Can Vuse Alto Pods Beat Competitors' Vape Devices?

Can Vuse Alto Pods Beat Competitors' Vape Devices?

Whenever this type of question is asked, the answer is almost always positive. It is not easy to compete with the vaping industry goliaths that have been ruling the market for years now, but when the strategy is good and the product is even better, nothing is impossible. 

This is exactly what Vuse did. They improved their once too modest flavor selection, outdated manufacturing technology, and overall devices’ specifications, so from the moment their Alto series came out, the success was guaranteed. 

A stronger battery, full and intense flavor, and a price that will fit any pocket are just some of the things that made the Vuse Alto pod one of the favorite devices for numerous vapers around the U.S, but keep in mind that there are much more. Therefore, stay with us and learn all about the powerful Vuse Alto pod and decide for yourself whether it is worthy of your attention. 

Vuse Alto Performance and Specs

One of the things that Vuse is mainly recognized for is the smooth draw that just slides through your mouth and throat. The secret is in their innovative pod system followed by a comfortable mouthpiece that both give that tight cigarette-like draw. This makes Vuse Alto pods one of the best tools for seamless tobacco to vaping transitioning.

Easy to carry around and activated with a single draw, Vuse Alto promises a simple and pleasurable use. With its strong 350mAh battery, the Vuse Alto device will last longer than other regular pod devices, while the leaking is almost impossible thanks to the well-fixated magnetic pod. It will take no more than 80 minutes to recharge the device completely, and you can do it easily via your computer too.


Keep in mind that you should use only original chargers that are provided with the device since otherwise you can damage it and shorten its life significantly. 

The device itself feels solid and sturdy yet comfortable at the same time thanks to the curvy edges, and the sleek design only enhances the overall satisfying vaping experience. The buttons are, of course, unnecessary and therefore excluded, but there is a LED indicator that shows the battery life status. 

Vuse Alto Is All About the High-Quality Pods 

Again, you will be spared from the spills and stains from the leakages, since there aren’t any. The pods have a smooth and secure airflow, while the wick time is much faster than with the other similar pod devices. You don’t have to take a strong draw to feel all the benefits of Vuse Alto, since the intense flavor will kick hard even with the slightly lighter sip. This is great if you are a passionate smoker or vaper but could be a bit overwhelming for the absolute beginner. 

Still, Vuse thought about this too and launched 3 different nicotine-induced e-liquids. One of the greatest advantages of Vuse Alto pods is that they offer 1.8%, 2.4%, and standard 5% nicotine strength e-liquids, so you can truly customize your vaping thanks to the manufacturer's thoughtfulness.  

The pods have a 1.8ml capacity which is more than enough for the all-day vaping and there are two pods in each package. Magnetic housing facilitates the pod replacement since you don’t have to think about whether it has adhered properly or not. It always does. 

The 4 Premium Flavors of Vuse Alto Pods

When it comes to pod device selection, the flavors are having a major role in the selection process. Even though Vuse Alto has only 4 of them, it is clear that they went for quality instead of quantity. This is greatly appreciated by both experienced and beginner vapers. 

Traditional Menthol Pods have a perfectly balanced tobacco and mint flavor, so you’ll be awarded the real tobacco taste with a subtle minty finish. What we like about Alto Vuse so much is that they had an adult and demanding vaper when they created the flavor palette. The intensity of their flavors is just amazing. 

One of their best-seller pods is surely Rich Tobacco where the nicotine kick is guaranteed and just a bit stronger and darker than their Golden Tobacco version. Both of these authentic flavors are direct and clean, so if you like tobacco in general, these two Vuse Alto pods will simply knock you off your feet. It is not just the strength but more the incredible resemblance to the highest-quality tobacco that you possibly smoked before and maybe miss so much from time to time. 

Vuse Alto Pods Are Great Value for Money

Considering the devices’ overall impeccability and the excitement you get out of every draw, the price of under $15 for a two-pods pack is more than reasonable. We at Ap Vape Shop offer original Vuse Alto pods and Vuse Alto power units for the lowest price on the market, so don’t hesitate to check out our offer now. 

In case you have additional questions about Vuse Alto, our vaping experts are at your service. Feel free to give us a call now and we will help you achieve the ultimate vaping experience for the best price.

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