Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Next Generation of Disposables

Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Next Generation of Disposables

Vaping has become a preferred way of nicotine intake for so many people, and that is why they have their tiny yet powerful vape devices by their side at all times. It has brought a completely new dimension of nicotine enjoyment to the table in the last decades, and consequently, we have been introduced to innovative products constantly. People are always on the hunt for new gadgets that can thrill their taste buds, and help them customize the way they vape even further. The world of vaping has gone a long way, and we cannot be happier because of that. The new generation of disposables is truly something special, and today we will name just a few that have really managed to amaze us after the very first puff.

From Zero to Hero 

When we talk about vaping and its origins we have to go all the way back to the 1960s, when the very first concept of electronic cigarettes was introduced to the public. Sadly, people didn’t buy this story, so it wasn’t until 2003 that Hon Lik managed to shape something that today we all love so much - vaping. He fully revolutionized the old way of unhealthy smoking and tried to offer an alternative to everyone who still wants to take pleasure in some incredible puffs.  

For more than 20 years, we have had the privilege to observe how the realm of vaping is expanding, and showing us that when it comes to designs, performance, and taste, there are really no boundaries. Disposables used to look and work completely differently, and look at them now! They have become a true force to be reckoned with. 

Futuristic Designs 

Back in the day, the shapes of disposables were very pretty simple, and not extremely satisfactory. The brands were putting more effort into how the devices would perform, and the look didn’t matter a lot. Luckily, now, things have changed, and everything counts. We take our disposables with us everywhere we go, and we want them to look great and fun as well.

When it comes to this aspect, one of our current favorites is Puff Hotbox Luxe 12000 Puff, and it appears as if it has come straight from out of space. It is eye-catching and it will make each vape session additionally satisfactory. It is available in several vivid colors that are flavor-coordinated, and no matter which one you end up choosing, we are sure this device will manage to brighten your day. 

Convenience Within Reach 

We may never know when we can crave some luscious puffs, so it is essential to always have some at the tips of our fingertips ready to be used. And now, thanks to some innovative features we can always be sure that we can take advantage of our devices whenever we need them the most. 

Many devices, including premium Viho Supercharge 20000 Puffs, come equipped with light indicators, which will make your vaping experience as seamless as possible. The first one is there to inform you about the e-liquid level. In case you see that it is coming to an end, you can hurry up, explore ApVapeShop, and have a new device ready to be sent to you.

The second indicator is made to inform you about the battery level, so you can know when to charge it. If you notice that a screen light goes yellow, you will know that the vape juice is going low, and if the frame light starts flashing, then your battery is screaming for help.

Aromas for Everyone’s Taste

Each new generation of disposables has something unique, and one of the characteristics of this one is surely its great dedication to supreme flavor crafting. Brands know that they have to cater to the needs of a wide audience, and that is why they are coming up with some never-before-seen choices that can change the way we vape and definitely make the entire experience unforgettable. 

Lately, iJoy Bar SD22000 has been one of our go-to devices, mainly because its aromas taste heavenly. Depending on our mood, we are always able to find an aroma that can amaze us and savor every single puff available to the fullest. What we adore about this range specifically are the beverage-like aromas, that are perfect for warmer days. So, regardless of your preferences, you can choose between Colombian Coffee Ice and Iced Peach Colada. They are super refreshing, and each draw will help you feel like you are on a deserted island where there is nothing to bother you. 

For those who love more fruity options, Blackberry Cherry Lemon, and Juicy Mango Peach are the ultimate must-try options. They are all made using only high-quality ingredients so impeccable vaping adventure is guaranteed.

Rise of Celebrity Collaboration

In recent months, celebrities have managed to make their stamp in the vaping universe as well and come up with disposable products that we love trying out. Some of them are bad, some good, some just ok, and some, like Tyson 2.0 Vape Iron Mike 15000 Puffs are exceptional. 

It has a very sleek, and elegant all-black design, and it will appeal to those who don’t want to attract much attention when vaping. What makes it stand out from the competition, is its use of fyre mesh coils, which will make each hit extremely flavorful, yet well-balanced. It also boasts adjustable air-flow control, so you can customize the way you vape to your liking. It is available in 20 aromas, and there is for sure something for everyone.

Original Devices At One Place 

When buying a new disposable it is imperative to make sure that you are buying it at certified vape shops, just like ApVapeShop, where you can only find top-notch and genuine devices. So, take your time to determine which out of these are the most ideal for you. Think about your needs and preferences and make your order today! All there is left to say is, happy vaping everyone!

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