Fume Extra or Fume Mini 1200 Puffs - Which One to Choose?

Fume Extra or Fume Mini 1200 Puffs - Which One to Choose?

Fume has been recognized as one of the most reliable and trusted vaping products manufacturers, and besides the premium-quality devices that they continuously produce, the vapers appreciate the grandiose and still growing flavor selection and simplicity of their devices. 

It is not easy to stay at the top of the fierce disposables market, yet Fume did an exceptional job by giving the vapers what they want for a reasonable price. Fume vapes have low defect rate thanks to the patented medical-grade technology which prolongs the device’s life and maximizes puff capacity, and therefore enjoyment. 

On the other hand, attractive and modern design, powerful battery, and capacious tanks filled with potent e-liquids are the features that make Fume vapes popular among beginners and passionate vapers. Still, to be sure that you’ve chosen the Fume’s disposable that can meet your needs entirely, it is a good idea to get familiar with what each edition offers. This is why we decided to make a comparison between Fume Extra and Fume Mini disposable vapes which are among the most popular ones in the current market, and hopefully help you make the right call. 

Design and Size

It is easy to guess that Fume Mini is the smaller disposable vape as its name suggests, but Fume Extra is also compact and easy to carry around wherever you go. Still, the design of these two devices is completely different – Mini comes with a unique box design and resembles a lighter while the Extra is more of a vape pen with a rounded shape and matte finish that ensures a secure grip. 

The mouthpiece with the Mini is squarer while the Fume Extra comes with rounded edges and is a bit thinner, but they are both quite comfortable and it is only a matter of taste which one you’ll find more suitable. 

The devices don’t include any buttons and are both draw-activated, and with Extra, the bottom of the device gets lightened up once you take that puff. However, the LED light is discreet, and it doesn’t draw much attention. 

Battery and E-liquid Capacity

Fume Extra comes with an 850mAh built-in battery that will allow you to take over 1500 puffs, while the Mini has a 400mAh battery which is enough to ensure you around 1200 of those. The tanks come with 6ml for Extra and 3ml for Mini and are both pre-filled with premium e-liquids. 

As you can see, you’ll have around 300 more puffs with Extra, but still, the difference is not that big, and it all depends on your vaping habit. Both devices can last up to a couple of days, and it is up to you how you’ll stretch the disposable’s life. 

As we mentioned, the Fume vapes come with advanced technology which will ensure you dense and rich clouds, and this is the case for both Mini and Extra. It is our advice to mix and match these two disposables and see for yourself which one fits you the best. We've noticed that the battery is solid and consistent with both editions, so you can expect to have a similar draw intensity and kick throughout the device’s life. Once the battery is dead, you can simply throw away Extra or Mini in thrash and take another disposable of your choice. 

Premium Nicotine Salts and MTL Vaping

Both devices promise a powerful yet smooth hit without throat irritation or burnt scent, and the nicotine strength in both variants is 50mg (5%). Fume vapes come with premium quality nic salts where you can taste each flavor individually and satisfy your cravings. 

The airflow is tight with both editions, yet you don’t need to take an ultra-powerful draw to get the juices flowing which makes these disposables ideal for MTL vaping. You’ll be pleased with the vapor production – the clouds are dense and consistent, so you can truly enjoy the whole vaping experience with both Extra and Mini fume vapes. However, the draw is utterly silent which is quite important for those who appreciate discrete vaping and are sensitive to repetitive noise which can be annoying sometimes. 

Fume e-liquids contain regular ingredients like Vegetable Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, and both natural & artificial flavors. 

Incredibly Rich Flavor Selection

Flavors have always been Fume’s strongest asset, and they truly surpassed themselves with the Fume Extra since it comes in amazing 24+ variants, while the Mini is available in over 16+ different options. 

Fruity blends are predominant with both disposables, but you can find a tobacco edition with Extra in the form of intense Cuban Tobacco disposable. If you are looking for a real berry delight rounded with a gentle minty finish, you’ll love sweet and sour Black Ice which is a perfect blend of Blackberries and black cherries. If you are up for a sweet and calorie-free treat, Extra comes in options like Bubblegum, Rainbow Candy, and Cotton Candy, and in case you are in a mood for straightforward and clean fruity blends, Mini will exceed your expectations with Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango, and Strawberry Watermelon flavors. 

The good thing with Fume vapes and their Ice editions is that the flavor blends are well-balanced, and the mint is quite gentle, so you can distinguish the dominant flavor easily in case there is a fruity note mixed with ice. For example, Blue Razz is an evergreen that supports the claim, and all-minty editions like Lush Ice or Iced Mint with Minis are perfect for all-day vaping as well since they are not too strong and sharp. 

Finally, our recommendation for Mini is surely the one and only Double Apple for Fume Mini, and irresistible Strawberry Cheesecake for Fume Extra. 

Hopefully, we managed to bring you closer to what you can expect from these two amazing disposables, and if you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with our ApVapeShop crew who stands at your service 24/7. If you are ready to purchase original Fume vapes that come with a great deal and fast delivery, you can do it easily within a couple of minutes.
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