Everything You Should Know About Puff Bar Disposable Vape

Everything You Should Know About Puff Bar Disposable Vape

During the past years, the market was flooded with e-cigarettes of different sizes and capacities. They might look different and have diverse characteristics and options, they all have the same purpose - to provide the ultimate vaping experience. 

The most popular e-cigarettes are the disposable ones, because they are easy to use, and do not require battery charging, re-filling, and other time-consuming actions. One of those single-use vape devices is Puff Bar disposable vape, which became very popular among experienced vapers as well as beginners. 

Still, if you haven't tested this vaporizer yet, and want to learn more about it, keep on reading and we hope that we will be able to provide the answer to all your questions. 

What is Puff Bar Disposable Vape?

As its name says, it is a type of vape device that is designed for single use. We can also say that it is a cartridge-based vape since when it arrives prefilled the pod cannot be replaced. Electronic cigarettes like Puff Bar are created to imitate the smoking of tobacco but with reduced health risks. That is what makes them the first choice for the people who want to quit tobacco cigarettes.

Puff Bar Disposable Vape Design

This vape device is very small and thin. As such it can be packed in any pocket or even the smallest purse, which makes it an excellent choice even for the people who are on the go. It looks like a USB flash drive, and there are no undetachable parts.

Puff Bar disposable vaping device includes:

  • Atomizer whose function is to heat the unit to convert the e-liquid to aerosol vapors. It is made of e-coils or wicks.

  • The battery is pre-charged and has a power of 280mAh. It lasts until the e-juice tank runs out.

  • Cartridge - this part attracts the most attention since it holds the precious e-liquid. It has a capacity of 1.3 mL which is enough for around 300 puffs. Have in mind that the amount of nicotine included varies. You can choose between the 2% (20mg) and 5% (50mg) nicotine content Puff Bars. In case you are looking for more powerful vaporizers that can deliver more than 1000 puffs, take a look at PUFF Flow and PUFF XXL.

  • The mouthpiece is the part that you place in your mouth to inhale the vapor. There are no buttons, so you simply have to puff to start the device. 

Various Flavors are Available

Besides being compact and easy to use, Puff Bar disposable is available in many different flavors. From sweet and fruity to menthol ones, you will be able to select the fragrance that suits you best. Some of the most popular tastes are Guava I.C.E., Cool Mint, O.M.G (Orange, Mango, Grapefruit), Blue Razz (Blue Raspberry), Tobacco, and many others. There are 25 different flavors, so take your time to select the ones that suit you. 

So, whether you enjoy experimenting with unique fruity flavors, or you are looking for the best alternative to quit smoking, Puff Bar disposable vape is the best choice for you. 

Puff Bar Disposable vs. Tobacco Cigarette

Did you know there are over 600 ingredients in just a single tobacco cigarette? When burning, it can produce 6000 chemicals and 69 of them are very harmful to the human body because of their toxicity. They are known as carcinogens and include lead, tar, carbon monoxide, acetone, and others. 

On the other hand, disposable vapes like Puff Bar do not pose such severe health risks, and they are much safer to consume. Still, it is important to remember that this vaporizer contains nicotine, but the level of it is very limited compared to regular cigarettes. Tobacco cig contains about 28 mg of nicotine, while the electronic one can include 20-50 mg. Since Puff Bar can provide up to 300 puffs, this one device is equal to the entire pack of tobacco cigarettes. 

Puff Bar Do Not Require Maintenance

Since Puff Bar is a closed system, it means that there is no possibility to refill or recharge it. So, there is no maintenance at all. You can simply unpack your Puff Bar and enjoy it until it runs out of e-liquid, and when that happens simply throw it into the garbage. After that, you can simply take a new one, and continue vaping. 

If you want to be sure that you will always have your favorite e-cigarette at your hand, you should consider ordering a Puff Bar wholesale pack which includes 10 disposable devices. To make sure that you will receive the original Puff Bar, make sure that you purchase it from a reliable supplier.

For many years AP Vape Shop has been selling top vaporizers as well as accessories that can improve your vaping experience. Make sure you get in touch with us even today, and we will make sure that your Puff Bar will be on its way to your address as soon as possible. 
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