Air Bar Box 5000 Puffs vs. Juice Head 5000 Puff

Air Bar Box 5000 Puffs vs. Juice Head 5000 Puff

If you are into disposables and you have a chance to purchase a device that will ensure you around 5000 puffs and even allow you to recharge the battery, you’ll surely not think twice and simply buy the product. Well today, we will present you with not only one device that matches the description, but two!

Both of them are made by well-known vaping manufacturers who offer products with consistent quality and delicious flavors, so you can’t go wrong by selecting any. Juice Head has been blessing us with their original e-liquids for years now, and Suorin manages to amaze us with each new edition they launch since it always includes a certain key upgrade that makes the given product an instant best seller. 

Still, we wanted to make a comparison between them and let you determine by yourself which one suits you the best based on our findings. Sometimes even the smallest detail is enough to help you make up your mind, and this is precisely why we are here today. In case you wish to speak to our vaping experts at ApVapeShop and get the first-hand information you require, feel free to contact us anytime as we are always at your service!

Similar Design Yet Different Mouthpieces

Both devices have a distinctive compact handheld box design which ensures the user a safe and stable grip. Even though the devices might look robust at the first glance, they are easy to carry around and fit the palm perfectly, so they are a great option for those who are constantly moving. 

If you prefer matte finishes and more vivid colors, Juice Head 5000 puff comes with the given traits, while Air Bar Box 5000 puffs have a glossy finish and subtler colors that include lighter tones of green, blue, and red, and so on. Also, Juice Head has smooth rounded edges and the other one comes with the waved body which gives it that touch of elegance Air Bars is famous for. 

When it comes to mouthpieces, Juice Head has a smaller one which is rounded, while the Air Bar includes the regular one which we usually see with the disposables – narrowed down on the edges and thin. Still, the airflow is similar with both devices – it is mid-tight which allows you to take the draw without too much effort. Both devices are silent when active, but we could say that Juice Bar still comes with a certain hissing sound. However, it is neglectable. 

Same Technical Specifications and Stable Anti Leak Technology 

Both devices come with a rechargeable 650mAh built-in battery and type-C cable included in the package which makes things much easier. The tanks are huge – 14ml of pre-filled e-liquid that can last up to a whole month if you are a recreational vaper, or about two weeks if you like to vape all day long. 

The anti-leak technology keeps the device safe from leaks, spills, and defects, so you can rest assured that both devices will serve you as long as there is the e-liquid stored in the tank. Just like their title promises, you’ll be able to draw approximately 5000 puffs from each device, and they are both draw-activated and perfect for MTL vaping. 

The cloud production is similar with both devices – medium but still very aromatic, just like with similar disposables. Thanks to the stable battery, the flavor delivery is exceptional with both editions, yet we must admit that Juice Head 5000 puff comes with a bit cleaner and more intense flavor. That’s not a wonder, since they have mastered the e-liquids production to the ultimate level, but Air Bar Box 5000 puffs still lead when it comes to flavor combinations which can be seen as bolder or maybe just more unique. Of course, we will dedicate more lines to the flavor in just a bit. 

Nic Salt Quality 

So, we came to the first major difference between these two devices – the quality of the nic salts. 

Firstly, Juice Head comes with TFN (tobacco-free nicotine) which is the purest version of it. Even though it is entirely made in the lab, it comes with all properties of the regular tobacco leaf, just without the usual impurities that may be left out in the liquid during the manufacturing process. Also, TFN is odorless, and it doesn’t have a smell, so it represents a perfect basis for the given flavor. Still, Air Bar is famous for its original and high-quality nic salts, so there wouldn’t be a huge difference when it comes to the quality and safety, just with the flavor delivery. 

Now, we will share a few words about their flavor palette which is probably the most exciting part for most of you. Both devices include more than 17 different flavors that come with 50mg of nicotine strength. Mostly fruity with both disposables, the flavors range from exciting tropical blends that include Dragon fruit, Lychee, and other delightful fruits, to more straightforward like Strawberry Peach with Juice Head or Strawberry Kiwi with Air Bar Box. Of course, berry-like flavors are included in both editions. 

Still, Air Bar Box 5000 puffs offer some thrilling editions like Gummy Bears, Watermelon Candy, or rainbow Blast which are all made for those who have the sweet tooth, while the Juice Head 3000 puff comes with their well-known fruity blends like Pineapple Lemon Lime, Peach Pear, and others. Therefore, there is something for everyone, except for those who like tobacco flavors since none of the given disposables offers them. For those who like minty disposables, Fresh Mint with Juice Head and Cool Mint with Air Bar Box offer a clean and powerful icy kick that will keep you fresh and awake continuously. 

Hopefully, we managed to bring you closer to the differences and similarities between these two amazing devices and keep in mind that whichever you choose, you should buy it at certified vape shops exclusively. Therefore, place your order at our Ap Vape Shop now, and get your original products delivered within a day or two to your doorstep. 

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