Characteristics of Flum Mi 800 Puff Disposable Vape

Characteristics of Flum Mi 800 Puff Disposable Vape

Disposables are becoming more and more upgraded and delicious with each new arrival, which is great news for millions of vapers who are into them. Manufacturers are constantly finding new ways to attract clients by introducing small yet effective modifications to these overly simple devices, and the result is usually quite impressive. 

Whether the design is getting funkier, the mouthpiece is having a new shape that fits the mouth ideally, or the flavors are more exciting and intense, each new change could potentially increase the interest of the given device. Now, we present you with the disposable that comes with all given traits which made it one of the most popular devices in the market right now – Flum Mi 800 puff disposable. 

If you are looking for a modern and fresh disposable vape to enrich your collection, you will love the new Flum Mi. In the next lines, we will provide more details about its design, specifications, usability, and of course, flavors, so if you are interested in diving deep into the exciting world of this hot seller, stay with us and enjoy the ride. As always, our ApVapeShop experts are standing at your service if you wish to speak to them directly and get all the answers immediately, so feel free to contact us anytime!

Characteristic Summer-Vibes Design

Launching the new Flum Mi at the beginning of the summer season was a wise move since the device looks amazingly vivid and fresh. The attractive cylindrical shape of the device’s body which narrows down to the rounded mouthpiece is surely a design that will amaze you instantly and keep you that way every time you take it out to take that puff. 

Besides making it anti-slippery, the small circles on the bottom part of the device make it look like a sophisticated appliance that you’ll be proud to carry around wherever you go. Thanks to its small dimensions and weight of only 57 grams, you can put it in any size pocket, purse, or bag. 

The mouthpiece looks a bit different than the rest of the disposables, but as soon as taking the first draw, you’ll notice how it fits the lips nicely. The draw is a bit tighter and the hissing sound that you might expect will be excluded. Therefore, the new Flum Mi 800 disposable vape is perfect for those who appreciate a discreet vaping experience, an ergonomic design that makes the device feel great while in hand, and for those who are constantly on the go.


Battery, Tank Capacity, and Super Durable Cotton Coils

Even though cotton coils were once criticized for their short lifespan and rapid burnout, those days are over since the manufacturers did the necessary improvements and made them as durable as possible. Flum did the same thing and made sure that their devices will last up until the last drop of delicious e-liquid is left in the tank. Besides durability, the mesh cotton coils will ensure a consistent and stable flavor delivery which is one of the prime things you look for when selecting a disposable. 

The well-hidden and secured batter will ensure you over 800 amazing puffs, and the tank is limited to 2.5 ml of e-juice. This means that this disposable can last for at least 3 days or more depending on your vaping habit. 

Super Easy to Use and Beginner Friendly 

If you are looking for an alternative that will help you kick off the nasty tobacco smoking habit, you will surely find it in Flum Mi. The device is draw-activated, it doesn’t require any maintenance, and it fits any pocket, so all you need to do to start vaping is take a draw. 

The device is super safe to use as well since there are no leaks or burning included thanks to the internal components being safely stored and separated. Even though it comes with a potent 50 mg of nicotine, the flavor is clean and the draw soft on your throat. This means that you’ll not be faced with any throat irritation and can enjoy taking deep draws that ensure you dense clouds and a lot of aromas. Also, the device is pre-filled, and it doesn’t require any charging, so you can always throw it once the battery is dead and select the new edition which suits you the best. 

Tasty And Intense Flavors That Will Suit Everyone’s Taste Buds

Even though it is quite difficult to indulge everyone’s tastes and wishes, Flum did their best with the new flavor palette. There are over 10 exciting blends that include icy, fruity, and icy-fruity mixes, so we are sure that you’ll find your favorite flavor among them. 

Evergreen Aloe Grape is one of the smoothest flavors of this sort on the market with the gentle and watery aloe wrapped up in a seductively sweet and fresh grape taste. Peach Ice Cream is surely a nice creamy surprise, while the Red Apple offers a crispy and sour flavor that will keep you well-energized even on the hottest summer day. 

Lush Ice and Cool Mint come with a potent cooling kick which is subtly sweetened up at the end, and Mixed Berry offers a real berry-like burst where you can feel blueberries and strawberries coming together in perfect harmony with each puff. Still, this one is not too sweet which puts a luscious berry taste in the first place. 

A few more of our favorites include Strawberry Mango and Pineapple Mango Peach which are both ideal tropical blends that will rule the market in the upcoming summer season. 

Whichever edition you select, keep in mind that you should purchase Flum Mi 800 puffs disposable vape at certified vape shops only to avoid being disappointed by the dull taste and waste money on fake devices. We at Ap Vape Shop guarantee the authenticity of each product we keep in our stock, so you can rest assured that buying is safe, convenient, and utterly pleasurable. We also offer rapid delivery, 24/7 customer service, and the best deals, so by putting your trust in us, you get a full package and a reliable supplier if you are looking for one!
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