Amazing Aromas of Air Bar Max

Amazing Aromas of Air Bar Max

We know that you have tried to find a good disposable to use for your vaping session, but with so many on the market, that seems almost impossible. However, we are here to help! We monitor all new devices all the time and tell you which ones are worth trying, and which of them are ready to provide us with the most luscious puffs ever!

Manufacturers have finally realized that you cannot claim that a disposable is outstanding unless it offers a wide range of flavors that are made using only high-quality ingredients. The range has to be a perfect mixture of fruity aromas and iced ones that will intrigue even the most experienced vapers who have tried almost all but are on the constant hunt for something that can surprise their taste buds.

That is why we are thrilled to present the newest big player in the game, Air Bar Max, created by one and only Suorin, a company committed to making only the finest vape devices. So far, we have enjoyed all of their products, so we weren't surprised by the fact that we liked Air Bar Max as much as we did. This disposable has some great features, and as we have already mentioned, the selection of aromas is spectacular, and we are about to tell you more about it.


Fans of Fruit Flavors, This Is For You! 


Finding a well-balanced fruit aroma can sometimes be extremely difficult. Sometimes they are too sweet, sometimes overly zest, and sometimes we cannot even feel the aroma properly. But, thanks to all the fruit options that come with Air Bar Max, there is nothing to worry about, because they are all superb.

Let's start with Sakura Grape, made for anyone who wants to know how sweet grapes and cherry combined taste like. In case you are a vaper who enjoys a proper berry-like flavor delight, you are very lucky because you can choose between a few options. The first one is Berry Shake, a carefully crafted mixture of fresh berries that will produce a rich and tangy hit. Blueberry Blackcurrant is super unique and with each puff, you will be awarded smooth puffs. Also, there is an aroma called Blueberry Raspberry that is fresh and flavorful, and we are sure it will become a staple in many vapers’ collections. If you are eager to find out what concord grape blended with aloe tastes like, don’t forget to check Aloe Blackcurrant out. Another great grape combo is Cranberry Grape, whose sweet and sour notes will create an unforgettable vaping experience.

If by any chance, you are a true fan of mango, and there is no way you gonna opt for anything else, Air Bar Mix has got you covered. You can pick between Peach Mango and Strawberry Mango. Each aroma is exceptional, and no matter which one you ended up buying, you cannot go wrong.


Let’s Shake it Off 


Air Bar Max has surprised us, pleasantly of course, with a few shake aromas, and in case you want to try them out and see why they are always among the best-selling ones, now is the perfect time to do that.

You can add a few options to your cart. There are Guava Shake, Apple Shake, Melon Shake, Banana Shake, and Lemon Shake. These mouthwatering combinations are perfect for all-day vaping, and you will be able to make some extra delightful sweet clouds any time you want. Surely, we cannot forget to give a special shout-out to an ultimate shake flavor, called simply Shake Shake. It is an exotic blend of bananas, strawberries, and apples, and each draw is going to be perfectly balanced.


Cold As Ice 


If you cannot imagine vaping without some top-notch mint e-liquids by your side, this section is for you. Air Bar Max has prepared some freezingly good aromas you just have to try out in order to understand how awesome they are. Guava Ice is a perfect pairing of sweet guava and icy menthol that will leave you with a refreshing aftertaste. Watermelon Ice is ready to help you fight warm days, and it is one of those aromas that never gets old. For anyone searching for a sweet and tangy vaping adventure, we advise you to choose Blueberry Lemon Ice, which will delight your senses after the very first puff. Kiwi Berry Ice is a tangy flavor that, combined with a hint of mint, creates an ideally blended aroma. One of our favorites is Red Bull Ice because with each inhale, we can feel the popular drink with a twist.

Yet, probably the two finest icy flavors are ALPS and Cool Mint. So, if you want something to keep you cool all day long, they are probably the best contestants.


Creative Names for The Best Tastes  


Lastly, we have to mention a few aromas whose names we find very interesting, and we were thrilled to test them out because of that.

The first on our list was an aroma called just Holly, and we couldn’t wait to puff it out. It is a blend of various mints, and one thing is for sure, it will make you crave extra fresh puffs all day long. Moving on to Red Mojito, which is a vape version of a very popular drink, and if you are a fan of it, this aroma is everything you have ever wanted.

The final option is flavor with the cutest name, Pudding. It really tastes like our favorite dessert, and without any doubt, this is an aroma we will be buying over and over again.


As you can see, there is for sure an aroma for everyone. No matter what your likings are, we are 100% sure you will be able to find something that can satisfy your vaping needs. Whenever you are ready to do that, head over to ApVapeShop and secure yourself and the original and high-quality device you will be able to use for days. With Air Bar Max, you are getting approximately 2000 puffs you will simply love!
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