Different Types of Loy Disposable Vape

Different Types of Loy Disposable Vape

From the moment Loy launched their first disposable e-cigarettes, they’ve got instant recognition from the vapers all around the U.S. They loved the whole package – exciting design, small size, intense flavor, and a nice price. 

Loy had a motivation to perfect their already stable hardware and invent new technology that ensured an intense vaping experience. Their ultimate disposable editions promise the smoothest draw followed by an energetic nicotine kick and enjoyable flavor. 

Even though they have a serious vaping device to offer, Loy remained truthful to the initial idea and continued to produce devices that make vaping so much fun. Dense, delicious vapor and cheeky flavors like Gummy peach or Unicorn are surely attractive to both vaping beginners and veterans, and once you try them, you’ll understand what makes Loy disposable vape so popular. 

We had an opportunity to check all of them and singling out the best ones wasn’t an easy task. Therefore, we present you with a few of our favorite Loy disposable vapes and don’t forget that you can get in touch with our AP vape shop vaping experts now for additional information. 

Loy Bar Disposable Vape

The first original Loy Bar disposable vape is still one of the most preferred devices in the vaping world. With a size of only 95mm and a width of 6.6mm, it will fit any pocket and purse, so you can carry it around wherever you go. 

The power range goes from 7 to 12W which is nicely supported by the 280mAh capacity. This means that you’ll have over 400 puffs per device where each draw promises the same intensity – from the first to the last one. 

E-liquid capacity is 1.2ml and there are twelve amazing flavors that you can choose from. The one that brought Loy's disposable vape a huge recognition is the one and only Blue Razz that promises a powerful berry kick with a smooth sugary aftertaste. 

Thanks to the thin airflow and narrow mouthpiece, the Strawberry Mango disposable vape gives you a chance to taste both delicious fruits at the same time. You simply must try it for yourself and see what we are talking about. For those who like fruity flavors and minty finishes, Iced Lychee, and Iced Pineapple are a perfect choice. 

Loy XL Disposable Vape

Like its name suggests, Loy XL disposable vape is an improved version of Bar that brings more puffs and flavors. Still, the device is fully portable and small-sized, so the XL marking relates solely to more satisfaction. 

The battery capacity is 1000mAh, while the pod stores an incredible 5ml of e-liquid. The result you’ll get from this powerful symbiosis is more than 1500 puffs per device, so it is no wonder why vapers adore this Loy disposable vape. 

Like with the Loy Bar disposables, the nicotine salts’ strength is 50mg which is perfect if you are transitioning from tobacco to vapes. A solid throat kick will satisfy the most demanding user, while the updated airflow ensures you take a stronger draw without a cough. 

When it comes to flavor, there are over 23 different variants to enjoy. Besides the classic ones we mentioned before, Loy added some vivid exotic fruity flavors like Date Melon, Papaya Citrus, Mango Grape, or Pinenana. Being bold with the flavor combinations has been Loy’s thing from the very beginning.  Mighty Mint is one of the best-sellers since it has everything you expect but without too much of a cooling effect. It still allows you to feel the wonderful minty taste with the subtle sweet aftereffect. 

Loy Flow XXL Disposable Vape 

Again, Loy amazed us with their new enhanced disposable vape that offers almost double puffs and certainly a prolonged pleasure. The battery is the same as with the XL, while the e-liquid capacity is 10ml. This means that you’ll get almost 2500 puffs per Loy disposable vape device. Considering the quality and its great price, Loy Flow XXL disposable vape has one of the greatest values for money on the vaping market. 

Each device has a delicious e-liquid with 5% nic salt, and the flavors got even more thrilling than with its previous versions. Maybe you want to cut the carbs, but still want to get reminded of the donut’s taste from time to time? You can easily do it with their Crunchy Cream Donut disposable vape. What comes to your mind when you think of unicorns? Well, it might be just a smooth strawberry and milky ice cream flavor that brings you back to the carefree childhood days, and taking a draw from Loy’s Unicorn disposable could evoke these nice memories. 

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