Air Bar Box vs. Hyde Rebel 4500 Puffs

Air Bar Box vs. Hyde Rebel 4500 Puffs

When you hear that there is a single disposable vaping device that ensures you around 5000 puffs and in addition to that, looks amazing and is easy to use, you probably want to give it a chance. Today, we will present you with two devices that match the description but have another trait that makes them even more popular and adored. 

Air Bars are legendary disposables that have been here from the start, while the Hyde is relatively new but already has amazing products that we gladly write about. Therefore, you can expect a real vaping adventure no matter which device you select, but there are still some differences that could potentially help you decide and get most of the experience.

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Different Design, Similar Technical Specifications

At first glance, you might think that Air Bar Box and Hyde Rebel don’t have much in common. A unique box design with the glossy finish and elegant curve with the Air Bar, and more plain yet exceptionally eye-pleasing cylindrical shape and interesting details with Hyde. However, the devices have much in common, and this is the exact topic we will cover in the next lines. 

Both devices have stable and powerful batteries of 600 for Hyde and 1500mAh for Air Bar, so you can expect to get through the day easily. When it comes to leakages and spills, you won’t be faced with any of it with these two devices since they have incorporated anti-leak technology which keeps the device safe and durable. 

Mesh coils are responsible for rapid heating and outstanding flavor delivery, while the mouthpieces and airflow differ in shape and tightness. Box has a rounded mouthpiece which ensures a tighter airflow, while the Hyde is a bit larger and comes with the looser airflow. Still, both devices are silent when active. 

Disposable Vapes with Rechargeable Battery? Yes, You’ve Heard It Well!

We were a bit mysterious in the opening lines when we mentioned that one special trait, and now it’s time to reveal all of it. Hyde Rebel 4500 puffs come with a rechargeable battery, while Air Bar Box do not have that option. Still, both devices have large tanks which promise a prolonged vaping experience. This is not only convenient for the user but also budget-friendly which is always a good thing. 

The Hyde Rebel 45000 puffs can be recharged via the type-c cable which is not included in the package. Once the battery is dead, you can recharge the device within 45 minutes and vape again. With Hyde, there is a small LED light at the bottom of the device which informs you about the battery life status. 

Hyde comes with the 10ml tank, same as Air Bar, and both devices are prefilled with high-quality nic salts. When it comes to the nicotine strength, it remains the same for both devices – 50mg. Since these are fine and premium quality vaping products, you will be treated with a smooth hit that is gentle on your throat but generous for your taste buds. The clouds are medium-sized and dense, just like with any other MTL vape. 

Flavor Options – All the Fruity Combinations You Can Imagine

Both manufacturers did a great job when creating the flavor palette since there seems to be a distinctive taste for everyone. 

Hyde Rebel 4500 puffs come in more than 15 different options, while Air Bar Box has over 17. The manufacturers were pretty transparent when choosing the title for the given devices, so basically, you’ll get what you see. Our favorite Hyde flavors include Lemon Crumble which resembles the taste of lemon tart entirely, Sour Apple Ice which has this sweet-sour note with the hint of mint that will stimulate your taste buds, and Minty O’s which is a sweet menthol. Other flavors worth mentioning are Energize for those who like the clean and intense taste of energy drink, evergreen Cola Ice, Strawberry and Cream and its gentle vanilla flavor nuances and delightful strawberry taste, and Summer LUV which is a combination of various fruits. 

When it comes to Air Bar, we would suggest Watermelon Ice as an effective refreshment for the hot summer days, juicy Kiwi Dragon Berry for the tropical experience, Super Mint for those who appreciate potent minty kick, and Double Apple which comes with the crispy and tangy green apple flavor. 

It is difficult to discuss the taste since it is different for everyone, yet we can share an objective opinion which is that icy and fruity combinations with Hyde give more space for the fruity nuances to come to the spotlight, while the same options at Air Bar are more refreshing and minty with the fruity taste in the background. 

However, if you are a fan of tobacco flavors, neither of the given two devices comes with any. Still, both of them are ideal for beginners thanks to the simplicity of usage and potent nicotine kick. 

The Price and the Safe Online Shopping

To avoid being disappointed by the fake devices, you can simply make your life easier and purchase the disposables at the certified online shops only, just like our ApVapeShop is.


When it comes to pricing, considering all the given facts we shared with you, both devices have great value for money. Hyde goes under $15 and Air Bar Box slightly above. If we count 1000 puffs as almost 200 cigarettes, by applying the simple rules of mathematics, we can say that these Hyde disposables equal around 1000 cigarettes, while Air Bar Box is around 600. Now, imagine the same satisfying experience but without the tar, nasty smell, ash, and health issues. It simply sounds great, doesn’t it?

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