Everything You Should Know About Replaceable Vape Batteries

Everything You Should Know About Replaceable Vape Batteries

In general, vape products are designed to be both simple and fully functional at the same time. We have disposables that you simply throw away in the trash once the battery is gone, rechargeable pod systems that come with USB chargers, and finally, mod systems that are compatible with lithium-ion batteries. 

Vaping beginners will usually go for disposables or vape pens which are both easy to handle, while those who’ve been vaping for some time often transition to mods. One of the reasons why mods are avoided by vapers is the stereotype that they require advanced knowledge to handle, especially when it comes to non-regulated mechanical mods which need some manual adjustment for safe operation. 

Nowadays, the most common mod type includes the regulated one where the battery chipset automatically takes care of everything. Still, having an adequate and high-quality battery is crucial, otherwise, it can damage the device beyond repair. So, replaceable vape batteries are designed for devices that utilize external batteries to operate, and their main advantage over the in-built ones is that you can simply swap them once they are empty and save tons of money. Instead of buying a new device, you invest in replaceable vape batteries which are commonly pretty cheap, even the highest-quality ones. 

If you wish to know more about the topic, we suggest you stay with us as we are going to dive deep and share crucial details about replaceable vape batteries. Keep in mind that you can give our ApVapeShop experts a direct call anytime and get the first-hand information you require. 

How To Determine Which Battery Your Device Requires?

Besides getting familiar with other vaping components like coils, tanks, wicks, and oils, it is essential to select the adequate vape battery for your device. After all, it is the first and the last element that keeps the device going. 

The first thing to do is check the amperage marked with A – higher currents will ensure you more clouds and slower draw which is the thing that most mod system vapers are after. The next comes the mark mAh which stands for ‘milli-amp hours’, and it determines the battery’s capacity to sustain a constant discharge, so the higher the mAh, the longer the battery’s life. 

So, the ideal solution would be to select the battery that comes with the highest amperage or discharge (A) and milli-amp hours (mAh) or density. However, the technology is not as advanced yet, and there is always some kind of compensation included, but there are excellent batteries in the market that can support your device the best way possible. 

The Prototype of a Good Replaceable Vaping Battery – 18650 Battery

The best example of a well-balanced small-sized battery that most experienced vapers are using and are pretty happy with are the 18650 batteries. They are highly dependable and extensively tested in many industries and represent the safest battery option out there for both higher and lower-powered boy mods and vape pens. As they offer a great balance between portability and performance, you can expect that this battery will handle high wattages well and let you enjoy dense clouds and full flavor along the way. 

Due to their huge popularity, there are plenty of poor quality 18650 batteries that you should avoid, and in the next lines, we will present you with those you can rely on. 

Hohm Tech Alone 18650 Battery with its 15.3 constant discharge rate and 3309mAh capacity is the first selection for numerous vapers. As it exhibits cooler operating temperatures than with the previous or similar editions, it prolongs the battery’s life and ensures greater load capabilities. This means you can vape with some of the most powerful mods without having to swap batteries as frequently as before. 

The other two superb quality replaceable vape batteries that come from Hohm Tech are Life 4 and Work 2, and they vary in the mAh and A levels, but promise the same durability and stability that you are looking for in a battery. You can determine which one requires your device the best by taking a look at its specifications. 

All of the given three are Li-ion batteries manufactured by the IMR formula which includes protection components that prevent over-charging and over-discharging. This means more safety for the vapor and more functionality for the device. 

Some batteries come with more power – 20700 and 21700, yet they are, of course, larger, and typically don’t fit modern mods. This is why it is important to get to know your device’s specs before purchasing a replaceable vape battery. 

Useful Tips for Safe Usage of Replaceable Vape Batteries

Even though modern Li-ion batteries are much safer than before, there are certain rules that you should stick to avoid any potential hazards. 

The first essential thing is to avoid leaving the battery exposed to hot or cold temperatures. You’ve probably heard that it is recommended not to leave your mod and therefore its battery, in your car during the summer. The freezing temperatures can also damage the battery for good, even though they’ll not provoke the fire. 

In case your battery is leaking, you should immediately get rid of it. They are a hazard to both your health and your device which makes them entirely useless. This is another reason you should buy high-quality batteries exclusively. The same rule applies in the case of a battery that throws sparks

Buying a good battery charger is an investment that you should consider as it is the most efficient way to charge your battery safely and correctly. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one certified vape shop that offers both replaceable vape batteries and top-quality vape pen batteries that support almost any 510 thread and comes with advanced features, our ApVapeShop is a good place to spend some quality time. Besides premium vape batteries, we offer a wide variety of superb vaping products, guarantee their authenticity and get them delivered to your address in the promised time. 

Feel free to give us a call anytime as we will gladly provide professional advice on the best vaping product for you. 


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