Air Bar Diamond – Which Flavor To Choose?

Air Bar Diamond – Which Flavor To Choose?

We have all been there. We have used our disposable vape pen and we are on the hunt for a new one, but with so many on the market, there is no way that we can find the one that is actually great. Luckily, that is why we are here! To let you know as soon as the new product worth mentioning hits the market and tell you all we know about it.

Today we are here to inform you about Air Bar Diamond disposable vape pen, so you can understand why it is one of the most loved disposable devices among so many vapers. One of the reasons why we like it as much as we do is because it has an exceptional selection of flavors. And, since we have tried them all, we can say that each one is extraordinary.

So, not only that Air Bar Diamond has some of the best specifications currently, but also, when buying it, you can choose between more than 20 high-quality aromas made from the finest ingredients. So, without any further ado, let us present you with all the flavors you can treat your taste buds with.


Fruit All-Around

If you are a fan of fruity aromas, Air Bar Diamond is really the best choice. As you probably know, there is nothing more difficult than finding the perfect flavor - they may all seem amazing on the first try, but after a couple of days, they get totally boring. With this disposable vape device, you don’t have to worry about that.

Strawberry Melon is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth because this amazing fruit mix will always leave you craving more and more puffs. If this combo is not your cup of tea, but you still want something with strawberries, maybe you can try out Strawberry Kiwi. It is super fresh and more tart, so if this is what you like, don’t miss it! Another luscious option is Raspberry Grapefruit, which is citrusy and tart at the same time, and it will bring an unforgettable vaping experience. Banana Pineapple was for sure the biggest surprise because it tasted better than we could ever imagine. It took us on a tropical journey where we wanted to stay forever. Peach and Mango, even though they are very simple aromas, are pure perfection. Each puff was super clean and crisp, and we cannot recommend these two aromas more to everyone.


Let’s Cool Down

Cool down with our super cool menthol aromas that are designed to leave you with a refreshing aftertaste. Air Bar's goal is always to bring you the very latest in vaping devices and accessories, as well as having a selection of flavors that we think will suit all types of vapers. Of course, no selection is great without some great ice aromas, so allow us to present them to you.

The very first is Watermelon Apple Ice, which packs together ripe red apples, juicy watermelon, and a balanced dose of ice. Blueberry Ice, Blueberry Kiwi Ice, Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice, and Pineapple Ice do the same just with different fruit options. So, no matter what your liking is, you will be able to find an aroma that suits your taste impeccably.

If you want to spice things up, then Red Bull Ice is just what you are looking for. It combines the flavors of a very popular drink with a blast of mint which is an ideal balance. Cool Mint also has to be on your “to try” list, since it is a superb icy mix of sweet menthol flavors designed for your uttermost enjoyment.


Interesting Names and Premium Aromas 

In the end, we have left a few aromas that intrigued us the most, mostly because of their interesting names. The first one is an aroma called Swiss, and we didn’t know what to expect from it. It is without any doubt one of the most distinctive aromas we have ever tasted, and we would highly recommend it to everyone. Shake Shake also caught our attention, and it is a blend of tropical fruit that is even lightly iced. Banana Shake is super creamy, and smooth, and it tastes like a real whipped cream combined with bananas. Lastly, we have to give a round of applause for Cherry Cola, which is a super tasty soda fruit blend.

As you can see, there is an aroma for everyone. Pick the one you like the most, and get ready for an unforgettable journey with game-changing aromas by your side.


Top-Notch Disposable 

Air Bar Diamond is packed with 1.8 ml of salt nic e-liquid that is already pre-filled, and thanks to super low-defect rate and anti-leak technology, rest assured you won't create any mess when using it.

One of the things that makes this device stand out from its competition is definitely its one-of-a-kind look. Its hard shell design is very eye-catching and it will be very nice to take it with you anywhere you go. It is super sleek and lightweight, so it won't take up a lot of space in your pocket or bag.

It comes with an internal 380 mAh battery that doesn’t require any charging. So, as soon as you use all 500 puffs, you can simply toss them away. After that, you can go ahead and buy the new one. Maybe with each new purchase, you can try out a new aroma.

The good news for everyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with vaping is that Air Bar Diamond is draw-activated, and the airflow is slightly loose, and that is how you can choose the inhalation strength and customize your hit, which is always a great advantage. A nicotine level of 50mg is perfect even for long-running vapers that want to satisfy their daily dose of nicotine.


We truly believe that Air Bar Diamond is an amazing product and if you are ready to see firsthand why is that, go ahead on ApVapeShop and order one for yourself. Pick the flavor you believe you would like the most, and prepare your taste buds for 500 delectable aromas.
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