Disposable Vapes 101: Meet the All-Stars

Disposable Vapes 101: Meet the All-Stars

We have been fans of vaping for a very long time, and we have the privilege of trying out new devices all the time. That allows us to see what is new on the market, but sadly during that process, we also come across some devices that are not so great. Their quality is just not so satisfactory, and that is why we don’t feel good talking about them.

Yet, on the contrary, very often we are introduced to some spectacular disposables, and each time when a new one comes our way, we are excited to tell you everything we know about them. Today, we will discuss three spectacular devices that have caught our attention recently, and each one of them is made by some of the most-known brands in the industry. 

Therefore, in case you are on the hunt for your next puff companion, there is no better place you can be! We will tell which makes them stand out from their competition, and why investing in them is always a smart move!


Modus x Kado Bar KB10000 Is a Must-Try 


Modus x Kado Bar KB10000 has definitely been one of the best disposable devices we have tried out recently, and we are sure we will use it for a very long time. Not quite often do we discover a device that is this good, and so when we find one, we like to stick up to it. 

This game-changing product not only looks great, but it performs exceptionally as well. It is made using premium mesh coils, which will make the device last longer, and taste better. Besides that, it has anti-leak technology, so you can carry it wherever you go and not worry about making any mess.

One of its finest features is a smart power screen display window, which will make everyone’s vaping journey extremely convenient. Thanks to the battery and e-liquid light indicator it will be super easy to keep up with the way you vape, and know when is the exact time to put USB type-C rechargeable in the action, and how much liquid is left in the tank. 

Additionally, you will be able to choose from 12 extraordinary flavors. The collection is an incredible mixture of fruit-based aromas and those that have a pinch of menthol for additional refreshment. If we have to pick our favorite one that would have to be a flavor called Strawberry Apple Peach. It is an ideal blend of three fruits, which combined make a perfect match.


Shiift Tiirbo 9000 Puff Deserves All the Hype 


The next disposable that has to be on your radar is Shiift Tiirbo 9000 Puff which has quickly become one of our most-used disposables in recent months. When it comes to its design, this innovative disposable boasts a sleek and compact hand-held design, standing out not only for its stylish aesthetics but also for the ergonomic considerations that ensure a comfortable grip throughout usage. It is made to cater to both novice and experienced vapers, so no matter if you have ever vaped before or not, this device has got you covered!

It is known that days of devices that provide only hundreds of puffs are long gone, and that is why we are more than excited to tell you that Shiift Tiirbo delivers approximately 9000 luscious puffs. Their quality is out of this world since the e-juice stored inside this device is made using only high-quality ingredients. The tank depot has 14ml of liquid, and each draw will be equally tasty and smooth.

Now, allow us to introduce a cutting-edge innovation that not only elevates vapor production but also significantly enhances the overall performance of this vaping device. With the latest technology, vapers can now enjoy the flexibility to tailor their experience with the choice between Regular Mode and Boost Mode. This personalized approach ensures a powerful and satisfying vaping encounter, putting you in control of your vaping journey every step of the way. 

So, get ready to embrace the future of vaping with this groundbreaking disposable, where performance meets personalization for an unparalleled experience. For additional enjoyment, you can opt for one of 10 unique aromas, and satisfy your taste buds with each puff!


Get a Hold on Smok Priv Bar Turbo 15000 Puff and Vape Like Never Before 


If there is one thing we are always sure of, that is that devices made by SmokTech have never disappointed us! So, we were immensely happy to finally try out the latest Smok Priv Bar Turbo 15000 Puff. One of the best aspects of this device is that it can be used in two modes. When using regular mode, you will be treated to approximately 15000 savory puffs, while turbo mode is made to deliver 10000 lovely hits.

But, even that is not all! Vapers have the opportunity to enhance and customize their vaping experience by taking advantage of the three adjustable airflow levels. This unique feature allows individuals to fine-tune their device according to their specific Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) or Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) preferences. With this adaptable airflow system, fans of vaping can achieve the perfect balance and enjoy a vaping experience that is precisely tailored to their taste and style.

The device is made using a powerful 800mAh battery, which can be charged when needed. And thanks to the battery light indicator you will know exactly when is the right time to do that. This disposable requires zero maintenance, so even if you have never vaped before, this device is just what you need! You can simply choose one of the 12 one-of-a-kind aromas and experience a full explosion of delicious notes perfectly combined.


Now that we have told you everything you need to know about these all-star devices, decide which one will suit your preferences best, and visit ApVapeShop where you can find each one of them. They are all top-notch devices that will for sure improve your vaping game forever. So, pick the one you like and get ready to enjoy spectacular vape production!

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