Flum Float 3000 Puff Disposable Vape Device Flavors

Flum Float 3000 Puff Disposable Vape Device Flavors

Flum Float 3000 puff is the current It disposable, and more and more vapers are deciding to give it a puff and find out what is all the fuss about. One of the biggest benefits of this device is the number of aromas that it offers. When ordering it, you can add one, or of course, even more, flavors to your cart and set off on a spectacular vaping journey that this sleek gadget provides.

For a very long time, we have been on the hunt for a device that performs well, but it also tastes heavenly, so from the moment we have come across this one, we haven't stopped using it. For weeks, it has been our loyal companion and we don’t plan to change it for any other device any time soon.

In this article, we will try to tell you a bit more about each aroma that is available and luckily help you choose the one you prefer. So, here it is! The magnificent selection of 25 flavors designed to cater to the needs of even the most critical vapers.


Freezing Options for the Best Aftertaste 

Each brand knows how important it is to have a variety of ice flavors because they are deeply loved by so many people who vape on a daily basis. If you are among them, you will be excited to know that when buying this disposable vape device you can test out various aromas that are menthol based.

Icy Berry Lemon is the first on the list and it perfectly combines the contrasting sweet berries and citrusy lemon, but with a pinch of menthol as well. In case you are a ride-or-die fan of aloe, but you want to taste it blended with some other notes, then you have two options. The first one is Aloe Mango melon Ice, which will deliver super smooth puffs, and Aloe Pineapple Ice, which has the subtle, mellow sweetness of pineapple. If these fruits are not something you gravitate toward, maybe you will like Blue Raspberry Ice, Peach Ice, or Lush Ice made especially for people who cannot imagine their vaping without a juicy watermelon taste.

But, if you want to go for a straight menthol, which is not mixed with fruit aromas, one more time, we have a few options for you. Clear is a soothing menthol flavor. Cool Mint will award you with a blast of spearmint, while Menthol is crafted to provide a crisp sensation with each inhale.


Pure Fruit Infused Into E-Juice 

If you want to try something different now when warm days are over, it could be a good idea to give a chance to a few more plain fruit mixes. One of them can be Aloe Grape, but if this is not your cup of tea, you can say yes to Fruity Hawaii, which gathers together pineapples, mangos, and succulent peaches.

When you want to add some sourness to your vaping, make sure to opt for Guava Citrus and bring freshness to your day, thanks to piquant puffs. Lime Romance will deliver a similar sensation, so get ready to try it out.

Now, let's jump into some basic aromas that we cannot live without. They are Mixed Berries and Tropical Delight, which will remind you what the finest tropical fruit mix tastes like.

For all strawberry fans, this part is for you. Flum Float 3000 comes in multiple strawberry options, such as Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango, Summer Strawkiwi, and our absolute favorite Strawberry Ice Cream. We couldn't stop vaping thanks to this mouthwatering aroma that we highly recommend to everyone!


Sweet Explosions!

The final section is dedicated to some of the most delectable aromas that money can buy. The first one is Cotton Candy made to take you straight to the carnival every time you use Flum Float 3000. Surely, the sugary offer doesn’t stop here. You can also try Gummy Drop, which perfectly combines sweet and sour gummies.

If you are one of those vapers who like to taste their favorite drink while vaping, you may consider opting for Pina Polo or Red Bang. 

Last, but not least, there is a good old aroma called simply Tobacco which can be a perfect choice for vapers who, even though they stop smoking, still cannot say no to the pure flavor of fresh tobacco.

It is super clear that this range of aromas is exceptional, and you will be able to find at least a couple of flavors you would like to try! We are sure that some of them will become your absolute favorites, and you will keep on repurchasing them for a very long time.


Disposable that Performs Great 

As we have already mentioned, this disposable vape device not only tastes amazing, but it also has some superb specifications we love.

It comes with an already prefilled 8ml tank filled with 50mg/5% of salt nicotine. This amount will provide you with approximately 3000 puffs you can enjoy for days. When it comes to battery, it has an internal built-in 800 mAh strong one, that you don’t have to charge. So, this device requires zero maintenance, plus is waterproof and sealed, so with it by your side there is nothing to worry about.

Without any doubt, one of the first things you will notice when receiving your Flum Float is its unique design. It looks like a little bottle, which makes it super easy to hold and use. It is a draw-activated item, so even if you have zero experience with vaping, this device may be a great starting point.

Honestly, this disposable has everything we want one to have, so we are strongly recommending it to everyone who is looking for a new cloud maker. It is available on ApVapeShop, where you can find every single aroma. Know that this store sells only original products of top quality, so ordering from their site is always a good idea. Even if you need any type of assistance you can turn to their agents for help and get a professional opinion that will help you a lot.
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