Disposable Vape

Disposable Vape

You might be surprised to learn that disposables are taking over the vaping market. One of the reasons for that might be their resemblance to actual cigarettes, which makes them a perfect transitioning tool for the quitting process. But what we know for a fact is that their simplicity of usage is contributing to their growing popularity.  

They are already pre-filled with e-liquids and you don’t have to worry about filling in your mod anymore. Also, they are backed-up with a built-in battery and coil, which makes the whole procedure much easier. You don’t have to even charge the device or learn how to replace the prime coils. Once you are done with them, they can simply be thrown into the trash.

Even though for a lot of passionate vape consumers, the whole set of activities that revolve around the vaping routine is pure enjoyment, it seems that for many it became more of a chore. If you also begin to feel that way, maybe it’s time to consider the disposables and find out for yourself why they are one of the most preferred vapor alternatives.  

The Differences Between Disposable and Regular Vapes

The main distinction is certainly the amount of time and energy you invest in the product’s usage. Disposables are more convenient and easier to use, while the regular vapes require parts maintenance and replacement alongside regular charging and fill-in routines.

For those who are not too excited about technically innovative vape devices, disposables are a perfect alternative. There aren’t any buttons, screens with different information, no extra parts, and possibly most importantly, no complicated instructions. 

Once the battery dies or the e-liquid is depleted, you can simply throw away your disposable vape and unpack a new one. The low price that may go down to $5 is another attractive asset of this device and surely another major difference between the two vaporizer kinds.

PUFF Disposable Vapes

If you are a heavy smoker who desperately wants to quit, we strongly suggest that you give PUFF disposables a chance. They mimic the sensation and draw of cigarette smoking, just with the fewer chemicals and more enjoyable flavors. They are very small and therefore, convenient to carry around. Due to the size, they are also comfortable for vaping too. Like any other disposable, they are pre-filled and pre-charged, so the functioning process is clear and required maintenance is minimal.

PUFF Bar is probably the most popular kind since they come in more flavors than any other disposable vapes. In the well-equipped online stores, you can choose between 25 different exciting flavors, so it becomes pretty clear why they are adored by so many. From Cool Mint, over Mango and Cucumber, to even an incredibly close Tobacco flavor for the most nostalgic ones, the PUFF team thought about everyone. Pre-filled with 1.3mL of 50mg e-juice, they can last for over 300 puffs.

For those who seek the longest-lasting disposable vape around, we recommend you try their special PUFF XXL. The rules are the same and your obligations close to none, it’s just you can have more than 1600 puffs with a single XXL. Each vape contains 5% of Salt Nicotine which gives your throat that familiar cigarette-style hit. If you prefer a bigger size, check out a PUFF PLUS and if you prefer having a disposable but controllable vape, try a PUFF FLOW – the latest disposables generation.

MYLE Mini Disposable Vapes

Experienced vaper lovers know that MYLE doesn’t make mistakes. Ready to fit any pocket but powered to provide you with over 320 puffs, these all-in-one Minis are one of the most popular disposables out there. 

Even though they are just 3 inches long and one inch wide, they offer incredibly satisfying taste with the smoothest draw. In case you don’t like black device color, MYLE thought of that too, so now you can enjoy your Banana ICE flavor with a conveniently yellow-colored pen or get a full experience with the elegant light-blue Blueberry flavored disposable vape.

LOY Disposables – Affordable and Powerful

If you are seeking the most affordable but still high-quality product, LOY created a perfect little disposable pen for your full convenience. Ready to serve you for more than 400 puffs, this low-cost 1.2mL capacity disposable vape is already recognized as one of the leaders on the market. Especially loved by its long-time consumers for ensuring a super reach flavor, they come in 10 different variants and interesting combinations. Strawberry Watermelon or Peach Lemonade? Those sound delicious.

Having the highest-quality product and reliable vape shop dealer is what you certainly need, regardless of the disposable vape kind you prefer. AP Vape Shop is a unique online store that offers fresh and reputable products for everyone’s taste.

Check out our full offer at our online vape shop and don’t hesitate to contact our customer support representatives anytime. We guarantee your satisfaction and will make it right in case you have any complaints.

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