8 Must-Have Vape Accessories

8 Must-Have Vape Accessories

Vaping is more than just a worldwide trend. It is a ritual that we enjoy and tend to customize so it fits all our needs and desires. From selecting the adequate vaping device that satisfies our demands, to being excited each time we discover a new e-liquid flavor that we come back to regularly, the whole journey ahead is full of experiences that bring us joy. Not to mention the fact that vapes are the best alternative for tobacco smoking as they provide the similar desired rush without harming effects on our health. 

In addition to that, selecting the vape accessories that enhance the whole experience but also add more functionality and practicality to our vaping routine is important. Just like with vape devices, the choice is vast, and the market is filled with both good and poor-quality products. To help you make the right decision and pick vape accessories that you actually need and can have benefits from, we created a list of those which can support your device and habit the best. 

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Accessories for Storing Your Vapes

If you are a passionate vaper like most of us is, you probably have a lot of vaping gear. Even if you are more of a chaotic type and don’t like to keep your staff well-organized, storing your vaping gear will keep it safe and unexposed to damaging factors like sunlight or liquids, while your e-liquids will remain in the bottle. So, this means less mess and time to find what you are looking for. 

Having anything from vape cases and bags that are perfect for traveling and commuting, to storage bottles for e-juices makes a huge difference, and you’ll understand why as soon as you realize how keeping all vaping gear in one place makes your life easier. Instead of wasting time looking for that battery, e-liquid, or disposable in the overstuffed drawer, you can simply keep them well-organized in a nicely designed vaping bag. 

Twist Batteries for 510 Thread Cartridges

From the moment they appeared on the market, twist batteries became one of the most essential vaping accessories. If you are using any sort of 510 thread cartridge, you need to have a powerful high-quality battery that comes with a preheat option alongside the variable voltage which allows you to customize the vaping experience. These batteries are easy to control and recharge via the wireless USB charger, and they are extremely durable and safe to use. make sure to select the twist battery that gives you a chance to set the voltage you want manually, so you don’t ruin the cartridge for good. 

Battery Charger 

For those who use mod systems, a good-quality battery charger is a crucial piece of equipment. So-called “smart” battery chargers have multiple charging modes and protective features like over-voltage and over-discharge protection. Some can even automatically identify the type of the battery and charge it according to its characteristics. To keep your 18650 battery (which is the most common type for mods) working properly for the longest time possible, you shouldn’t discharge it below 3.2v, and a battery charger is here to keep it that way. 

Bottles for E-Juices

If you are into the DIY e-liquid option, you’ll want to have a glass of unicorn bottle to keep the liquid safely stored. The glass is a great option for home storing, while the unicorn bottles are ideal when you are on the road. The plastic (unicorn) bottles are cheaper yet keeping the e-liquid in the plastic environment for a long time isn’t recommended, so make sure to have both variants and choose the right one accordingly. 

Replacement Pods and Coils

Pod systems are one of the most preferred vaping devices, yet if you don’t have an extra pod at your fingertips, it can be frustrating to wait for a delivery or find the time to visit a brick-and-mortar vape shop. That is why it is wisest to keep your stock full of adequate pods and enjoy your vaping without disturbances.

Depending on the vaping device and the manufacturer, you’ll find numerous options to choose from. The replacement pods usually come in a pack of 4 which is enough to serve you for a month, and some signs that you need to replace a pod cartridge include burnt taste, dull flavor, or poor vapor production. If you choose not to replace it on time, the device can be damaged, and its life significantly shortened. The good news is that the pod cartridges are usually quite cheap. The same rule applies to the mesh coils

Cleaning Solutions for Vapes

Vapes don’t require much care and attention, still cleaning their components from time to time can enhance the vaping experience and prolong the device’s life.

Besides Isopropyl alcohol or acetone which will both do for the metal parts cleaning, you can use the pipe cleaner to effectively remove the dirt. They are as cheap and efficient as it gets, and the best thing is that after you eliminate the debris, the flavor gets more intense and cleaner. If you are into glass smoke ware, you should always use a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner which doesn’t require soaking or scrubbing. 

Microfibre Cloths

Even though this might sound confusing to some of you, having a microfibre cloth to remove the excess dust from a vape device is actually a clever idea. The fine fibers will effectively collect all the dirt or lint as they could be the primary reason that a vape’s battery stopped working in the first place. It doesn’t cost you much, yet it surely has an important role. 

Silicone Mat

To keep all the vaping device’s parts in one place, there isn’t a better way than having a silicone mat. The components will not roll around and fall, and both cleaning and refilling can be done much faster and without any hassle. They come in various sizes and shapes and are usually quite cheap.

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