Everything You Need to Know About Juul Pods

Everything You Need to Know About Juul Pods

Juul is one of the leading vaping manufacturers that you’ve at least heard about, if not already tried their products and probably stuck to them for quite some time. 

Simple design, lightweight devices that resemble a cigarette-like feeling when in hand, and almost no maintenance required to keep the Juul devices in a good condition are just some of the reasons why so many people chose Juuls e-cigarettes over tobacco. After all, the primary reason why Juul was established in the first place was to help people kick their tobacco smoking once for all, so we can say with certainty that their mission was accomplished, and it’s still happening. 

There are two main components in Juul pens – the device, or its body, and the flavor pods. This is the main difference between a traditional vaping pen as Juul introduced a closed vaping system with these two separate components. As these two elements are also sold separately, we decided to provide detailed information about the Juul pods, so that you have a clear idea of what exactly you are buying and what these pods contain. 

If this is something that you are interested in, stay with us, and educate yourself for the sake of an even more conscious and therefore enjoyable vaping experience.  

What Ingredients Juul Pods Contain?

Even though Juul produces and fills the pods with their original ingredients, they are the same ones you can find in almost any other nicotine salt formula. 

Vegetable Glycerol is the liquid extracted from the vegetable oils like coconut, soybean, or palm and it is responsible for rich vapor production thanks to its thick structure. It is what gives that subtle sweet taste to the e-liquid, and it is safe to inhale and consume as it is already found in food and various pharmaceutical products. 

Propylene Glycol is an odorless and mainly tasteless liquid that is used as an emulsifier in e-liquids as it keeps all the ingredients well-balanced when mixed. The main difference between VG and PG is the consistency as the PG is thinner than VG which makes its absorption by the wick much easier and faster. It is responsible for providing that throat kick you are looking for, and it is also used in various food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. 

Nicotine is a strong alkaloid naturally derived from tobacco plants, while Benzoic acid is added to it to maximize its potency without creating a vapor that is too harsh for the throat. In other words, this is the basic formula for powerful nicotine salts. They allow us to indulge the strong cravings with just a few hits, and this is one of the reasons why Juul pods are a great alternative for tobacco. Food-grade flavoring is the last ingredient that doesn’t require further explanation. 

Why VG/PG Ratio Is Important and Which One Is Found in Juul Pods? 

There isn’t a definite answer to which ratio in e-liquids is the best, but we can tell you some facts that will help you understand which one could be right for you. 

To ensure our throat a smooth and gentle vaping experience, a higher level of VG will serve the purpose. It will also help the production of massive clouds. On the other hand, a harder throat kick is ensured by increasing the levels of PG, but also a better flavor delivery as PG is responsible for bringing the best out of it. 

Still, if there is too much PG in the e-liquid, there is a great chance that we’ll end up with a slightly irritated and sore throat, so the manufacturer must keep the balance between these two fundamental ingredients at the right level. 

So, what did the Juul do to attract so many different profile vapers? They skilfully produced an e-liquid with a 30/60 PG/VG ratio where the thicker and sweeter vapor is guaranteed, and the flavor is still dominant thanks to the masterfully developed nicotine salt formula. The remaining 10% are natural and artificial flavorings. 

What’s the Nicotine Strength in Pods? 

If you are about to quit tobacco, you want to be supplied with enough nicotine to minimize the cravings and remain satisfied longer. This is where nicotine salts do the work, and you can choose between 3% and 5% of nicotine level Juul pods. 

No matter which one you select, the vapor production will remain the same, while the throat irritation will be excluded thanks to the aforementioned traits. It is all a matter of habit – if you were a heavy smoker, 5% will do the magic, while 3% is for those who smoked less but still want to quit without ever returning to the nasty habit. 

Juul Pod Capacity and Expected Number of Puffs

Each pod contains 0.7ml of pre-filled JUUL e-liquids nicotine salt which means you’ll get around 200 puffs from a single pod. Now, when translated to the number of cigarettes, it comes close to a pack of 20. You can do the math and calculate how many of the pods you’ll need to support the habit. The pods themselves are well-secured and they fit the device just nicely, so you don’t have to worry about leaks and spills with Juuls. 

Our ApVapeShop offers a unique wholesale Juul pods option where you can have 8x Juul pod packs (4 pods in each) which are 32 pods in total. Don’t miss this opportunity which will save you a lot of money and provide you peace of mind knowing that your private stock is always full, just like ours is. 

What About the Flavors?  

As simplicity has always been a part of Juuls’ business model, their original pods come in 2 main variants – Juul Pods Menthol and Juul Pods Virginia Tobacco

They both offer clean, straightforward, and intense flavor where the menthol option is similar to the traditional menthol cigarettes, while the tobacco one promises a classic American-grown tobacco experience with the gentle aroma and intense nicotine kick. 

It is a fact that Juul uses premium ingredients exclusively in their e-liquids nicotine salt formulas, so you can rest assured that whichever one you select, you’ll be provided with an utterly superb vaping adventure that will make you forget about cigarettes and increase your overall quality of life. It already sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

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