A Detailed Comparison: Mr Fog Switch SW15000 vs. Mr Fog Max Air MA8500

A Detailed Comparison: Mr Fog Switch SW15000 vs. Mr Fog Max Air MA8500

All of us vapers can agree that we live in a glorious age when it comes to vaping. New devices are being released all the time, and well-renowned brands are constantly treating us to some top-notch products we absolutely love. The list of devices we can try is endless, and our collection keeps on growing. So, there’s no one better to tell you what is actually worth buying and what is something you need to stay away from. We have very strict criteria when naming a vape device outstanding. We need to make sure that every single aspect of it is perfect, and that with it by your side, you will be able to take the utmost pleasure in each puff you take. Today, after thorough testing, we have decided to share with you two incredible disposables, made by one of the most-loved and unique brands on the market, and as always, all of our recommendations are waiting for you exclusively at ApVapeShop

A Brand With a Twist

Recently, we have seen that many manufacturers are trying to gain a wider audience and appeal to numerous users. Some of them have managed to do that, while others haven't managed to prove their quality. One of the brands that is definitely here to stay is Mr Fog, and it has quickly become one of the best-selling ones on the market. It was first established in 2018, and ever since it has been creating some spectacular devices, and for a very long time, one of our most-used disposables was Mr Fog Switch 5500 Puffs. It was an amazing introduction to what this brand is capable of, and we couldn’t wait to see what they will come up next. We truly believe that the future of Mr Fog is bright, and we are excited to discover what their next product is. 

Mr Fog Switch SW15000 - a True Vape Delight 

Let’s start strong by presenting the one and only, Mr Fog Switch SW15000 that has set the tone for the new generation of disposables. The first thing you will notice is definitely its design, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how fun it is. Since we take our disposables with us anywhere we go, it is crucial for them to look good, and this one is a true vape delight you need to have by your side. Each of the color combos is super bright, which makes it ideal for this time of the year. 

This device was one of the first ones to incorporate a smart power screen display window, which has changed the way we vape forever. Thanks to this smart feature, we can keep track of battery and e-liquid levels at all times. That is how we can always know that we are all powered for our next session, and not stress over whether we have some more vape juice in the tank. This disposable is made using a very powerful 650mAh battery, which you can recharge using a USB Type-C connector when needed. There are 12mL of high-quality e-juice you can enjoy, and this amount will provide approximately 15000 puffs, which is pretty impressive for a device of this size.

But the innovations don’t stop here. When opting for this spectacular disposable, you can use it in two modes, eco and boost. So, you can be sure that all your vaping needs will be taken care of. Additionally, there is also an adjustable airflow control dial, so you can customize the way you vape even further, which is surely a key to a memorable vaping adventure. We all have specific preferences, and Mr Fog is recognizing that! 

Don’t worry, we won’t forget to mention the most succulent part. So, when opting for this marvel, you can choose from 16 flavors, and we have one big piece of advice for you. Make sure to add Nasty Tropic to your cart, and travel to the sun-kissed beaches with every draw. Try it now, and thank us later!

Mr Fog Max Air MA8500 Is a Must-Try

Moving on to another shining star of the vaping industry, Mr Fog Max Air MA8500. It is without a single doubt, one of the most compact devices you can spend your money on. But don’t let its size fool you. It still performs impeccably! So you will be getting two in one basically. A pocket-friendly disposable that can still perform like some of the more bulkier devices. You will be getting vape supremacy, which you can take with you anywhere you go.

The battery is not the most powerful one out there, but it is still satisfactory with 600mAh, and the great news is that it can still be recharged. The tank is filled with 17mL of e-liquid, which is amazing. You will get around 8500 puffs you can relish whenever the cravings emerge. One of the things that we personally love the most about this disposable is its super comfortable tube mouthpiece which makes inhalation not only very easy but very pleasant for our throat as well.  

But, what has truly attracted us to this disposable in the first place is its unique range of aromas. It may not be the biggest one on the market, but it is surely one of the most delicious ones. There are 8 aromas, and each one is made very carefully, so we are sure they will be loved even by the most discerning vapers. They are extremely tasty, and there is really something for everyone. Those who prefer some fruity notes will adore Double Strawberry and Double Apple, while fans of a bit more refreshing choices will love Double Spearmint. 

Our honest advice is not to waste your time, and head over to ApVapeShop as soon as possible, and purchase a device you prefer. Why not treat your taste buds to a premium vaping experience that has never been closer? Trust us, once you try out these Mr Fog disposables, you will always go back to them. 

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