Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable Vape VS. Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable Vape – Choosing Your Perfect Vibe

Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable Vape VS. Funky Republic Fi3000 Disposable Vape – Choosing Your Perfect Vibe

Welcome back dear fellow vapers! Today you are in for a treat, since we are about to talk about not just one, but two spectacular disposables that have taken the world by storm! We know that many of you love switching your device from time to time to make your vaping experience extra fun, and that is why it is our goal to always present only the finest products you can imagine. 

For this blog, we have prepared a detailed guide through two latest devices crafted by one of the well-known names in the business, Funky Republic. Their products are designed to help vapers vape in new and improved ways, and after trying out their disposables, we can say that they have managed to do that!

Both Funky Republic Ti7000 and Funky Republic Fi3000 disposable vape are incredible, and we are sure that no matter what your vaping preferences are, you will be glad to have any of these devices by your side. They will deliver some of the best vape production you can imagine, and just like all the other high-quality devices, these are waiting for you at ApVapeShop as well. 


The Ultimate Battle of Puffs 


We are passionate vapers as well, and that is why we know that one of the first things we pay attention to is the number of puffs that a device can deliver. Therefore, we are sure you wonder the same, and that is why we will share those pieces of information with you straight from the beginning. 

In one corner we have the magnificent Funky Republic Ti7000 which stores approximately 7000 delicious puffs. This makes this product a perfect choice for everyone who doesn’t want to deal with regular purchases, or who just like to stick to one device for quite some time.

In case you love experimenting more with your disposables, then opting for Funky Republic Fi3000 which delivers around 3000 puffs is a smart move. That is how you can see if it is your cup of tea, and if so, you can continue repurchasing it. 

It is important to know that these devices can cater to the needs of different vapers, so rest assured, there is something for everyone!



Spectacular Range of Aromas at Your Disposal 


One of the biggest perks of vaping is the versatility that it provides. With each new device, we can experience something new, since numerous tasty aromas are waiting for us. Surely, not all of them are equally good, but if there is one thing, we are 100% sure of is that all devices made by EB Design always come in some mind-blowing flavors, all made using only high-quality ingredients. 

If your product of choice ends up being the Funky Republic Ti7000 disposable vape device, you will be able to choose from 15 outstanding aromas. Among them, you will be able to find some juicy fruit-based ones, but also those with a dash of mint, that provide an instant refreshment. 

The same amount of top-notch flavors will wait for you when you decide to order the Funky Republic Fi3000 disposable vape device. It offers one of our all-time favorite aromas, called Tropical Delight, so in case you are not sure which one to add to your cart, this may be an exceptional choice.


To Charge or Not to Charge? Is Up to You!


It is known that vapers have different vaping habits, and some of them love being able to recharge their devices, while for some that is too much of a hussle. Luckily, these two disposables have different features, and that is why they will be loved by different fans of vaping.

When it comes to Funky Republic Ti7000, it is powered by a 600mAh battery that can be easily charged using Type-C charging cable. Thanks to the battery indicator, you will also know when is the best time to do that.

On the other hand, Funky Republic Fi3000 boasts an 800mAn battery, which doesn’t have to be recharged. So, this device is perfect for everyone who is on the lookout for a completely straightforward vaping experience. As soon as you use all the puffs, feel free to simply toss this device away, and move on to another one. But considering how good it is, we are sure you would like to go back to it from time to time and try out as many flavors as possible.


Eye-Catching Designs 


If we need to grade the designs of these devices, we will easily mark both with straight A. Not only that they look amazing, but they are super compact, so you can take them with you anywhere you go, and give some luscious hits whenever you crave some. They have handheld box designs, so using them will be a true delight. Their mouthpieces are narrow, which will make inhalation super smooth, and you will be treated to some velvety puffs, without experiencing any throat irritation.

Another common feature is anti-leak technology. Thanks to it you can vape stress-free at all times, not having to worry about making any mess or spilling precious liquid. They require zero maintenance, so whether you are just starting to vape, or you have been doing that for a while, these disposables will fit your lifestyle perfectly. All you need to do is unwrap a device upon receiving it, take a first puff, and you are ready to go.


Impressive Amount of E-Juice


Before we leave you to head over to ApVapeShop and make your order, let us tell you about the quantity of vape liquid that is stored inside these two devices. Inside the Funky Republic Ti7000 tank is located 17ml of e-juice, while in the Funky Republic Fi300, there is 5ml of liquid. The difference is notable, and it will determine the amount of draws you can enjoy, so make sure to choose wisely, and make your order as soon as possible! Only genuine devices are waiting for you at ApVapeShop, so get ready to set off on a memorable vaping adventure! 

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