Everything You Need to Know About VAPORESSO LUXE PM40 POD MOD KIT

Everything You Need to Know About VAPORESSO LUXE PM40 POD MOD KIT

This is the question that almost every vaper asks every single day. Sometimes, it can be a real struggle not to know how much e-liquid you have remained, especially when you know that the tank is almost getting empty.

Therefore, you will be pleased to know that Vaporesso LUXE PM40 has transparent pods, so at every single moment, you will know how much e-juices are at your disposal. This is probably one of the most useful features, and that is how you will always know when it's time to order more e-liquids.

The vape pod capacity is 4mL, which is enough to provide you with luscious puffs that will last for days. You can choose between standard e-liquids, but you can also opt for various salt nics. The selection of both is very wide, and we are sure you will be able to find your favorite flavor easily.

The good thing about these types of vape devices is that you can customize your vaping experience, and make it special with every new liquid purchase. Vaping will never be monotone, and you can try as many flavors as you like.

You can also buy separate pod cartridges designed especially for Vaporesso LUXE PM40. It is very easy to refill the pod, and in each pack, you will receive two pieces of pods. Thanks to anti-leak technology, you can rest assured that no liquid will leave its place, and you won't make any mess while carrying this gadget with you.


Strong Battery for Long Life 

When it comes to vape pod mod kits, it is extremely important to go for one that has a strong battery, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it all the time. This product comes with an integrated 1800mAh battery, you can easily charge with a micro USB type-C port, which you will be getting in the packaging as well.

The device offers a slew of firing more, which means you can fully adapt the way you vape to your liking. The first mode you can use is f(t), which will allow you to change the output voltage and heating rate during vaping in order to get the finest flavor. The power mode is here to let you choose the output power, while pulse mode will help you generate a hard-hitting vape that many vapers prefer. The innovative ECO mode will help you save the life of your battery and its role is to change the wattage while you are vaping. The wattage output range is between 5 and 40W, so get ready to vape just the way you like it!

On the side, you will notice a led screen that is also quite handy, and it will give you all the necessary information about the way you vape. This device is perfect for people who have been vaping for quite some time, and they are finally ready to try out something different, and give a go to a bit more complex device, that is still, even with all of these features, very easy to use.


The Ultimate Protection!

Sometimes vapers fear these types of vape devices because they believe that they can do more harm than good, but because of that, Vaporesso LUXE PM40 is designed using various protection options that will make you vaping as safe as possible.

First of all, there is overcharging protection, secondly, overheating protection, and lastly 10s overtime protection. Overall, they will provide the finest vaping, your device will stay secure through the process, and you will be awarded only high-quality puffs.

One of the things that will improve the quality of hits as well is mesh coils that are used with this device. They will enhance the taste of flavors and not let any burnt puffs go out of the product. They are also replaceable, so when you think it is time for a new one, you can simply order it and change it.

Vaporesso LUXE PM40 vape pod mod kit is available at ApVapeShop, and we truly recommend you try it out and treat yourself with a top-notch vape gadget. With it, you will receive the user manual as well, which will explain everything in more detail. Surely, if you require any help, don’t hesitate to contact us, because we are looking forward to answering all of your questions.
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