EB Design TE5000 Disposable vs. Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable - Which One to Choose?

EB Design TE5000 Disposable vs. Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable - Which One to Choose?

Disposable vapes have been among the best-selling vape products for a long time. The main reason is that they don’t require any maintenance, and you can carry them with you easily since their size is compact. 

Over the years, vape brands introduced so many different disposable vape devices. Today, you can find devices that can provide thousands of puffs without charging. There are also the ones that include rechargeable batteries to ensure that the user will be able to use every drop of the included e-liquid. 

No matter if you are new in the world of vaping, or you have been using these devices for a while, you have probably heard of EB Design TE5000 as well as the Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable vape devices. Below, we will compare some of their main characteristics and help you decide which one will suit you better. 

EB Design TE5000 Disposable Features

When you see this EB Design disposable vape, the first thing that will come to your mind is its pocket-size dimension. Thanks to that, this device is so easy to carry around and vape on the go. Another thing that cannot pass unnoticed is the interesting design of the device body. Depending on the flavor you choose, the device will have different colors which makes it even more interesting. There are over 15 aromas available, so you will be able to find the one or more that fits you perfectly. 

The device is pre-filled with 13.5 ml of 5%  Salt Nicotine e-liquid, and you can count on around 5000 puffs. Its 550 mAh battery is rechargeable, so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your puffs ‘till the last drop of e-juice in the device tank. The device can be easily recharged by using a Type-C USB cable. 

To ensure a premium vaping experience, this device has dual mesh coils for smooth and tasty puffs, and there is also anti-leaking technology so there will be no spills and mess. 

Characteristics of Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape Device

Although you might think that Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape has the same characteristics as EB Design TE5000 since both products are made by the same company, they are quite different. The Lost Mary MO5000 also has a rechargeable battery, but the tank capacity is 13.5 ml, and you can count on 5000 puffs approximately. This device is available in more than 16 flavors.

The body of the device has round shape edges, and a small size so you can be sure that it will fit the palm of your hand perfectly. Depending on the flavor you choose, the color of the device's body will differ. At the same time, this disposable vape is compact and stylish. 

The same as the EB Design TE5000, this device has a built-in rechargeable battery, but the strength is different. The strength of the battery that Lost Mary MO5000 includes is 500 mAh, and you can recharge it with a USB type-C cable. This device is draw-activated so there aren’t any buttons on the body of the device. 

Differences Between EB Design TE5000 and Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vapes

Although these two devices have a lot of similarities, several differences between them are worth noting:

  • Design: The EB Design TE5000 features a slim, cylindrical design with a colorful exterior, while the Lost Mary MO5000 is a bit larger and has a more sleek and modern design with a matte finish.

  • Battery Capacity: The Lost Mary MO5000 has a slightly lower battery capacity of 500mAh, while the EB Design TE5000 has a 550mAh battery.

  • E-liquid Capacity: Both The EB Design TE5000 and Lost Mary MO5000 can hold up to 13.5ml of e-liquid.

  • Flavor Options: Both devices come in a variety of flavors, but the EB Design TE5000 offers a wider range of options, including fruit, dessert, and menthol flavors, while the Lost Mary MO5000 has a bit limited selection of primarily fruit flavors.

  • Nicotine Strengths: These devices are only available in 5% nicotine strength.

  • Activation: You can activate both devices easily by taking a draw.

As you can see, there are some differences as well the similarities between these two devices. In case you prefer a stronger battery that requires less charging, you might opt for EB Design TE5000. On the other side, Lost Mary MO5000 offers interesting flavors that resemble some of the popular drinks like Ginger Beer, as well as Lemon Sparkling Wine. It is hard to say which device is better since each one has something that makes it different that any other device on market. 

Which One to Choose?

Now that you have all the information about these two disposable vape devices, we hope that you will be able to decide which one will suit you better. No matter if you decide to order EB Design TE5000 disposable vape or Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape device, you can find them both at ApVape Shop. 

Ultimately, both devices offer a convenient and high-quality vaping experience for users on the go. The choice between the two will likely come down to personal preference in terms of design, flavor options, and nicotine strength.

You can be sure that your order will be delivered to you quickly, and that the devices you decided to try out will be carefully packed. These are not the only vape devices you can find at ApVapeShop. We offer many other vape products including Halo e-liquids, different types of disposable vapes and pod systems as well as batteries.

After you complete your order, you can check its status on our website, and for all orders over 100$, we offer free shipping. Please keep in mind that the ID will be required upon delivery. We prepared special rewards program for our loyal customers, so hurry up and complete your order even today, and we will give our best to ensure it arrives to you as soon as possible!

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