Characteristics of Flum Float 3000 Puff Disposable Vape

Characteristics of Flum Float 3000 Puff Disposable Vape

If you have been wondering which disposable is currently the most popular on the market, well, this is your lucky day, because we have the answer. It is the newest Flum Float 3000 puff device that has quickly become a favorite of a huge number of vapers who just cannot stop talking about how amazing it is.

That is why we just had to try it out and find out whether it really deserved all that hype. And honestly, it does! It is so good that it is the only disposable we have been using recently. It looks good, it performs well, and above all, it offers a great selection of aromas you can choose from.

So, we are about to dive deep because we are ready to share our opinion about the newest Flum addition. We will tell you everything we know about it, and once you are done with reading, you can go ahead to ApVapeShop, buy this disposable vape device, and find out firsthand how amazing it is.


Hassle-Free Vaping Experience

If you, just like many other vapers, just want to vape all day without having to worry about maintaining your device, then this type of disposable is just what you need. It requires zero maintenance, and you can start using it as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

Flum Float 3000 is a draw-activated product, so in case you are new to vaping, first of all welcome, and secondly, with this device by your side, you will be getting a completely hassle-free vaping experience. So, even if you have never vaped before, this item is the perfect choice for you.

Even the tank is already pre-filled, so making a mess is never an option. Speaking of the tank, you need to know that this device comes with one that holds 8 ml of e-liquid. That amount will award you approximately 3000 puffs you can enjoy any time you like.

Another great thing about this disposable vape device is the fact that it is completely waterproof and sealed, so carrying it with you at all times has never been easier and safer.


Tiny Bottle Full of Delicious Puffs 

How can we not speak about the design of this disposable when it is so adorable? It looks like a tiny bottle and it features a double injection mold that has a smooth feel to it. Flum Float is very easy to hold due to its unique shape, and the round mouthpiece will make inhalation extra enjoyable.

On the upper white part, you can notice the Flum Float logo while on the bottom colorful part you will see the name or aroma. Since it is very sleek, you can simply put it in your bag or pocket, and use it whenever you crave some puffs.


An Average Nicotine Level 

The majority of disposable nowadays hold the same nicotine level, and that is 5%, in this case, of salt nicotine. It will deliver some smooth puffs and rest assured you won't experience any throat irritation. The intensity of each inhale will be the same throughout the entire vaping journey, with Flum Float 3000 by your side.

It features a strong 800 mAh built-in battery, and because of that, you will be able to use every single puff that is stored inside the device. The battery doesn't require any charging, so as soon as it runs off, and you are done with puffing, you can just toss the device away. After that, you can even buy the same one, but maybe with each new purchase, you can try out a new aroma.


Splendid Collection of Delicious Flavors

Speaking of aromas, let us tell you that this device offers some spectacular ones. When making a purchase, feel free to choose between 25 flavorsome aromas that are waiting for you to test them out!

The range is truly remarkable, and no matter what your likings are, we are 100% sure that among these aromas you will be able to find the one you adore. You can start your adventure with some of the finest fruit combinations available right now on the market. Some of the ones we truly like are Fruity Hawaii, Lime Romance, Mixed Berries, Strawberry Banana, and Summer Strawkiwi. Each one of these is so well balanced and it offers some delectable fruit notes that left us always wanting for more.

Surely, there is an excellent selection of ice aromas designed to leave you with the finest refreshing aftertaste. If we have to pick just a few, we would say that Cool Mint, Lush Ice, Icy Berry Lemon, Aloe Mango Melon Ice, and Aloe Pineapple Ice are our favorites. They gave us a strong menthol punch with each puff and provided a cool freezing sensation that we all love so much.

But, we have to mention a few aromas that really stand out, and if you have to pick just one, then any out of these would be a great start. The aroma called Cotton Candy is super sugary, so if you are a fan of sweet and creamy aromas, this one is the way to go. Also, don’t sleep on Red Bang that tastes just like an energy drink and it will keep you wide awake during the entire day. Finally, we have to say that Gummy Drop tastes heavenly, and it deserves to be tried by as many vapers as possible. It is a perfect blend of sweet and sour gummies you will taste with each inhale.

As you can see, there is an aroma for everyone. If you want to see the entire offer and order Flum Float 3000, go ahead and visit ApVapeShop. We always recommend this store because it offers only genuine devices of the highest quality, which is without any doubt the most important.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our experts. They will help you make the right choice and make sure you have the best vaping experience possible.

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