Air Bar vs Air Bar Diamond Vape

Air Bar vs Air Bar Diamond Vape

Suorin is an established and renowned vaping device manufacturer, and many were thrilled to learn that they recently got into the disposables business too. Well-known for paying specific attention to detail, design, and overall devices’ technical equipment, Suorin didn’t disappoint with their Air Bar disposable vape series. 

From the first Air Bar edition which was welcomed with great enthusiasm and feedback, over the latest and most powerful Air Bar Max, all the way to their most popular variant which is Air Bar Diamond Vape, Suroin made sure to add exciting features to their every newly built device.

This time, we’ll do the Air Bar and Air Bar Diamond comparison, so you can get an idea of which edition might work better for you. 

The Appearance 

Air Bar and Aur Bar Diamond look pretty similar with a few minor differences. The packaging itself is the same with the sticky plastic wrapping around the device and of course, a note. Suorin has a nice little surprise for their loyal followers which is a quote included in each box. Another reason to look forward to opening it!

Air Bar is slightly shorter and curvier, while Air Bar Diamond Vape is square and flatter. Both of them fit the palm nicely, but the Diamond one has a better grip thanks to its build. Also, it has a ‘diamond’ marking besides the flavor type on each device.


The colors of both types of disposables vary from flavor to flavor but don’t expect to get a pink device for strawberry or yellow for mango. Suorin goes beyond giving plain information through design about the product, but rather invests in creating nice-looking minimalistic disposables that the adults will adore. So, the mango flavor comes in a powerful black coating and we think that's awesome. 

Battery Life and Built 

Considering that the Air Bar Diamond came after the regular Air Bar, it is easy to assume that it has a more powerful battery. It has a 380mAh internal battery included, while the Air Bar is equipped with a slightly less powerful 280mAh one. When we translate this into puffs, you can expect to get approximately 150 more with this vape pen. 

Both devices are lightweight and fully portable, but it is noted that Air Bar Diamond Vape is more solid due to the larger battery and hard shell design. The mouthpiece on Air Bar is narrower and curved, while the Diamond version has an additional hard-plastic covering added to enhance the comfortability of vaping. 

E-liquid Capacity and Draw Quality

Suorin includes the premium-quality 50mg nic salts in each disposable, and the capacity for both editions is 1.8ml. The coil is well-hidden and secured inside the device, so you don’t need to worry about leaks. 

Both Air Bar and Air Bar Diamond are rare-defect devices, but Suorin took another step to make sure that you’ll not be unpleasantly surprised by e-liquid outflows. Therefore, they developed and incorporated the newest Anti Leak Design with the Air Bar Diamond Vape, and we can confirm its efficiency with confidence. This is definitely another plus for the Diamond edition. 

Both devices are draw-activated and don’t include any buttons. The flavor intensity and the smoothness of the draw are significantly updated with the Air Bar Diamond since the flavor kicks in instantly, while the Air Bar offers a similar experience but with a slight delay. 

When it comes to vapor production, it is pretty solid for both editions. Thanks to the stronger battery and improved airflow, Air Bar Diamond is in a lead with its thicker and denser vapor. Also, the aroma is more noticeable with this one. 

Air Bar Diamond and Air Bar Flavor Differences

If you are picky or simply want to have a myriad of choices when it comes to disposable flavor selection, you’ll love both Air Bars. It comes in more than 25 different variants, while the Air Bar is nowadays limited to approximately 10 kinds. 

One of their most beloved flavors is certainly the Watermelon Ice, and Air Bar Diamond delivers a more intense fruity kick with the subtle minty finish which is never too overpowering. Grape Ice is hard to find with the regular Air Bar, while the Diamond will provide that sweet but refreshing berry-like taste with a bit of cooling effect. It is one of the summer season hottest sellers. 

Suorin is known for using premium cotton in its vaping devices, so you can expect a well-balanced flavor delivery for both editions. Still, the Air Bar Diamond is simply a stronger and improved disposable device which will bring it to the next level. After all, this was the manufacturer’s clear intention. 

Safe Purchase and The Prices

We at Ap Vape Shop guarantee the authenticity of all of the products, so you will never face a fake device while purchasing with us. Another promise that we make is that you’ll get to pay the lowest price for your favorite disposables. Check out our full Air Bar disposables edition offer now and expect fast delivery and constant support from our expert vaping team. 

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