Everything You Need to Know About Myle Clip Disposable Device

Everything You Need to Know About Myle Clip Disposable Device

Whenever Myle launches a new product, numerous vapers worldwide get instantly excited as they are about to experience something truly unique. Considering how vast the disposables’ market is, it is not that easy to produce a device that embraces originality and is still able to get liked by the majority of vaping enthusiasts. 

Once more, Myle exceeded our expectations with their latest Myle Clip disposable device, and we are ready to share all its details with you. Recognized for their well-developed technology and incredible flavors, any Myle device is worthy of your money and try, but there is something more when it comes to Myle Clip. If you are interested to get an in-depth overview of it, we suggest you stay with us and learn all about it.

In case you can’t wait to try the new Myle Clip disposable vape, you can order your authentic device at our Ap Vape Shop today and get it in the shortest time possible. Also, our customer support agents are at your service 24/7 in case you have further questions and need an expert’s advice. 

Brand-New Design That You’ll Love

When Myle modifies its product’s design, it goes far beyond just improving its overall appearance. This time, they created a disposable vape that is not only incredibly comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomic design, but also one of the most lightweight and compact disposables in the market compared to its power and durability. 

Most adult vapers put their disposables directly into the bag, purse, or pocket after use, and the mouthpiece can easily collect some debris and dirt. Of course, you can still use some kind of a protective bag to keep it sterile as much as possible, but in reality, we are all so busy that even those 30 seconds needed to pack it are often too much.

Therefore, one of the most original and practical traits of Myle Clip is the retractable/pop-up mouthpiece. Besides the fact that you’ll have a discreet device that looks more like a palm-sized notebook than a disposable vape, you can rest assured that your mouthpiece will remain completely clean at all times. 

You can control the mouthpiece position by pushing the small button on the side and there is also a rubber cap on the top of the mouthpiece that provides an extra layer of protection. 

Rechargeable Disposable Device? Yes, It Does Exist and It’s Called Myle Clip

Did it ever happen that you still have some liquid in the tank, but the disposable is out of battery? Myle simply wanted to resolve all the annoying problems that may occur while you’re vaping, so they created a disposable device that comes with the charging port. When the battery is low, simply use the Micro-USB charger which is included in the package, and enjoy the prolonged vaping experience for as long as the e-liquid is there. . 

This small-sized and compact disposable device is equipped to provide you with more than 2000 puffs from a single charge, and the built-in pod has a 6.0ml of e-liquid capacity. The nicotine strength is, as usual, 50mg, but even despite its considerable strength, you don’t have to worry about throat irritation and overly strong hits. This is why Myle Clip is also beginner-friendly. If you wish to get rid of the nasty tobacco smoking habit, this is a product that will satisfy the nicotine cravings without the overpowering smell and numerous health hazards. 

Like all of their previous disposable editions, Myle Clip comes with the anti-leak technology and a waterproof tank, so you can forget about the greasy stains and a defective, short-lived device. 

Flavor Selection – Only the Myle’s Finest Examples

Myle Clip disposable vape has 4 different flavor options that proved their quality and became a part of their evergreen collection. 

Grape Ice is their well-known blend of minty and juicy grape notes, and the best thing is that the freshness of the mint comes subtly and puts the fruity kick in the spotlight. Red Apple is a mix of sweet and sour taste with a crispy finish, while the Iced Mint will amaze you with its smooth Spearmint embrace. 

Finally, our favorite Iced Blueberry has a perfectly balanced taste of ripened and delicious Blueberries and a soft Menthol hit. If you are a fan of the berry-like flavors, this one is certainly a must-try. The color of the device matches the corresponding taste – blue for the Iced Mint, red for the Red Apple, and so on. 

To be sure that you’ll get the most of this amazing vaping device, you should purchase it at the certified shops only. We at Ap Vape Shop offer exactly that and assure you that you’ll get the best price in the market. Therefore, check out our offer now and get your Myle Clip in a day or two.  


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