Air Bar Diamond vs Cigarettes - Differences and Similarities

Air Bar Diamond vs Cigarettes - Differences and Similarities

The use of electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes, has become increasingly popular in recent years as a safer alternative to smoking. While both products contain nicotine and deliver it to the user in a similar manner, there are several key differences and some similarities between vape disposable devices and traditional cigarettes.

Today, we will be comparing cigarettes to some of the most popular disposables on the market, Air Bar Diamond. Compact devices like these can often be challenging to produce, which is why we prefer to stick with established brands that have a proven track record of quality. Suorin is undoubtedly one of those brands, and because of that, we have chosen to talk about one of their devices in this text.

So, in case you are one of those people who have been trying to quit smoking for years, and you are considering vaping, but are not 100% if that is for you, stay with us. We will present you the ultimate Air Bar Diamond vs cigarettes battle, so you can decide why it is a great idea to finally buy your very first vape and enjoy thousands of delectable puffs.


Health Impact Is Crucial 


Our health always comes first, and that is why we will start with this aspect. That is also one of the first differences when we talk about Air Bar Diamond vs cigarettes. While both products contain nicotine, vape is considered less harmful as it doesn't produce the same amount of toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Traditional cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals, including tar, carbon monoxide, and heavy metals, which are produced by the burning of tobacco. In comparison, e-cigarettes typically only contain a few ingredients, such as nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavorings, that are vaporized rather than burned.


Let’s Talk About Convenience 


Another difference is on its way. Disposable vapes are considered more convenient than cigarettes for several reasons: first of all, there is a thing of portability. Disposables are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry around and use on the go. They don’t require a lighter or match to ignite, all you need to do is to inhale and a delicious puff will be on its way. Air Bar Diamond is very easy to use, it doesn’t require any assembly or complicated setup, so as soon as you receive it at your doorstep you can start using it.

We also love that with vapes, there are no ash or cigarette butts we need to deal with. Finally, we need to add that with disposables by your side there are no unpleasant odors. They do not produce the strong odors associated with traditional cigarette smoke, which is surely one of their biggest benefits.




Whenever you are ready to try out Air Bar Diamond disposable vape, you can buy it in 22 amazing aromas. Even though the cigarettes come in some flavored alternatives, those options cannot ever compare to these.

This Suorin creation comes in a wide range of flavors allowing users to find the flavor that best suits their preferences. Each aroma offers a satisfying experience for both heavy and light tobacco smokers with its 1.8ml capacity of salt nicotine e-liquid.

Whether you like fruit or menthol-based aromas, you have multiple options to choose from. We would like to mention just some of our favorites and make your purchase easier. If you want to taste some juicy fruit notes, you need to say yes to Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Strawberry, and Raspberry Grapefruit. 

If you want to feel extreme refreshment with each draw, Red Bull Ice, Cool Mint, Grape Ice, and Blueberry Ice are waiting for you. 

The Power of Air Bar Diamond Disposable Vape


We all know what cigarettes look like, and we have to admit that nothing is exciting about them. On the other hand, the Air Bar Diamond disposable vape we talk about today looks spectacular. It comes in various bright colors, and its hard shell design also offers a firm and comfortable grip.

It provides a smooth and satisfying mouth-to-lung inhale, thanks to its slightly loose airflow that allows you to adjust the strength of your hit. So, rest assured you will have the best vaping experience possible.


Environmental impact


Nowadays, this is something we need to discuss. Air Bar Diamond vs cigarettes topic is very important, and we need to stress that vapes are a more environmentally friendly variant for sure.

Cigarettes create a large amount of waste, including cigarette butts, paper packaging, and ash, which can be harmful to the environment. Vapes, on the other hand, produce less waste and are recyclable, making them a more sustainable choice.

Besides that, vapes do not contain many of the toxic chemicals located in cigarette smoke, reducing the number of harmful pollutants released into the environment.

With only one product, you will get 500 puffs, and thanks to the internal 380mAh battery, you will enjoy them for days. 


Nicotine Strength 


Because both the Air Bar Diamond and cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, they will both make you want to have them by your side at all times.

This vape product comes in 50mg of nicotine level. This is sufficient to satisfy the desires of both heavy and light tobacco smokers. So, if you are smoking for a long time, and you think that disposable cannot satisfy your cravings, you are not right.

Not only that, you will be able to quit smoking, and still be able to enjoy some luscious puffs, but in a much healthier way. Both products will award you with nicotine, but make sure to choose wisely, and see what suit you better. 

If you are ready to leave cigarettes in the past forever, make sure to visit ApVapeShop and find only high-quality items that will help you understand why vaping is becoming more and more popular as days are passing by. In case you need more information, our knowledgeable staff is always here for you.
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