A Detailed Guide to E-liquids

A Detailed Guide to E-liquids

As vapes grew their popularity excessively over the last couple of years, it could be reasonable to perceive vaping as a global trend. Still, let’s not forget why they were invented in the first place – to serve as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking and help millions of people kick off this nasty habit once for all. E-liquids (vape juice, e-juice, vape liquid) are the precise reason why so many have succeeded in their mission. 

If you are about to stop smoking cigarettes due to the harmful effect they have on your body, you surely wish to know more about the exact ingredients of the e-liquid you will inhale daily. On the other hand, maybe you have been vaping for some time, but never really understood all those confusing terms written on the bottles, like PG, VG, or you are having difficulty comprehending the main difference between nic salts and regular e-liquids. 

Whichever category you fit in, you’ll surely get the clarifications you need in the following text, so we advise you to stay with us and treat yourself with some valuable insights. Once you get the information you were missing, you’ll be able to select the e-liquid that will suit you the best and enjoy the whole vaping experience as never before. 

What Are the Main Ingredients of E-Liquids?

As e-liquid is an aerosol, it breaks down into water and CO2. The water is then transformed into vapor when exhaled, and the same thing applies to the CO2 which we already naturally breathe out. The vapor itself may be cool or warm depending on the device you use, but never as hot as the smoke from the cigarette as the harmful combustion was replaced with a heating procedure.  

There are four key ingredients in e-liquids: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavor. 

Propylene Glycol is a synthetic liquid used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, manufacturing, and food industries for over a hundred years. Still, it is described as an organic compound since it contains carbon. The main reason why it is integrated into the e-liquid is the fact that it becomes a vapor when heated properly, and also functions as an efficient medium for flavoring and nicotine. It is considered to be non-toxic and safe by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) on the other hand comes from the plants and it is responsible for giving that subtle sweet taste to the e-liquid. As PG, Vegetable Glycerin also becomes a vapor when heated, but you can thank it primarily for those massive clouds you like so much. It is widely used as a preservative in the food industry, so it is also entirely safe to consume. 

Nicotine is a substance derived from tobacco plants, and it appears in two forms in the e-liquid – as freebase nicotine and nic salts. Nic salts release into the bloodstream more quickly than the freebase nicotine which is the primal reason for their popularity nowadays. 

Flavoring can be artificial and natural, single and blended, and the options to choose from are infinite. Still, it is crucial to purchase the e-liquids produced by the premium and well-known manufacturers where each e-liquid formula is stable and well-balanced. 

At our AP online vape shop, you can find the premium selection of e-liquids that are produced in licensed laboratories using superb ingredients only. 

What Does Different Ingredients Ratio and Percentage Stands For?

There are two main things to consider when buying an e-liquid – what sort of vaping device are you using and what experience are you looking for. 

If you just recently transitioned to vaping and wish to pursue the similar rush that smoking once gave you, going for a 50/50 VG PG ratio will ensure you that intense throat hit and flavor. In case you are a cloud-chaser, 70VG:30Pg will surely do the work, but then you’ll need a sub-ohm vape device that can successfully handle a higher percentage of VG in e-liquids. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by so many new pieces of information, keep in mind that you can contact our certified online vape shop customer support anytime as they will gladly provide clarifications you need! 

Still, if you need a higher nicotine level, we advise you to go with a simple vape pen or pod to avoid an utterly strong nicotine hit that comes from mods which are the most powerful vaping devices out there. However, you can always start with disposable vape devices which are prefilled with e-liquid or nic salts and see for yourself which dosage suits you perfectly. 

When it comes to nicotine dosage, you’ve probably noticed that it is regularly noted in both percentage and milligrams(mg). Selecting the right dosage depends on your previous smoking habit, so if you were an enthusiastic smoker who used a pack a day, you can start with 12 to 18 mg. In case you were more of a recreational tobacco user, going with 3 to 6mg will probably do the work. There are also nicotine-free vapes available in the market, and they are equally pleasing and enjoyable to use, so we encourage you to give them a try once you feel ready. 

For How Long the E-Liquid Stays Fresh and Safe to Use?

Once you select the right e-liquid, there is a great chance you’ll use it every day, but what if it happens that you find the long-lost opened bottle? Or do you have massive supplies of your favorite e-liquids and are worried about how long they can remain fresh?

Due to the process of oxidation, the e-liquid color may change, and the flavor might lose its potency, but you can still use this liquid after a year or two as it is completely safe. The same rule applies to the e-liquid bottles that are sealed. If stored properly, away from light and heat, you can use e-liquids even after the expiration date noted by the manufacturer. 

If you are ready to dive deep into the exciting world of premium quality e-liquids, we at Ap online vape shop offer a wide selection of those. We collaborate with the well-established manufacturers exclusively and guarantee the originality and freshness of the products we keep in our stocks. Wish to speak to us directly? Give us a call at (929)-435-7234 now!

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