Bad Drip Labs Pennywise Iced Out 60mL Review

Bad Drip Labs Pennywise Iced Out 60mL Review

Vaping is without any doubt becoming more and more popular as years are passing by, and so many people are on the hunt for the next superb aroma that will blow their minds. Unfortunately, with so many products on the market, it can be very difficult to know which ones are really great and which ones are just one big waste of money.

For a very long time, our goal has been to present you with only game-changing products that can make your vaping experience unforgettable, and this text is no exception. We know how challenging is to encounter an amazing flavor you would like to use over and over again. But, thanks to the Bad Drip Labs, that has never been easier.

We have been using their creations for years, and each one made in their laboratories is straight A. Today, we will discuss their newest freezing cold aroma, named Pennywise Iced Out. Don’t let the name fool you, since there is nothing to be scared about when it comes to this particular e-juice. It is exceptional, and we will tell you about all the things that make it one-of-a-kind.


What to Expect From the Flavor 


One thing is for sure, each e-juice that comes out from Bad Drip Labs is amazing, and it tastes like nothing else on the market. You will be happy to hear that when buying Pennywise Iced Out, you will be paying for a top-notch product that will make your vaping adventure unforgettable.

This aroma combines sweet strawberry, juicy watermelon, and everyone’s favorite bubblegum flavor. But surely, we cannot call aroma ice without a presence of a cold blast of menthol. Each puff will be super refreshing, and we are sure that your taste buds will fall in love with this aroma after the first inhale.

This liquid has quickly become a staple in our collection, and we are sure that once you try it out, you will love it as well. It is one of the best menthol-based aromas you can find at the moment, and we highly recommend giving it a go. Trust us, you will not regret it.


There Is Something for Everyone


Do you know how sometimes many e-liquids come only in one available nicotine strength, which is not always our cup of tea? Well, the creators of this product are for sure very aware of that, and that is why they are offering us three options.

When making your order, you can choose between 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strength, and no matter what your likings are, we are sure you will be able to pick the one that is just up to your alley.

0mg level is perfect for anyone who still wants to have a puff or two from time to time but wants to stay away from nicotine altogether. So, whether you are a beginner, and you need a smaller dose, or you are a long-running vaper who loves a higher nicotine intake, Bad Drip Labs has got your back.

It features 75% VG and 25% PG concentration, which will help you make some big clouds, and produce thick vapor all the time. During the production of this e-juice, manufacturers use only high-quality ingredients, so you can have the best performance. It is made in the USA, and it is one of the best-selling products of this type. With each inhale, you will enjoy the full flavor, and the perfectly blended intensive aroma will make you craving for some delicious puffs all day long. 


Never Before Seen Packaging You Will Love 


Assuming you would like a content section discussing the incredible packaging of Pennywise Iced Out e-liquid, here you go! We know that this part is important for so many vapers, and we would like to dedicate a few lines to it.

From the first moment you lay eyes on a Bad Drip Labs bottle, you know it's going to be good. The incredible packaging is full of the precious liquid, and it is perfectly sealed, which makes it very easy to carry around and fill in your tank whenever that is needed. The bottle that contains juice is located in another bottle, which adds to the luxurious feel, and safety as well. 

The e-liquid itself is just as amazing as the packaging. Bad Drip Labs has definitely taken its time to create unique packaging that will make the use of it even funnier. You will be able to enjoy 60ml of products, which is more than enough for approximately 10 days of vaping. 


Ice-Free Option 


In case you end up liking this juice and would like to taste something similar, but menthol-free afterward, we’ve got your back. You need to know that a plain Pennywise option is also available, and it tastes perfect. It combines strawberry, watermelon, and bubble gum, and this blend is just heavenly. We like to use it from time to time because this marvelous combination can transport us straight to the summer, which is something we all need during these cold months.

Therefore, if you are not a huge fan of icy aromas, give this one a go. We have been testing it for quite some time, and we can only say good things about it. Not only that the quality of it is splendid, but it is also very original, and it will meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers.


Finding everything vaping-related in one place is not super easy. But, luckily the best online store, ApVapeShop always has everything we want. That is the case with Bad Drip Labs Pennywise Iced Out 60ml, but if you want, you can take a look at the rest of the collection as well. No matter what your needs are, you will be able to find a product that is made just for you and order it in just a few minutes. In case you need any help, polite and knowledgeable customer representatives are always here to assist you.
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