5 Vaping Trends for 2021

5 Vaping Trends for 2021

Are you into vaping and want to stay up to date with the latest news in this industry? If your answer is “yes”, then we suggest you sit back and relax, since we will present you with the top 5 vaping trends for 2021.

Because the technology in this field is improving rapidly, it might be hard to keep the step with all the news, but that is where we can step in as a leading online vape shop. We will give you a close insight into vaping trends that are shaping this industry, so you can be ready for all the excitements that will come. 

1. Increasing Popularity of Smaller Devices

The needs of modern humans are changing daily since we live in a fast-paced world. Still, there is one thing that seems to be constant - people need gadgets and features that are very portable and easy to use on the go. 

Because of that, leading vaping brands like JUUL, STIG, SMOK, and others are constantly improving their devices and tend to make them as small as possible without affecting their functionality and quality. 

Small, easy to use, and compact - these are the main principles that will shape the design of future vape devices, especially disposable ones. 

2. Longer Lifespan of Disposable Vapes

Although these types of devices are created for a single-use, new disposable vapes are supposed to last longer than the previous version of them. The 300 puffs per one disposable unit were some kind of standard. Nowadays you can find vaporizers like Air Lux Bar which offer 1000 puffs per device, and that is awesome, isn’t it?

More puffs mean that the new disposables include more e-liquids and more powerful batteries than earlier models, so you will be able to enjoy your favorite vape for a longer time. Still, as mentioned above, the manufacturers tend to keep them small and compact despite their longer lifespan, so you can be sure that you will still be able to pack your favorite disposable vape in your pocket. 

3. People Want to Know What is In Their Vape

As the demand for vaping products was growing, different types of shady items popped out. This made buying e-cigarettes and e-liquids quite an adventure since vapers now have to look carefully at what they are purchasing to avoid fake products.

Because of that, more and more people are looking only for products with detailed specifications, so it is expected that vape brands will pay more attention to making this important information visible on their packages or instructions that come together with the device the customers buy. 

4. More Resilient Vapes

This is another thing that will improve the overall vaping experience. Manufacturers are looking for ways to improve the devices, so the users will not have to worry whether they will break in case they drop them down. 

In the future, we can expect water and dust-resistant devices that will at the same time be shockproof. This means that even the people who are working in demanding conditions like construction sites will be able to use their vape devices worry-free.

5. Vaping Tends to Become Greener

The main problem with disposable vapes and other vape devices, in general, is too much plastic waste. It is expected that manufacturers will give their best to develop recyclable packaging, as well as recycling stations for the batteries.

This is something that requires time, but hopefully, we will witness a greener future of vaping soon. 

What Do You Think About These Vaping Trends?

Like you can see, many improvements are predicted in the vaping industry in 2021. We hope that you like these trends and that soon we will be able to try out recyclable disposable vapes and enjoy new smaller packages too.

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