Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape Flavor Selection

Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape Flavor Selection

This powerful disposable device has been a hot seller from the moment it was introduced on the market. Besides the fact that it comes with over 1000 delicious puffs safely stored in the beautifully designed device, its rubbery and tight mouthpiece gives you a chance to experience an utterly comfortable and intense vaping ride. 

Still, its impeccable tech specifications and anti-leak technology that gives this disposable a flattery title of one of the rarest defect-rated devices are not the only things that made Air Bar Lux hugely popular. With Suorin, it is all about the flavors, and this disposable has incredible 30+ variants of it. However, don’t be fooled by the numbers as Suorin was never in the competition for the quantity, but the quality. 

Even though this is one of the most affordable premium disposables there is, you still want to know what to expect when purchasing it when it comes to flavor. This is exactly why our ApVapeShop team wanted to provide a glimpse of Air Bar Lux flavor selection, and hopefully, help you decide which of those you could give a try. Stay with us as we are going to take you on a delicious journey that your taste buds will love. 

Fruity and Minty Blends

If you like fruity flavors with the minty finish and the subtle cooling effect, Air Bar Lux offers a great deal of super exciting blends. 

Banana Ice is an ever-green flavor where you’ll taste a real, ripened banana nicely wrapped up with the gentle mint, but without the overwhelming icy effect. Grape Ice offers an extravagant vaping ride where sweet grapes and menthol resembles a flavored grape soda, so you can expect a slightly intense flavor. Pineapple Ice is as refreshing as it gets and hard to get fed up with as this combination is quite original. Also, the menthol kick is slightly stronger with this disposable vape. 

Now, let’s continue with multiple fruit flavors mixed with mint, and our first choice is certainly Watermelon Apple Ice. It is a somewhat strange combination that you would rarely think about, but a mouthwatering watermelon taste mixed with crispy apple tart-like flavor is a must-try. Another one that we highly recommend is Cherry Pomegranate Ice which is a perfect combination as these two flavors function together in harmony due to their both sweet and sour finishes. The next one is the all-time favorite Blueberry Pomegranate Ice which offers a similar experience but is a bit sweeter. An icy moment in all three aforementioned flavors is mild and gives enough space for the fruity taste to overpower. 

Shake Editions and The Bold Combinations that Stand Behind Them

The idea behind Suorin’s Shake flavors is to achieve the effect of smoothy-like taste nicely blended with the gentle menthol. If you ask us, they did an outstanding job with this edition, and the millions of vapers around the U.S. would probably agree. 

Banana Shake is surely one of the best-sellers, and the primary reason for that is an exceptionally well-balanced blend that hides behind the mysterious title. Besides banana, this mix offers a concrete and clean taste of sweet strawberry and lychee, so you can expect a real tropical experience at every draw. 

Shake Shake is another perfectly balanced fruity mix where you’ll get a chance to single out the taste of banana, apples, and strawberry easily. This advanced flavor formulation is the precise thing that keeps Air Bar Lux disposables at the top and Shake Shake disposable is a great example that supports the claim. Minty finish is just there to “brighten up” the whole fruity burst, so it is surely as soft as possible. 

The same mild touch of cool is what you’ll experience with the Triple Shake edition and its apple, strawberry, and banana fruity blend. 

Pure Fruity Mixes 

Suorin mastered the craft of producing the fruit-infused e-liquids, and they made sure to prove that with their Air Bar Lux disposable vapes. The selection is vast, and it is all a matter of taste, but it is difficult to stay indifferent to any of it, so we’ll cover all of them. 

Strawberry Mango is primarily made for mango lovers as its creamy and delightful taste is the first thing you’ll taste when taking a draw. On the other hand, with Strawberry Watermelon flavor, the strawberry is dominant while the bracing watermelon is there to just stimulate the taste buds with its mouth watering effect. Strawberry Kiwi is ideally balanced as these two distinctive flavors interlace without one overpowering the another. 

There isn’t a mystery behind Mix Berries flavor as it delivers what’s promised – a real berry-like blast that will keep you awake and entertained even after a long and tiresome day at work. Aloe Black Currant is a blend of refreshing and watery aloe (yes, we know it is a vegetable!) on the one side and intense and gently sour black currant on the other. 

Non-Fruity Air Bar Lux Flavor Blends That are Worth Mentioning

What comes next are some of the non-fruity flavors that we wanted to include on the list, and the first one is Red Bull Ice. It genuinely feels like you are taking a sip of this well-known energy drink while the menthol comes right on time – at the end of the draw, at the tip of your tongue. 

Vitamin Water is Suorin’s original flavor, and it is, at least to say, mind-blowing. It comes with a soft citrus flavor with a bubbly icy effect, so it is worth trying if this sounds attractive to you. Buttery and subtly salty popcorn taste mixed with sweet caramel flavor functions incredibly well in real life, but would you expect it to do so in the form of a disposable vape?


After trying Caramel Popcorn aroma, we are sure you’ll agree that they do! 

We did our best to bring you the whole Air Bar Lux flavor palette experience a bit closer and help you make up your mind when it comes to selecting the edition that you’ll be happy with.


If you are ready to buy a single Air Bar Lux disposable vape or wish to save some money and go for the wholesale option, our ApVapeShop offers the best deals and guarantees for the device’s originality and fast delivery.
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