ultimately pleasurable flavors. Thanks to the TFN (tobacco-free nicotine) nic salts which are one of the purest you can find on the market, the flavors’ intensity is elevated to the maximum level.

Our top flavor that promises berry-like explosion with the minty hit – Blueberry Ice

JUUCY Model X 1600 Puffs

Equipped to let you enjoy it for up to a week, JUUCY Model X is made for those who appreciate bold flavor blends and an overall exciting vaping journey. 

JUUCY Model X is slightly richer in the flavor selection (19 options) than the Puff Flow (15) but offers a bit fewer puffs, so it is solely up to you to decide what’s primal here. Still, JUUCE made sure that each flavor was carefully tested until it didn’t meet the highest standards. 

When it comes to the price, Model X is a bit cheaper which is quite realistic due to the slightly shorter device’s life and smaller 6ml tank. 

The flavor that we liked the most is as unique as it gets – Mintobacco

Hyde Edge 1500 Puffs

Hyde never fails to pleasantly surprise us, and with their Edge series disposable vape, they once more did an excellent job. 

The device itself looks different than the others thanks to the vivid color combination, rubber-made finish, and larger mouthpiece that, surprisingly, fit the lips perfectly and ensures full convenience when vaping. Even though it promises 1500 puffs, Hyde Edge comes with a built-in 1100mAh battery which means you’ll be able to enjoy every draw to the fullest. 

Hyde Edge 1500 puffs come with amazing 24+ flavors which makes it a winner in that category, and the one our team loved the most is without a doubt a delicious and refreshing Peach Mango Watermelon. 

Puff Plus 800

Even though it is not as powerful as the previous disposables we included into our top 5 selection, Puff Plus 800, or once known as Kado disposable vape, is one of the most desired disposable vapes in the market. 

Still, its main advantage when compared to the previous devices we mentioned is the lower nicotine strength in the e-liquid. Puff Plus has a tank that stores 3.2ml of nic salts with 30mg nicotine strength which makes this device ideal for those who like to limit or reduce its intake. 

When it comes to flavor options, there are 16 different options that you can choose from, and the one that we constantly came back to is crispy and energizing Guava Ice

My Mini 2

The smallest in size and the most modest when it comes to puff production, Myle Mini 2 intends to serve those who like discreet and sleek devices that come with stylish and minimalistic designs. It will produce enough puffs to get you through the day, and each of them is intensely delicious thanks to the natural nicotine salts that Myle is already quite famous for. 

The flavor selection included all Myle’s well-known evergreens, and the one that we recommend the most is creamy and sensual, yet refreshing and robust – Mango

We at Ap Vape Shop keep our stock filled with premium vaping products exclusively, so you can find all the aforementioned disposable editions at our store anytime. Each of them is fresh, original, and ready to be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.
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