Everything You Need to Know About SMOK X-Priv Kit

Everything You Need to Know About SMOK X-Priv Kit

The SMOK’s Priv Series has already been favored by many who appreciate the delicate symbiosis of power and beauty. Both of these traits, alongside included compact but bold design, can be found in their latest X-Priv Series vaping devices.

Besides having highly-appealing externals, the X vape is supported by extensive temperature control and the ability to distribute plenty of power. With X-Priv Mod, you will be able to reach up to 225 watts while in the wattage mode, without any overheating. Moreover, the kit includes the TFV12 Prince tank which contains a huge e-liquid capacity of 8mL, which is just perfect for the big airy vapor clouds.

There is no doubt that ever progressive SMOK made another exceptional device which already ensured itself a solid reputation on the current market. We will get into the detailed review of design, technical specifics, manufacturing, and flavor quality, so you can decide whether the X-Priv kit is your ultimate choice or not. 

SMOKE X-Priv Kit Design and Technical Specifications

Its deluxe appearance is backed up with a wonderful honeycomb pattern design on the backside and an outer frame. The sides of the mod are constructed from a zinc alloy and the beautiful finishing comes in 7 different colors – from Prism Rainbow to one of the finest Prism Gold variants. You can be sure that this device will stay in good condition over time since it is quite resilient to scratches and dings.

One of the things that SMOK considers whenever presenting us with a new product it’s the ergonomically designed tank. The soft, curvy outlines alongside a conveniently-located firing button are cleverly integrated for more hand-comfortability.

Another thing that surely impressed many is X-Priv’s beautiful display. This 2-inch OLED display offers a crisp resolution with more information coming on the screen, which gives this device a smartphone-like feel. You can easily monitor the battery life, current wattage, and temperature alongside vaping mode, coil resistance, and other functions which are easily adjustable through SMOKE X-Priv’s intelligent menu.

Ideal for High Powered Vaping

The back panel conceals the battery compartment which will house a pair of 18650 batteries. Whoever enjoys prolonged and intense vaping will love the new X-Priv. You can select one of the three different output modes, which include Hard, Normal and Soft settings.

No matter which one you select, the device makes overheating impossible because of the highly-sophisticated temperature control suite which is supported by resistant stainless steel and titanium materials. Related to that, X-Priv is equipped with adjustable TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) which is responsible for keeping you and your device safe at all times.

The kits themselves don’t include a pair of 18650 batteries, so make sure to keep that in mind when making a purchase. Learn more about the SMOK X-Priv 225 w kit features here.

It Allows You to Get the Most of Your Favorite Flavor

Due to the X-Priv’s large and newly developed Prince tank, vaping on it is considered to be the most pleasurable experience for many consumers. Creating a smooth airflow on the fully adjustable dual-slotted wing gives you the possibility to get the most out of the chosen flavor.

The important thing to keep in mind if you are a new vaper is that this kit is intended for direct lung-style vapers. If you are not a fan of this method, you might look for another solution or simply turn to your trusted vapor dealer for additional information. On the other hand, passionate and experienced vape consumers can expect a real full-flavor adventure with the SMOK X-Priv kit since both of the coils are well-suited for high-powered vaping.

What Does the X-Priv Kit Include and Where to Buy It?

You can always buy a standalone X-Priv Mod, but then you will lack some essentials which are included in the Starter Kit only. Besides the user manual, there is a USB cable, the TFV12 Prince Tank with a Q4 and T10 quad and dec coil which will bring out the best of the mod. Although the device it’s very durable and resistant, you will get additional replacement parts and glass, just in case.

No matter if you are a recreational or passionate vaper, you want to have 24/7 access to a reliable vape shop that you are comfortable purchasing in. Considering the times, online shops are the most recommended solution, so feel free to check out our offer now and enjoy the secured shopping from the comfort of your home.

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