E-Juice Review – Ugly Butter By Bad Drip Labs

E-Juice Review – Ugly Butter By Bad Drip Labs

We are 100% sure that you have already heard about the best e-liquid manufacturer in the business, Bad Drip Labs. So many vapers, including us, have been using their product for years, and what we like the most about them is their quality, and innovation as well. Each e-juice they come up with is unique and completely different from everything else on the market.

This New York-based brand is known for providing exquisite e-juices to the vaping community, and their goal is to give us bold and intense tastes that will make our vaping experience the best possible. The aromas made by professionals are insanely good and we just cannot get enough of them.

Their collection of e-liquid is vast, but today we are dedicating the entire article to one specific aroma that swiped us off our feet after the first try. Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter 60ml is everything that we need, and we are sure that the majority of vapers will love it as much as we do.

There are a lot of special things about this product, and today we are going to talk about all of them. No matter what your likings are, one thing is for sure. Once you try out this vape juice, it will become a staple in your collection, and you will always go back to it no matter what.

So, if you are curious to find out why we are obsessed with Ugly Butter, stay with us until the end. Once we list all the benefits of it, we are sure you would like to try it out and find out why the entire vaping world is praising this unique product.


Ugly Butter for Beautiful Vaping 

Don’t trust this name, since there is nothing ugly about this e-liquid, and after the first inhale, you will discover that. We are always on the hunt for innovative juices since we are becoming tired of seeing that companies are creating only basic aromas all the time. Many of them resemble some we have already tested out, and there is nothing exciting about that.

When it comes to vaping, we enjoy experimenting and making the entire process thrilling. And what better way to do that than by having a fresh new vape juice by your side ready to fill in the pod of your device? As soon as we put Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter 60ml into action, we knew that it would be a five-star product since its quality was undeniable.

This e-juice combines some quirky notes, and so far, we have never seen them combined together. The first secret ingredient is powdered cinnamon sugar, which is perfect for this part of the year. It will transform you into snowy areas and with each puff, you will feel festive. Besides cinnamon, this e-liquid includes fluffy cake fried dough, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. But that is not all. The last component is a delicious banana pudding that your taste buds will love.

This incredible combination will make your all-day vaping amazing, and we are sure you will adore every smooth hit. It is a game-changing e-liquid that will improve the way you vape forever. Why waste your money and time on having some basic juices, when you can have this original one by your side at all times?


Days and Days of Top-Quality Vaping

You know how we said that this product had a lot of benefits, well we weren't lying. Now we will discuss the one we appreciate a lot because it is showing us that the manufacturers of Ugly Butter really care about their consumers and their different needs.

When buying this e-liquid you will get 60ml of product, which is more than a lot of other companies are offering. That can make our vaping a lot less complicated since we don’t have to buy new bottles all the time. 60ml can be enough for up to 10 days of vaping, and in some cases even more. This will save a lot of our money as well, and you will be sure that you can refill your pod anytime you like it.

But, what is even more important is that each drop is made using only high-quality ingredients that will provide the best performance. The intensity of puffs will be the same from the moment you open the bottle until you use the last drop. You will taste the full flavor and with each hit, you will be awarded bold flavor notes.


Take Your E-Liquid Anywhere You Go

You can never know when is the time for the refill, and that is why it is crucial to have e-liquid with you all the time. Sadly, some products are poorly packaged and not safe, so when you carry them, you can create a lot of mess.

Luckily, Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter 60ml is nicely packaged so you can feel free to put it into your bag. The glass bottle that contains the liquid is stored inside another plastic bottle, and what we like the most is its cap with a smiley face. This item is very easy to use, and you don’t have to be an expert to know how to use some drops and continue with your vaping adventure.

Also, we can not fail to mention that once making a purchase, you can choose between 3 nicotine levels, which is amazing. You can opt for 3mg, and 6mg, but also for 0mg, which is perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to consume nicotine anymore. So, no matter what your liking and needs are, you will be able to find an option that suits you the best.

A tasteful Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter 60ml is waiting for you at the best online vape store, ApVapeShop where you can buy only genuine and high-quality products. So, whenever you are ready to spice up the way you vape with a new e-liquid, you know where to go.

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