A Guide to Myle Disposable Vapes

A Guide to Myle Disposable Vapes

Whether you’ve been into vaping for some time or you’ve just entered the magical world of it, you’ve must have heard about Myle. 

Primarily designed and produced to provide a smooth transitioning from tobacco smoking to vaping, Myle devices were more than successful on their mission thanks to the quality of design, technology, and flavor delivery. After you try any of Myle’s vapes, there is a great chance that you’ll never light that cigarette again. 

From the moment they appeared on the vaping scene in 2016, they got an army of fans who recognized and appreciated their impeccable, durable, and premium quality devices. Simple to use, powered with a stable battery, and enriched with great flavors, Myle vapes provide an ultimately enjoyable vaping experience where everything is adapted to your wishes. 

Today, we are going to talk about their unique disposable vapes where each is evergreen and represents a prototype of a superb disposable vape device. 

Myle Mini Disposable Vape Series 

If you like pocket-size and compact disposables that come with elegant design and extensive flavor palette, you’ll love Myle Mini disposable vapes as they are only 3 inches long. Whether you wish to evoke memories and treat yourself with a genuine tobacco flavor (Sweet Tobacco, Tobacco Gold) or prefer pure fruity blends or those that come with the icy kick (Blueberry Ice, Banana Ice), Myle Mini has them all and comes with incredible 20 flavors. 

Besides modern and minimalistic design, Myle Minis promise and deliver over 320 delightful puffs thanks to the 1-2 built-in pod and smooth, silky draw. Myle’s original e-liquids contain 5% of nicotine, so you can expect that both the cravings and taste buds will be completely satisfied. 

Myle Mini 2 is slightly larger than the regular Myle Mini and has some modifications when it comes to design as it resembles Myle Vape V1 device. Its mouthpiece is squarer while Myle Mini is round, but they both feel comfortable on the lips. Still, Myle Mini 2 has 1ml of e-liquid capacity and it comes with 10 flavors, yet it contains natural nicotine salts which ensure a stronger buzz and kick than the freebase nicotine which Myle mini comes with. 

Myle Clip Disposable Vape Device

This disposable was one of the most anticipated yet, and the main reason for that is because it is rechargeable. This is not only environmentally friendly but also great for the budget. Myle Clip comes with the charging port and micro-USB charger that you use once the battery is dead. After around 40 minutes, you’ll have a fully charged attractive-looking disposable ready for an all-day vaping journey. 

The pod capacity is 6. ml and the nicotine strength in their original e-liquids is, as usual, 50mg. Like all their disposables, Myle Clip is made with anti-leak technology which ensures a clean, spill-free, and prolonged vaping experience. Finally, this small but mighty ergonomically designed disposable device will provide over 2000 puffs when fully charged which is pretty impressive if you ask us. 

Myle Micro

As its name suggests, Myle Micro is one of the smallest disposable vapes in the market, yet it ensures over 1000 puffs where each is as intense as the first one. It is super lightweight and easy to carry around, but also fully waterproof and sealed. Thanks to the cotton coils that add stability and consistency to the vaping experience, you’ll never be faced with the burnt or blunt taste as well. It features a 3ml tank with tobacco-free nicotine salt which is the purest version of it which ensures a cleaner and distinctive taste. 

There are 20 flavors available where you can find well-recognized evergreens like Blue Razz, Pick lemonade, or Red Apple, but also some brand-new editions like Sweet Churro or Bano (classic tobacco). As Myle fills all their disposables with originally formulated and produces liquids, you can expect a flavor blast from any of their devices.

Myle EVO Disposable Vape

Myle Evo is one of the most powerful Myle’s disposable editions as it comes with a 7.5ml tank and 400mAh battery. It includes liquid isolation technology which ensures zero leakages and makes this device as durable as possible. Just like Myle Clip, EVO is rechargeable, so you can simply empower the battery via the USB charger after the promised 2500 puffs.

Myle EVO comes in 6 original flavors – Red Apple, Blueberry, Mango Iced Watermelon, Raspberry Ice, and Iced Mint. As it comes with the organic cotton coil, it is important to allow around 40 minutes of saturation before vaping to get most of the taste. The LED indicator on the bottom is surely a nice touch that adds even more elegance to this already fine-looking disposable. 

Myle Nano

Myle Nano is probably the most nice-looking and discrete disposable Myle has launched so far, yet it is one of the most affordable too considering its characteristics.


It is super thin and lightweight, waterproof, and sealed just like the Micro, and it allows you to enjoy over 600 delightful puffs thanks to the prefilled 2.5ml tank. As Myle is one of those corporations which is environmentally and ecologically conscious, they made sure that all plastic components of Myle Nano are fully recyclable and can participate in the upcoming manufacturing process. They even provide you with a special bag that you can put the parts in and send them back to Myle’s office. The flavor palette includes 12 different options with some exciting editions like Coconut Lime, Mint Mojito, and Prime Pear. They all sound pretty amazing, don’t they? 

Where to Purchase Authentic Myle Disposable Vape Devices?

This is the crucial question you need an answer to if you wish to treat yourself with an original Myle’s product instead of a fake one which will surely not satisfy you. 

Therefore, always purchase your Myle disposable vapes at a certified vape shop that guarantees the products’ authenticity. Besides that, we at ApVapeShop offer a rapid and reliable delivery service that you can rely on to bring fresh and original Myles to your doorstep. If you have further questions for us, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime as we are standing at your service 24/7!
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