Beginners Guide to Vaping with Nic Salts

Beginners Guide to Vaping with Nic Salts

If you are about to start vaping, there is a great chance that the main reason for it is finding a healthier alternative for tobacco. Therefore, discovering the most adequate device and e-liquid that will truly help you with your intention is crucial. 

Let’s say you are a passionate smoker, and you are highly hooked on nicotine. What you need is a regular intake of this substance to make you feel good and avoid the annoying symptoms of withdrawal. This is exactly where nic salts show their immense power and practicality as they come with a high nicotine level that will do the job. 

In the following text, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the nic salts, the freebase nicotine, and the main differences between them. In case you want to take a shortcut and speak to our vaping experts directly, feel free to give our Ap Vape Shop customer representatives a call anytime as they will gladly share all the valuable information with you. 

What Are Nic Salts and How They Differ from The Traditional Freebase Nicotine?

To put it simply, nicotine salts are derived from the freebase nicotine which is an essence of a tobacco plant. By adding benzoic acid to the freebase nicotine, we get the nic salts. Now, the main difference between these two is the pH level that is mainly responsible for the overall convenience that you’ll be ensured with while vaping. 

Freebase nicotine has a pH of around 9 which is pretty high on the spectrum, and the higher the pH, the higher is the alkalinity. So, what does it mean? It means that the higher concentration of freebase nicotine causes throat irritation, while the same amount of it combined with the right acid (nic salt) has just the opposite effect. 

As we mentioned before, you’ll probably want to have more nicotine to effectively stop smoking, so this is a primary reason why you’ll get more benefits and enjoyment from the nic salts. 

Nic Salts Are Absorbed Faster and Provide a Harder Kick

If you are chasing the similar rush that you get from traditional tobacco smoking, nic salts will do the same for you. Within the few seconds, they will get to your bloodstream and ensure the soothing feeling you are looking for. This also means that you’ll satisfy the cravings with the fewer draws, as they kick fast and leave your system in the same manner. 

Still, if you are a cloud chaser, don’t expect to have the massive ones with the nic salts. Therefore, if you like to have a discreet and subtle vaping experience like most of the adult vapers actually do, this is precisely what you’ll get with the nic salts. 

The Flavor is More Intense and Cleaner with The Nic Salts

Higher pH affects the taste too, as it gives it a bit of a peppery and burnt note which is surely something you want to avoid. Even the highest level of nic salts will not affect the e-liquid flavor as the pH is well-balanced and the evaporation process is faster and easier. This also means that you don’t need to take an extra-strong draw to be sure that you’ll get the most of each puff. 

If you are looking for premium nic salts made by the best manufacturers in the vaping industry, we at Ap Vape Shop offer exclusively that. Whether you are into legendary Naked or Daze, or you wish to always be the first one to try the new comings like VGOD, we got what you need. 

Which Device Can You Use for Nic Salts Vaping?

To be sure that you are ready for a safe and pleasurable vaping ride, you’ll need to select the appropriate vaping device that supports nic salts usage. To prevent excessive nicotine intake, it is advisable to avoid the high-powered or sub-ohms devices. 

There are two main options that you go with, and they are known as open and closed vape systems. The closed ones contain pre-filled pods that you simply put into the device and start vaping, while the open ones require a manual refill. It all depends on what you prefer. Of course, one of the most popular products in the market right now are the disposable vapes that come with the prefilled nic salt e-liquids and last up until the tank and the battery are gone. 

Are You Ready to Try Nic Salts?

Even though nic salts are primarily made for somewhat heavier ex-smokers, they can be a great option for lighter tobacco users and vaping beginners, too. Just make sure to select those which have a lower concentration of nicotine, and you are good to go.

As always, we at Ap Vape Shop want to indulge our customers’ wishes, so feel free to contact us today. We’ll make sure to help you select the appropriate nic salts and adequate vaping device for you, and prepare you for the ultimately satisfying vaping experience.
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