A Guide to Powerful Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puff Disposable Vape

A Guide to Powerful Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puff Disposable Vape

Vaping isn't just a trend anymore; it's an everyday activity for millions of people. If you're ready to reclaim your title as a vaping expert, look no further than the disposable vape pen we are going to talk about. After that, tell all your friends about it, and make them see why is one of the best-selling products on the market nowadays.

So, if you are a serious vaping fan and are looking for something that will blow your mind, you need to take a look at this innovative device. Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puff is known to be one of the best vaping devices ever produced in the past few years. Therefore, stay with us, see what this thing can do, and make sure to let everyone know about it!

Today, let us tell you a little bit more about it. This disposable vape device is made from the very best of ingredients and, thanks to this, it delivers great vapor production and an amazing flavor experience. You will surely be amazed by the taste of your favorite e-liquid because it's going to be really intense and flavorful.


Good Looking Disposable Vape Device You Will Love to Have Next to You at All Times 

Let's face it: there is more to a vaping device than just specifications. One of the very first things we notice about a vaping device is its design and feel. Because we carry the product with us anywhere we go, it is very important that it looks and feels nice. When you pick up the Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puff, you immediately know it's a high-quality product. The designers made sure that the packaging is luxurious and it gives your product the WOW moment.

It's time to add some fun to vaping, and these brightly colored devices are here to deliver that. This gadget is slightly narrowed in the middle, which will make it fit into your palm perfectly. The mouthpiece is made to suit your lips perfectly and provide you with the best puffs you can imagine. We can guarantee you will be excited to take this item with you anywhere you go because it can fit your pocket or purse nicely. It will keep you company and award you with smooth inhales whenever you crave one.


Super Strong Battery 

This is the perfect device for a on the go situation, containing more than 5500 puffs and with its already pre-filled with 14ml of 5% Classic Salt-Nic Juices, you can enjoy your favorite flavors without having to refill and creating any additional mess. The device is made using anti-leak technology, so feel free to put it anywhere you want. Stains are the things of the past.

When it comes to battery, Naked 100 Max G-Box comes with a 550 mAh built-in battery. The best part about it is the fact that is rechargeable, so when its power starts to drop you can easily bring it back to life. That is how you will be able to take advantage of every single puff.


New Specifications that are Super Cool 

First of all, we were surprised to see that this device has an airflow adjustment system, because not so many products on the market offer this option. It delivers a powerful performance with its adjustable airflow system, allowing you to control how large the vapor cloud is, which is pretty impressive. This is how you will get a customized vaping experience, and you will match the way you vape to your personal preferences.

Yet, that is not all. Another cool feature makes this disposable vape pesn stand out from its competition. It is a smartly engineered item using the auto resistance system. If the device temperature decreases while you're using it, the resistance will increase automatically to prevent dry hits. Thanks to this, each puff is going to be tasty, so you don’t have to think about experiencing any bad hits.

Mesh coils are also here to provide a long-lasting vaping journey, and better-tasting inhales. Overall, we are 100% positive that Naked 100 Max G-Box won't disappoint you. Each of the 5500 puffs will be insanely good, and once you test them out, we are sure that this will be one of those devices you will always want to go back to.


Spectacular Flavors Everywhere 

Prepare your taste buds for what comes next! Spectacular aromas you can choose from when making your order. There are 10 incredible flavors designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers. No matter what your likings are, there is an aroma that can suit you like a glove.

For the beginning, let's talk about a few super fruit aromas, which are everyone’s favorite. Aloe Pineapple is one of the most distinguished blends we have tried recently, and we have to say that we love it! It tastes like tropical heaven that will transport you directly to the beach. Moving on to Strawberry Sour Belt, which is an amazing, tangy, and sour combination that is a true winner. Strawberry Lemon takes you on the sweet and citrusy trip you will simply adore. Hawaiian Pog gathers pineapple, orange, guava, and passionfruit, and listen! It is so, so good! Lastly, there is an Apple Sour Belt made for people who love to taste crisp apples and sour candies at the same time.

On to some super fresh mint flavors. Mint is for sure the simplest but at the same time very effective aroma. Luch Ice combines watermelon and menthol, obviously, and nothing can beat it during these warm days. Cherry Ice and Blue Razz Ice are ready to be added to the cart if you want to finish each fruity puff with a hint of coolness.

We cannot forget to mention the American Patriot, which is the high-quality aroma of rich tobacco that each vaper has to try at least once.


Each of these luscious Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puff aromas is available at our favorite online store, ApVapeShop. So, as soon as you are ready to make your order, visit it, and buy a genuine and high-quality disposable vape pen.
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