Everything You Need to Know About FUME Extra

Everything You Need to Know About FUME Extra

Regardless of the fact, the Fume Extra was introduced to the vaping market just recently, it has already become one of the hottest sellers around the world. If you are into disposables, you are well aware that the competition is fierce as there is a myriad of amazing devices available, so what is it that helped FUME stand out from the crowd?

Having a solid battery that ensures over a thousand tasty puffs surely makes a difference, but there must be something else. Firstly, FUME products are made with medical-grade technology that maximizes puff capacity and intensity, while their pre-filled flavors contain high-quality food-grade materials that enhance the actual components of the e-liquid and let you have a truly enjoyable all-day vaping venture. 

In the next chapters, we’ll do our best to put all the significant details about the mighty FUME Extra into words, but to understand what’s all the fuss about, you should simply give them a try and discover it for yourself. We at ApVapeShop made sure that you can get your original piece for an ultimately affordable price, and have it delivered in the shortest time possible!

The Design and Built

The first thing you’ll like about the FUME Extra is that it feels great in hand. It is round-shaped and has a rubbery texture, so it’s not slippery and quite comfortable to hold. Even though it stores a powerful battery and a 6ml of salt nic e-liquid, it is compact and slim enough to fit your pocket. 

Each color is vivid and matches the given flavor, yet the device preserved its elegance thanks to the matte finish. The mouthpiece fits the lips nicely and ensures tights draw that resembles the one that you’ll get from a cigarette. Like with any other disposable, there are no buttons, charging ports, or cartridges included, so as soon as you unwrap it, you are ready to go. 

Extended Battery Life

You don’t expect a disposable to serve you for over a week, but FUME Extra can do that thanks to its 850mAh built-in battery and the advanced technology of regulated temperature control. This makes vaping consistently enjoyable but also safe. 

You can expect to have around 1500 delicious puffs where each promises an intense and superb taste of your choice. If you are looking for a long-lasting disposable, FUME Extra is certainly a great solution. 

What’s the Vaping Experience with FUME Extra Like?

It is easy to guess that FUME Extra offers a satisfying vaping experience based on everything we’ve written so far but let us tell you some more about what to expect from this great device. 

We’ve already mentioned that the draw is quite tight so it will reward you with the ultimately powerful nicotine buzz yet without the overpowering throat hit thanks to the premium salt nic e-liquid. If you are a dense vapor chaser, you’ll love FUME Extra as it produces massive clouds with an irresistible aroma. 

Since it requires zero upkeep and is as simple to use as possible, FUME Extra is a great choice for beginners, but it is a common selection for many vaping veterans, too. This is a clear sign that FUME Extra offers something unique and utterly pleasing. 

FUME Extra and Its Generous Variety of Flavors

If you are picky about the taste, it is almost certain that you’ll find something you like among their 24+ different flavor options. 

Each device comes with the pre-filled salt nicotine-based e-liquid with 5% of nicotine strength. FUME made sure to indulge everyone’s wishes when it comes to flavor, so you can find icy, juicy, and tobacco flavor options among the palette.

If you like berries and the combination of sweet and sour, Blue Razz promises exactly that. How about a frozen banana milkshake with a subtle icy finish? Try out their Banana Ice and reward yourself with a delicious treat every day without gaining any weight! One of our favorite fruity mixes is surely Strawberry Watermelon as it will splash you with the gentle sweet notes wrapped into a succulent strawberry taste. Still, if you are up for a rich and matte premium tobacco taste, Cuban Tobacco is a must-try. 

How Can You Be Sure That You’ve Purchased an Original FUME Extra Disposable?

This might be a great concert for many vapers since there are a lot of fakes in the market. If you’ve already bought a piece, you can scratch the sticker off from the back of it and validate your FUME Extra and the manufacturer’s official page. 

On the other hand, it is best to purchase FUME Extra at certified vape stores only, like our ApVapeShop is. We guarantee that each piece is authentic and fresh, and we bet to offer you the best deal. Keep in mind that our customer support is available for you 24/7, so feel free to give us a call if you need expert advice and further information about our products.
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