6 Reasons to Choose a Nicotine Free Disposable Vape

6 Reasons to Choose a Nicotine Free Disposable Vape

So far, vapes have helped millions of people eliminate tobacco, ash, tar, and bad smell from their lives, and they are still doing so. One of the best things about vapes is that you can select the nicotine strength that comes with the e-liquids and therefore make the transition as easy and painless as possible. 

We all know that getting rid of tobacco is hard, but vaping manufacturers made sure to help you by creating premium-quality vapes with extraordinary flavor and nicotine percentages that will satisfy your cravings and let you feel at your best. 

Still, there is an option that might sound unsatisfying at first, yet it is proven to be one of the best options for those who wish to stop smoking. We are talking about the Nicotine free disposable vapes. They are easy to use, come with amazing flavors, and don’t contain the highly addictive substance that you thought you were once seriously hooked on. 

Nicotine-free disposable vape manufacturers knew that they would have to create a device that could indulge your wishes without supplying you with the regular nicotine intake, and this wasn’t an easy task. Yet, there are superb disposables of this sort on the market nowadays, and besides presenting you with the edition that we highly recommend, will share 6 benefits of choosing this particular sort of vape. 

Disposables Are a Great Option To Begin With

If you are a vaping beginner, one of the best ways to start is by using disposables. They are easy to use, usually don’t include any buttons and all you need to do to start vaping is take a draw. There is also no maintenance required as you can simply throw the device in the trash once the battery or tank is empty. 

Now, there are multiple great options on the market nowadays, but since we wanted to pick only one which comes with all the features you need and is super delicious, our choice is Food God Zero Nicotine disposable vape device. 

Backed up with the powerful 1000mAh battery and large 8ml tank, this one promises over 2400 delicious puffs and can last up to a week depending on your vaping style. Still, its main asset is the exciting flavor palette that contains 15 different flavors. 

Behind the unique names stand thrilling blends – Millionaire watermelon comes with an extra sweet taste, while the Café Tabac comes with an intense yet smooth tobacco-like flavor. 

Wish to try a calorie-free delight that your taste buds will simply adore and crave for more? Then you must try Chocolate dipped with strawberries flavor which delivers what’s promised in the title. There are many more exciting options to try out, and you can purchase your original product at our certified Ap Vape Shop even today and have it delivered in the shortest time possible!

You Don’t Wish to Consume an Addictive Substance? No Problem!

As their name suggests, nicotine-free disposables contain zero nicotine, so if you wish to eliminate it completely from your life, you can do so by selecting this sort of disposable. 

You can always mix and match the disposables that contain nicotine with those that don’t and see the difference for yourself. Yet, nicotine-free disposables promise the same enjoyable experience just without the chemically addictive substance. 

It is our duty to inform you that in case you are buying a nicotine-free e-juice for a vaping device, the labeling rules issued by the FDA require the manufacturer to either note that it contains nicotine or that it is made from tobacco. Still, you can rest assured that there isn’t any nicotine if it is marked 0% on the packaging. 

Nicotine Can Be Toxic If Consumed Heavily 

Even though there is only a slight possibility that you’ll ever get a nicotine overdose when vaping, you can be sure that that will not happen with nicotine-free disposables, no matter how passionate of a vaper you are. You can vape all day and all night, and still be completely sure that you are safe. 

Also, nicotine-free disposable vapes are an exclusive opportunity for those who wish to enter the vaping world even though they have mild or severe nicotine allergies. 

Transitioning From Regular to Nicotine Free Disposables Once You Are Ready

Once you get rid of cigarettes, you become unstoppable. At least, that is the subjective feeling that most of us have once we discover that vaping is all we need! So, why not go a step further and transition to nicotine-free vapes? 

This is the precise thing that many vaping veterans decide to do after some time, and most of them stick to the nicotine-free option once they realize that the sensation and experience are pretty much the same. 

Smoother Throat Hit and Clearer Head

Even though multiple superior-quality nicotine disposables come with the super-soft hit, in case you have an easily irritated throat, you’ll love nicotine-free disposable vapes. The hit is as smooth as it gets, and the flavor is even more intense. 

Also, if you wish to eliminate the possibility of head buzz that could come after nicotine intake, you will do so by going for a nicotine-free option. 

Up For a Sugar Rush Without Feeling Guilty? 

One of the main things that make people stick to the vapes instead of going back to tobacco is the flavors, especially the sweet ones. 

So, if you wish to treat yourself with nicotine-free sweet draws that you can take all day long without gaining weight, these disposables are a perfect option for you. This is also great for people who have diabetes as they can remain satisfied without taking sugar which surely has a harmful effect on them, but also on everybody’s health. 

So, if you are ready to give nicotine-free disposable a chance, we assure you that you’ll not regret it. After all, they are pretty cheap just like the regular ones, but promise an exciting journey where you have a chance to feel at your best by doing what you like – guilt-free!

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