Fresh Aromas that Flum Mi 800 Puff Disposable Vape Offers

Fresh Aromas that Flum Mi 800 Puff Disposable Vape Offers

If you are into disposables, there is a great chance that you can’t wait to try each new edition once it is out. Disposables usually have similar main characteristics which make them portable, easy to use, and therefore beginner-friendly, yet one of the first things that a consumer will be drawn to is flavor and the quality of its delivery. 

This is why manufacturers are competing fiercely to design and create a device that comes with high-quality coils, batteries, and e-liquids which all work together in harmony to ensure you an unbeatable vaping experience. Flum Mi disposables are a great example of how it is possible to incorporate all the given elements into a single powerful and beautifully looking device, and above all, how straightforward flavors can taste exciting and exceptional with each puff. 

Flum Mi is one of the smallest disposable devices available on the market right now, yet it allows you to take over 800 delicious draws without the possibility of leaks, dull taste, or defective battery. Thanks to the highest-quality cotton coils and battery, the flavor is intense and clean, and the device is durable and safe to use. For these reasons and more, the interest in this all-new disposable grows by the day. Therefore we decided to present you with its flavor palette and provide more information on each taste so that you know what to expect when buying Flum Mi 800 puff disposable vapes

One and Only - Aloe Grape 

Aloe vera is well-known for its refreshing and mild taste which resembles water with a pinch of sugar. It represents an ideal basis for the luscious, tangy, and subtly sour taste of ripened grapes. This is definitely a must-try for all those who like tarty and highly aromatic grape tastes that come nicely wrapped up with a hint of aloe vera’s acidity and bitterness. 

Strawberry Blends

Strawberry is certainly one of the most beloved e-liquid flavors thanks to its sweet and soft taste. Flum Mi has three editions of strawberry blends – Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi. The first one is a straightforward smoothy-like delight with a creamy finish where you can taste each taste individually, and the other has a predominant mango flavor with all smooth and rich notes. Flum Mi did a great job by blending two distinctive flavors and leaving the room for each to be as intense as it gets. 

The third one, Strawberry Kiwi is possibly the most tropical one which makes it ideal for the upcoming summer season. The taste of zesty and sour kiwi comes at the beginning, while the gentle sweetness of a ripened strawberry surrounds the puff and leaves your taste buds in awe. 

A Tropical Mix to Rule the Summer Seasons

There is something about the e-liquids with tropical flavors. It seems like they can affect our mood and take us mentally to that long, sandy beach where we picture ourselves with ice-cold Margarita in hand and without a single worry in our minds. One of the disposables that can do that for us even on the hottest summer day is Pineapple Mango Peach. 

Refreshing and subtly sweet pineapple comes at the beginning, mango takes the middle of the draw with its robust aroma, and gentle yet succulent peach comes as the grand finale to finish the satisfying draw. This perfect blend guarantees instant refreshment and enjoyment that will help you get through the day easily. Again, Flum Mi weighs only 57 grams and it fits any purse or pocket, so you can carry it wherever you go. Its modern yet minimalistic design is perfect for auld vapers who don’t like to draw too much attention while vaping, and the device itself is silent which is another Flum Mi’s advantage. 

Peach Ice Cream Disposable? Why Not?!

Maybe you didn’t have a chance to try ice cream with the peach paste, yet we assure you that by vaping from Flum Mi’s Peach Ice Cream disposable, you’ll come as close to the experience as possible. Creamy, milky notes prevail in this edition with the gentle and juicy peach flavor coming at the end of the draw. The flavor is not too sweet and matte thanks to the watery peach taste which makes it refreshing and ideal for the hot summer evening. 

Red Apple – A Unique Sweet-Sour Flavor 

Red apples have that distinctive sweet and mild taste with the touch of sourness to tangle your taste buds. This one is possibly their best-seller since it resembles the taste of red apples as much as possible and ensures vapers a feeling of drinking fresh apple juice which already sounds amazing. 

The concrete and clean taste that you’ll get from each Flum Mi 800 puffs disposable vape are supported by the cotton coils and tight airflow which allows you to feel that draw to the maximum. If you are a beginner who wishes to transition smoothly to the vapes from tobacco, we advise you to start with this utterly pleasurable edition which will help you forget about the nasty habit once and for all. Instead of being surrounded by the burnt smell of cigarettes, treat yourself to an incredible aroma that will make you feel at your best. 

Mixed Berry – A Real Berry Blast That You Were Waiting For

There are multiple berry flavor editions on the market, and this one surely deserves a try. A sensual mix of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry promises an aromatic journey with the mild citrus and piney notes which will awake all your senses. 

A Pure Refreshment with the Cold-Ice Notes

For those who like icy disposables, Flum mi has two special editions – Cool Mint and Lush Ice. The first one offers a clean minty taste with an intense kick, and the second one is a blend of watermelon and ice which is surely one of our favorite Flum Mi’s editions. 

Even though it is difficult to put in words all the beautiful notes of the given flavors, we hopefully managed to bring you a bit closer to the experience that you can expect from this disposable which is modest in size yet rich in flavor. Place your order today at our ApVapeShop, and have your original Flum Mi 800 puffs disposable vapes delivered to your address in a day or two.
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