Don’t Care Bear Iced Out – New Menthol Flavor From Bad Drip Labs

Don’t Care Bear Iced Out – New Menthol Flavor From Bad Drip Labs

Millions upon millions of people vape every day and all of them have just one goal – to find a perfect e-liquid that can make their vaping experience amazing. Sadly, finding a perfect e-juice is not always easy. Some of them are made poorly, some taste awful, and some come in terrible packaging that we just cannot use properly. That makes them a waste of money, which is for sure something we all want to avoid at all costs.

In order to make the search easier for you, we try new products all the time and gave only the best recommendation to you. We write only about the finest members of the vape world, and everything that has come out from Bad Drip Labs so far, we have been loving. That is why we were curious to try out their new range of e-liquid, and we have to say that each aroma is exceptional.

One of our favorite ones is Bad Drip Labs Don’t Care Bear Iced Out 60ml, designed to keep you fresh all day long. So, if you are tired of using your old menthol-based e-juice, and you are ready to try out the new one, look no further. This e-liquid is one of the best ones on the market currently, and from the moment it was introduced to us, so many vapers decided to buy it and enjoy its quality.


Freezing Cold E-Liquid

Creating an e-liquid that has just the right amount of menthol in it is very tricky. Sometimes, the ice flavor can be overpowering, and not very pleasant for our taste buds. So, we know that so many vapers can be relly picky when it comes to this type of product, and they will not try out whatever.

But, since we have discovered Don’t Care Bear Iced Out, we cannot stop advising people to buy it. We are not capable of stopping using it, and that is why we are 100% that all of you will like it.

This vape juice is a carefully designed blend of a few fruit notes, gummy guts, and, of course, icy menthol. Even though this aroma is super complicated, it is perfectly balanced at the same time. It is definitely one of the most unique e-liquids available right now, so in case you are ready to go out of your comfort zone, thanks to this product, that has never been easier.

With each puff, you will taste juicy and succulent peaches, crisp pears, and a touch of ripe melons. Additionally, you will feel elements of chewy gummy bears that will satisfy the needs of everyone with a sweet tooth. Surely, on top of all of that, you will experience a strong punch of menthol. All of that will create a one-of-a-kind sensation you will crave all the time.

So, if you are sick and tired of the same old fruit combos that some other brands offer, you have to visit ApVapeShop and add this one to your cart. One thing is for sure, you will not regret it.


So Many Milliliters of Vape Juice 

So many brands are noticing the need to offer us more e-liquid per bottle, and we respect that a lot. That is why Bad Drip Labs Don’t Care Bear Iced Out 60ml is a perfect product for all of us who don’t want to buy new e-liquid frequently.

But one of the biggest benefits of this product is that it comes in various nicotine strengths, so no matter what your needs are, you will be able to purchase an e-liquid that will suit you the best. If you want more nicotine, then the 6mg option is exactly what you need. In case you are not a long-running vaper, and you want to inhale less nicotine, 3mg is more than enough.

Also, bear in mind that the 0mg option is also available. Without any doubt, this option is the best, since you will stay away from addictive nicotine, but you will still be able to enjoy some luscious puffs from time to time.

Therefore, make sure to set your goals straight, and pick the level you will benefit from the most. The choices are there, you just need to go for the one you like the most.


Nicely Packed Product 

We like to see brands paying close attention to details, and designing something we have never seen before. You will be surprised to see the packaging since it is very original. The glass bottle full of e-juice is packed into another plastic bottle. The funniest thing about is it its cap, and on it you will find a smiley face that will brighten your days. The plastic bottle looks like a bottle of medicines, and on it is a label where you can read all the necessary information.

When it comes to a glass bottle, it contains 60ml of the product; it is double sealed and child resistant. That makes it very safe, and you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go and refill your pods whenever that is needed.

Each aroma is crafted using only high-quality ingredients formulated for the best performance. Everything is made in the USA, and thanks to this e-liquid you will have the best vaping experience you can ever imagine.

With every inhale, you will feel full flavor, smooth puffs, and experience bold flavor notes. Each drop of this vape juice will award you with high-intensity hits, and you will be able to create some thick vapor and big clouds that so many vapers adore.

Bad Drip Labs Don’t Care Bear Iced Out 60ml is available at our vape store, so when you are ready to make your order, come and visit us. If you are maybe not a fan of ice aromas, you need to know that regular Don’t Care Bear Out is also at your disposal, and you can also check it out. If you need more information about these products, make sure to have a chat with our customer representatives, and find out more about what makes them so great.
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