Detailed Guide to Airbar Max Disposable Vape

Detailed Guide to Airbar Max Disposable Vape

It is a well-known fact that the disposable vapes don’t require recharging or refilling, but the Suoran embraced these traits and added a few even more attractive ones – prolonged device’s lifespan, enhanced battery life, and larger tanks that store amazing 6.5ml of nic salt e-liquid. Yes, we are talking about the mighty Airbar Max disposable vape. 

This beautifully designed draw-activated disposable vape is the first choice for many of those who look for stress-free and enjoyable tobacco to vaping transitioning, and the results are just fantastic. This is not a surprise since the Airbar Max offers an exquisite vaping experience that is both satisfying and simplified as much as possible. 

Let’s dive deep and discover why Airbar Max disposable vape is one of the hottest picks right now, so you can decide easier whether this vape might be the perfect choice for you. 

Airbar Max Disposable Vape Design

You would expect that the Airbar Max disposable vape is exceptionally large due to its enhanced battery life and bigger e-liquid tank, but in reality, it is pocket-friendly and ready to follow you wherever you go.

It has a round shape which makes the device fit your palm nicely, while the small-sized and tight mouthpiece that Suorin is recognized for will provide a comfortable draw and a nice, gentle feeling on the lips. This time, Suorin decided to go for a slim circular plastic mouthpiece instead of the rubber one which adds a touch of elegance to the whole vaping experience. If you are looking for a device that comes with a subtle matte finish cover and warm eye-pleasing colors, Airbar Max offers exactly that. 

Battery Strength and the Airflow Quality

The internal battery comes with 1250mAh which makes Airbar Max one of the longest-lasting disposable devices out there. You’ll be rewarded with over 2000 delicious draws that can be stretched to even 12 days by an average smoker. 

Sourin’s original airflow design delivers an ultimately smooth yet powerful hit that satisfies the nicotine cravings entirely. Also, you don’t have to worry about the sore throat after the all-day vaping session thanks to the well-manufactured and automatically controlled heating system. No matter if you just took the first draw or you are about to take the last one, the velvety feeling in your mouth remains throughout the entire vaping period. 

E-Liquid Capacity and Advanced Anti-Lean Technology

Both external and internal leakages can cause the defect to the device, so Sourin made sure that their new anti-leak technology spares you from these unpleasant and messy situations. Thanks to this, the defect rate of the new Airbar max is extremely rare, so you can rest assured that the device you are about to purchase promises longevity and safety. 

The e-liquid capacity is an incredible 6-5ml which is another impressive thing about Airbar Max, and the pre-filled e-liquid salt-nic’s strength is 50mg. Even though this might be quite strong for a vaping beginner, it is noted that Airbar Max operates perfectly even if you take a slightly weaker draw. 

The Airbar Max Incredible Flavor Palette

Airbar disposable vapes are famous for their ultimately fresh and mouth watering flavors, and this time, they decided to add more options and enrich their already great offer. 

The result is just incredible – 24 different flavors. No matter if you like the minty, creamy or fruity taste, Airbar Max will indulge your desires. You can cool down with the tasty Watermelon Ice or add a touch of sweetness to your day with the creamy Pudding. Up for an exotic ride while stuck in the traffic? The latest addition of Sakura Grape will amaze you with the rich and succulent purple grape flavor, while the Guava Shake comes with the real tropical taste embraced with the fine sweet finish. 

One of their most recognized editions is certainly the Redbull Ice that resembles the word-famous drink’s taste incredibly, and of course, the Berries Shake that has a beautifully rich and dark mixed berries flavor blended with the gentle vanilla ice cream. 

We could go on and on with the vivid descriptions, but we strongly suggest that you give any Airbar Max disposable vape a try and learn for yourself why we are in love with all of them. 

Where Can I Buy the Original Airbar Max Disposable Vapes?

To be completely sure that you bought a genuine Suorin product, you should always purchase at the certified vape shop. Seeing you disappointed by the faulty disposable device and its poor flavor is a scenario we want to avoid, so we at AP vape shop guarantee that each Airbar Max disposable vape we have in stock is original, fresh, and ready to meet your expectations. 

Moreover, you will be glad to find out that the prices we offer are one of the lowest in the market and that our delivery is fully reliable and accurate. In case you need expert advice, feel free to contact our vaping specialists who will help you pick the best possible option and prepare you for an enjoyable vaping journey.

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