Candy King Air 6000 Puff vs. Lykcan Belo 6000 Puff Disposable

Candy King Air 6000 Puff vs. Lykcan Belo 6000 Puff Disposable

Another text, another duel of two mighty disposables that so many vapers have been loving recently. Sometimes it can be quite tricky to determine which device will suit our needs the best, and therefore today we are going to talk about Candy King Air 6000 puff and Lykcan Belo 6000 puff disposable vape devices so we can help you pick the one you prefer.

Both of these products are top-notch, with some game-changing features, and spectacular choices of flavors, and we are sure that numerous vapers will enjoy them a lot. So, let's talk about the similarities and differences between these two, and once you are done with reading, you can visit the best online store, ApVapeShop, and order the product you want to be your next puff supplier.


Top Two Sleek Disposables on the Market 

When it comes to disposables, it is surely very important the way they look. No one wants to have to carry bulky devices around, therefore, they must be very compact so that they can fit in your purse or pockets easily. Because, if we can not have them by our side all the time, what is the point?

Our first contender Candy King Air is made using a smooth mate shell, and it comes in various bright-colored options that will lighten your days. On it, you can spot the cool Candy King logo and a few more basic information. The device will fit into your palm like a glove, and a narrow mouthpiece will make inhalation super easy.

Now, on to the Lykcan Belo, which will mostly attract everyone who loves pastel colors. Just like its opponent, it is very sleek and easy to hold, and its wide, but narrow mouthpiece will suit your lips perfectly, and you will be able to enjoy some well-balanced hits all day long.

So, both of these gadgets get an A+ for their designs, and we would mostly recommend them to anyone who is not very experienced when it comes to vaping. They are draw-activated, and they feature no buttons, so they will provide you with a hassle-free vaping experience at all times.


So Many Luscious Puffs 

We remember the old day when disposables were coming with only a few hundred puffs, and honestly, we weren't very fond of that. We would use them very quickly, and we had an obligation to buy new devices almost all the time.

That is why we are especially excited to see that the newer items come with a great deal of puffs, just like Candy King Air and Lykcan Belo which will award you with 6000 exquisite puffs you can use for approximately a week. That will give you enough time to test the device properly, and see whether you really like it, and if you do, you can just keep on repurchasing it. Surely, our advice is to go for a new aroma each time, so you can make your vaping adventure versatile and exciting.


What About Batteries?

This is when we come to the first differences between the two disposable vape devices we are discussing today. Candy King has a built-in 600mAh battery, but what is special about it is the fact that you can charge it using the USB-C cable we are sure you already have at home. So, as soon as your battery level is empty, you can easily and quickly enhance it.

Lykcan Belo comes with also built-in battery you can recharge, but this one is a bit weaker, 500mAh. It also has a double over-charge protection technology so you don’t have to stress about it breaking.

Thanks to these types of batteries, you will be able to use every single puff, and no e-liquid will be wasted, which is very useful. So, rest assured that when choosing these products, you will get the best for your money.


Already Filled Tanks 

There are also some slight differences in the capacity of tanks, but that difference is almost negligible. Candy King Air tank holds 13ml of e-liquid and Lykcan Belo 12ml. But, what is most important is that both products’ e-liquids are made using only high-quality ingredients, so you can have only great hits. Both tanks are already pre-filled, so you don’t have to struggle with doing that by yourself, and creating a mess.

The intensity of each puff will be the same from the first until the last one, and when using these devices, we haven't experienced burnt puffs, which is great. That is because they are created with mesh coils that will bring the highest quality of aromas and allow you to make some big clouds. The nicotine level in both cases is 5%, which will definitely satisfy your nicotine cravings, even if you have just recently stopped smoking. Thanks to a pretty low nicotine level, rest assured you won't experience any throat irritation.


Battle of Aromas

If you choose your disposable vape based on how good the selection of aromas is, here's what you need to know about today’s gadgets. Candy King Air is here to deliver 13 original aromas, and among them, you will find some tasty fruit options, but some menthol-based flavors as well. So far, our favorites are Mint Fresh, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, and Sugar Batch. We are sure you will like them all, and that they will thrill your taste buds after the very first puff.

Lykcan Belo range is slightly smaller, and it comes in 10 different aromas, but most importantly they all taste superb. For example, you can try out Mint Chocolate, Icy Hawaii Punch, Gummy Bears, or Lime Peach and see for yourself what makes them stand out from the competition.

We are 100% sure that many vapers will be able to find an aroma that will excite them and take them on a mouth-watering vaping adventure that will last for days.


Both Candy King Air 6000 and Lykcan Belo 6000 are available on ApVapeShop, so as soon as you make up your mind, and decide which one you want to order, you know where to go! Who knows, maybe you will buy both and have an opportunity to compare them up close.
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