Air Bar Atron 5000 Puff Disposable Vape - Available Flavors

Air Bar Atron 5000 Puff Disposable Vape - Available Flavors

Trying out new disposables is what we love to do. With each new one by our side, we can travel to new places, and have new experiences. But, the thing that makes our vaping journey so special, is for sure the possibility to test out numerous new aromas. We don't like using the same one over and over again, because, what's fun about that?

It is our goal to discover new luscious flavors all the time and see which one is worth recommending to all of your vape enthusiasts. That is why we have dedicated a lot of our time to locating some high-quality aromas, and you will be glad to hear that we have succeeded!

The disposable that we will talk about in this blog is called Air Bar Atron 5000 puff disposable vape device, designed by one of the most popular vape brands on the market. Each device that is part of the Air Bar crew is undeniably amazing, and this one is no exception. It is available in 15 spectacular aromas you can choose from, and to make selection easier for you, we will do our best to present them up close. So, in case you are on the hunt for a new disposable, which not only performs incredibly, but it also comes in some remarkable flavors, you have stumbled upon the perfect guide.


New Fruity Aromas Coming Your Way


Fruit-flavored e-juices are among the most sought-after choices among vapers, admired for their delectably sweet and revitalizing profiles. For many vapers, the thought of a day without indulging in these smooth vapor clouds, which consistently deliver the soul of their beloved fruits, is simply unimaginable. The market presents a plethora of diverse options and expertly crafted combinations to cater to every preference, and some of the finest ones are crafted for Air Bar Atron.

So, let us go through these mouthwatering options that will make your vape production one-of-a-kind. The very first one is named Mixed Berries, and yes, it is one of the best mixes of this kind we have ever tasted. This blend captures the nature of tangy, and vibrant fruits, resulting in a well-balanced and nuanced vaping experience.

Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew is the next aroma you can add to your cart when visiting ApVapeShop. It unites the crisp elixir of watermelon, the lusciousness of cantaloupe, and the subtle sweetness of honeydew melon.

The next aroma on our list is the Juicy Peach, which is so simple but so delicious. It delivers a burst of authentic and vibrant peach flavor that encapsulates the spirit of a freshly picked, perfectly ripened peach. Each puff is equally awesome, and we are sure you will enjoy them as much as we do.

With the Hawaiian Watermelon, you can embark on a sensory vacation. With every draw, you will be taken straight to the sun-kissed shores of a tropical paradise, where the smell of watermelons mingles with the gentle ocean breeze. This aroma captures what Hawaii's lush landscapes are all about, and we know you gonna love it!

In case you are ready to step into the unknown and give a chance to a fully impressive flavor, don’t miss out on Fruit SAGA. It isn't just a mere aroma; it's a saga of taste that unfolds with every inhale. From the zingy burst of citrus to the succulent sweetness of berries, every inhale takes you deeper into this world of flavors. Let the layers of taste unfurl like chapters, offering you a vaping adventure that's not just lovely, but truly legendary.


Menthol-Flavored Aromas Are Always Very Popular


Undoubtedly, menthol-infused vape liquids currently stand as one of the most favored choices, if not the ultimate favorite, in the contemporary vaping universe. Inhalation of menthol imparts a cooling, revitalizing feeling, an attribute that particularly entices vapers in search of an exhilarating and invigorating encounter. Moreover, the distinct and recognizable flavor of menthol holds immense appeal and gratification for numerous individuals.

Air Bar Atron is one more time on the mission to fulfill  the needs of so many vapers, and that is why it is available in a few freezing options as well. Cool Mint is as cool as it sounds. With this aroma by your side, a wave of frost-kissed mint sweeps over your senses, awakening you with a refreshing chill. Clear is also made to provide a similar episode.

Frozen Watermelon is one of our favorite fruit and mint friendships, and we love having it as a part of our collection. A burst of icy-cool watermelon goodness takes center stage on your palate every time we use it, and that is why we are obsessed with it.

If watermelon is not your cup of tea, you need to opt for Strawberry Ice. It delivers a true magic that dances on the boundary between warmth and chill, offering a symphony of taste that is superb..

But if you want a combined experience, you will be happy to hear about the existence of Strawberry Watermelon Refresher. It will quickly become a staple in your life since its quality is out of this world. 

Berry Freeze also awaits you! It creates a crystalline place where vibrant berries hang like precious gems, frozen in time. So, whenever you need instant refreshment, just take a puff, and you are ready to go.

Finally, we have Black Dragon Ice, the allure of exotic blackberries entwined with the enigmatic mystique of dragon fruit. But what makes this mixture even better? A pinch of menthol!


Unique Flavors You Need to Know About!


Over time, flavors imbued with the delightful essence of desserts have garnered a devoted following, attributed to multiple factors. Primarily, they cater to the cravings of those with a penchant for sweetness, making them an ideal choice for individuals yearning for the delectable flavors of desserts. Also, these liquids artfully replicate the flavors reminiscent of beloved treats—undoubtedly a universally cherished aspect.

Coffee is a true diamond that you must have! It will awaken your senses, and we all need that from time to time. Whenever you use it, the deep, roasted notes of coffee beans will envelop your taste buds.

Strawberry Yogurt is one of the tastiest aromas from the entire bunch because the creamy embrace of yogurt complements the vibrant burst of strawberries perfectly.

The last flavor on our list is Peach Blueberry Candy, which will treat you to the real nostalgic charm. So, if you want to travel back in time, make sure to order this aroma! Just like all the other ones we have mentioned today, you can find it at ApVapeShop!
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