Food God Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape - Variety of Tasty Flavors

Food God Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape - Variety of Tasty Flavors

If the name of this product sounds familiar, it is because it is named after an American TV personality and entrepreneur Jonathan Chenab, probably better known as simply Food God. So, knowing how much he appreciates delicious aromas, we were curious to try out all the different flavors he has created and packed into a new vape product.

Food God Zero Nicotine disposable is our latest find that we cannot stop recommending to everyone. Not only that it comes in 15 outstanding flavors, but it also has some incredible features. So, overall we believe that is an item worth each vaper's attention.

To give you an honest and complete review we have tested this device carefully, and today we will share with you all of our thoughts. It is a high-quality product, and whether you are vaping for a very long time, or you are on the hunt for your first ever disposable, this one can be an excellent option for everyone. It is created to cater to everyone's needs, it is super easy to use, and the offered aromas are out of this world!


Must-Try Flavors Created by a Celebrity


As we have already mentioned, the thing that drew us first to this device was its range of flavors, and we were extremely curious to know what was so special about them, and what made so many vapers talk about them. But, once we tried them all, it was all super clear. They really are exceptional!

For us personally, it is very important to see that a manufacturer tries to step up their game and produces something we have never seen before. And luckily, with Food God vape, we have to say that non-other than Jonathan Cheban just nailed it. The entrepreneur did his best to fabricate some pretty unique flavors.

The first you just have to try is Frose Rose, which tastes just like one of the most consumed drinks in the world. It will take you straight to the beach and each puff will remind you of summer. Moving on to Chilly Mango, a carefully designed combination of spicy chilly, and sweet mango. If you are a fan of fine chocolate dipped in strawberries, then Chocolate Dipped Wild Strawberries is calling your name. add this flavor to your cart and get ready to delight your taste buds.

Café Tabac is probably one of our favorites, because it is simple yet effective, and while using it you will have a feeling you are smoking tobacco, but in this case without any nicotine. Coffee Affogato is there for vapers who like the mix of coffee and ice cream. Pink Pineapple is a special kind of fruit, now even available as a vaping aroma, so don’t miss your chance to experience it. It is sweet and less sour than your typical pineapple options. Peach Bellini is yet another excellent fruit option, but this one is, believe it or not, a perfect blend of peach and Prosecco.

We were eager to find out what Banana Azul tastes like, and we have to admit, that it tastes better than we anticipated. It has a hint of ice cream flavor, which is probably why we liked it so much. Also, we were excited to see Triple Berry on the list, because we know how tricky it can be to get this flavor right. But, one more time, Food God managed to surprise us. He created a one-of-a-kind mixture, which contains strawberries, blueberries, and of course, blackberries. 

Another aroma that has caught us off guard is Millionaire Watermelon. And not only that we like the name, but the taste is superb as well. It is extra sweet, just the way we love it, and it will make you crave more and more puffs during the day. For all-day enjoyment, Candy Chain is here to deliver sweetness and bring you back to your childhood.

One of the last flavors we tasted was Crystal Lychee, and boy was it good! It is refreshing and exotic all at once. Sweet but not too much, and we would grade it with a straight-A. 

The name we were probably most curious about and wanted to find out more about was Mint Popsicles. We would describe it as very refreshing, and while tasting the cool sensation of mint, you will also experience a slight hint of popsicles. It is one of the most distinguished aromas we have tried in recent days, and it will stay one of our most used ones for a very long time for sure.

The last on our list, but definitely not the least important is a flavor called Party. Yes, you read it correctly. There is an aroma available for you that has a quite strange name. So, what do you think that Party will taste like? If one of your initial associations to party was cake, you guessed it. This aroma really tastes like birthday cake and we are positive you will be thrilled with each inhale.


Specifications that are Crazy Good


But there is more to this device than only good flavors. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be recommending it so passionately.

Let's start by telling you that Food God Zero Nicotine comes with an already built-in 1000mAh battery, which will ensure your device lasts for days. Also, once the battery dies, you don’t have to charge it.

When it comes to e-liquids, the product is pre-filled with an 8ml tank. So forget about creating a mess, and spilling juice everywhere. You will be able to use this vape as soon as you receive it and take it with you anywhere you go.

Of course, we cannot leave without saying a few words about the design. It is sleek and compact, so it will fit your purse or pocket impeccably. It comes in different colors, which are flavor coordinated. You will be awarded approximately 2400 puffs you can enjoy for days.


Hopefully, we have managed to cover all the basics and convince you that Food God Zero Nicotine is definitely one of the finest devices on the market currently. If that is the case, don’t hesitate, and head over to ApVapeShop.

There, all the flavors are waiting for you, you just have to pick the one you like the most and continue your vaping journey.

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