Exploring the Best Vaping Devices Crafted by Air Bar

Exploring the Best Vaping Devices Crafted by Air Bar

Vaping celebrated its 20th birthday this year, and during these two delicious decades, we have had the privilege of being introduced to some spectacular devices designed by some remarkable brands. One of the most-established ones is without any doubt Air Bar, and for a very long time, it has managed to manufacture some top-notch disposables that we love using! These devices are designed to be convenient, so we can use them all the time. They have some innovative features, and most importantly, they are available in a range of savory aromas that we cannot get enough of.

Whether you are new to the vaping game, or you have been enjoying some luscious puffs for a long time, we are convinced that you need to have at least one Air Bar creation by your side. Yet, we know that it may be tricky to determine which will suit you perfectly, but as always, we are here to deliver our professional guidance.

Today, we will explore the very best vaping devices crafted by Air Bar, and for your convenience, they are all available at ApVapeShop. So, once you are done with reading, make sure to add one, or even more devices, to your cart, and treat yourself with some premium vape production. 


Atron Air Bar Has to Be on Your Radar


Currently, one of the best-selling disposables on the market is the Air Bar Atron 5000 puff, carefully manufactured to cater to the needs of even the most demanding vapers. This product is widely recognized as one of the best ones, and it stands out from its competition thanks to its BPC mesh coil technology. Coils are one the most important components of a disposable, and it is crucial to make them top-notch. So, you can expect to have the finest vaping adventure with Atron Air Bar by your side.

It is super portable, but don’t let its size fool you. It stores 5000 delectable puffs, and thanks to the rechargeable battery, you will be able to enjoy every single one of them. It is pre-filled with 10ml of high-quality vape liquid, so each draw you take is going to be super juicy.


Air Bar Diamond Makes Each Vape Session Spectacular 


Even if you are new to vaping, we are sure you have already heard about Air Bar Diamond, since it is one of the most talked about devices ever! One of the best things about it, is without any doubt, its compactness. It is made to suit your pocket or purse perfectly, so you can have it by your side whenever the craving emerges.

When it comes to a range of aromas, Air Bar Diamond wins in that department as well, when visiting ApVapeShop, you will be able to choose from 22 amazing flavors. Whether you love some minty aromas, or you are a more fruit-based aromas type of vaper, this device has got you covered. One of our all-time favorite flavors is called Banana Shake, and in case you don’t know which one to opt for, believe us, this one is a perfect choice!


Air Bar Box 5000 Is Ideal for Every-Day Vaping 


We are very happy we can talk about the Air Bar Box 5000 puff since we strongly believe that it is one of those devices you cannot go wrong with. It is draw-activated, it doesn’t require any maintenance or previous setup, so it is ideal for on-the-go vaping. 

It is built using a 650mAh battery, which you can easily recharge when needed using a Type-C charging cable. It features a very useful hand-held box design, which makes vaping additionally convenient. Even the mouthpiece is made with great attention to detail, and since it is very narrow, you can expect to enjoy some smooth draws. Because the quality of vape liquid is phenomenal, you won’t have to deal with throat irritation.

Upon ordering, you can take advantage of 17 unique aromas. Some of the best ones are those that have a pinch of menthol, and the one we love using the most is Blueberry Ice. It is a delightful blend of sweet and fruity blueberry notes, accompanied by a refreshing, cool menthol undertone. It Is not overpowering, so it is perfect for all-day vaping.


Air Bar Nex 6500 Is Always Our Beloved Choice 


When we don’t know which device to use, we always go back to Air Bar Nex 6500 puff. It is so good, and we know that with it by our side, we will be treated to nothing less than a remarkable vape production. It is one of our timeless favorites, and we think that everyone has to try it out at least once!

It stores around 6500 puffs, so you can relish some prolonged vaping sessions. This disposable comes in 14 aromas, so finding the one that is just your cup of tea is going to be super easy. For those who are on the lookout for some mind-blowing fruitish options, rest assured that Melon Kiwi, Pineapple Mango, Pineapple Coconut, and Blueberry Dragonfruit are a dream come true. 


Air Bar AB5000 Is Coming Your Way 


Our last pick is the Air Bar AB5000 puff, a disposable vape loved by even the most demanding vapers. Its simplicity is what we love the most about it, combined with the fact that it performs flawlessly. Bear in mind that this item is non-rechargeable. So, if you don’t want to tackle the task of charging your battery occasionally, this product is just what you need!

The nicotine level is 50mg of salt nicotine, and thanks to the anti-dry-burn protection, you can be sure that you will not encounter those bad-tasting puffs we all hate so much. Anti-leak technology is also used during the process of making this disposable, so feel free to take it with you whenever you go, and not worry about making any mess.


All of these devices are available at ApVapeShop, so as soon as you decide which one you love best, go ahead and make your order. A deluxe vaping is waiting for you!

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