Game-Changing LuffBar and Space Disposables You Need to Try Out!

Game-Changing LuffBar and Space Disposables You Need to Try Out!

Millions upon millions of people have fallen in love with vaping at the very first puff, and this number just keeps on growing. And the constant production of some top-notch vape devices is just attracting more fans to indulge in premium vape production. With that being said, we know it may be a bit tricky to know which products can suit you perfectly since they all have different features. 

That is why today we will walk you through some exceptional devices that are designed to deliver incredibly tasting puffs without requiring any maintenance. All of the products we will mention today are made by some of the well-known brands on the market, which only further proves their quality. 

So, in case you are on the hunt for your next everyday vape companion, and you are not quite sure which one to choose, you have come to the right place. We have 4 flawless ones to recommend, ensuring there is truly something for everyone.

Embrace the Power of Supreme Vaping 

Why waste your time on some not-so-great products, when you can really take pleasure in trying out one of the best ones, LuffBar Boring Tiger 25000 Puffs? The first thing that caught our attention was its amazing range of pastel colors, perfect for the upcoming spring. But surely, there is more to the device than its design, and we had to find out whether it performs as great as it looks. And the answer is yes! It is an incredible mixture of style and functionality, and due to its compactness, you can take it with you anywhere you go and enjoy its supremacy. 

Depending on your vaping habits, you can use this device in three different, but equally great modes. The first one is soft mode which delivers approximately 25000 puffs, the second is called normal and it can treat you to 15000 puffs, while the boost mode is designed to produce around 10000 puffs. 

It incorporates four mesh coils, which is truly one of the biggest innovations in the industry. So, expect to savor only delicious draws, and not worry about burnt ones, which are a true nightmare of each vaper. The nicotine level is 50% of salt nicotine, a dose ideal even for those who are just starting to vape.

Thousands of Delectable Puffs Waiting for You

Moving on to another device by the same brand, and without it, the list of the very best disposables would be incomplete. This game-changing disposable is called LuffBar Dually 20000 Puffs and you won’t hear a single negative thing about it. It is just that good!

The very first thing you will notice when you see this product is that it has not one, but two smart power screen display windows, one on each side. That is how you can monitor battery and e-liquid level with ease, and know when is the exact time to use USB Type-C rechargeable cable, and when 26mL of vape juice is coming to an end.

It is designed using anti-leak technology, so feel free to put it into your pocket or purse without having to stress about spilling. This way you will be able to savor some luscious puffs whenever the craving emerges. There are 20000 high-quality draws waiting for you, so expect to indulge in some prolonged vaping sessions. We truly think that this device is one of the best ones you can spend your money on nowadays, so make sure to try it out as soon as possible! First-rate vaping has never been closer, so prepare to take advantage of it!

Range of Spectacular Aromas 

We can all agree that a range of available aromas can make or break a device, and unless we are treated to some deluxe ones, there is no way we would say that a disposable is truly remarkable. Space Mary SM8000 currently has one of the best flavor collections, and we love every single aroma from it. It perfectly combines some fruity options, with some much-loved menthol-based choices. 

For those who love tasting something super succulent with each inhale, we advise opting for Strawberry Snowcone. It is truly reminiscent of fresh strawberries, and with each puff, you will be transported straight to a sunny orchard. There is even a slight cool of freshness you will taste, which will make use of this flavor additionally extraordinary. 

Another of our favorites is Blue Trio Lemon, one of the most unique options you can go for. It is a flawless blend of citrusy lemon notes and undertones of blueberries. This is a super zesty and refreshing flavor, making it a supreme choice for everyone seeking a fruity and uplifting vaping experience. 

We are sure you will be able to find an aroma, or even a few, regardless of your preferences. Most importantly, each one of them is made using only first-class ingredients, so you can expect to have nothing less than a memorable vaping adventure.

Unlock a New Way of Vaping 

With each new device you buy, you would expect to take your vaping to a completely new level, and with Space Ultra Galakta 20000 Puff, you can do that like never before! There are two modes to choose between. A Mode operates at a power output of 12W, providing balanced and consistent vaping. The use of a single mesh coil provides efficient vaporization of vape juice and delivers approximately 20000 puffs. On the other hand, A/B Mode operates at a higher power output, at 24W, which results in increased vapor production and intensity. By utilizing dual mesh coils, you will be able to take pleasure in 10000 puffs.

There are 16 aromas at your disposal, and our favorite one is undoubtedly Blonde Roast. It is one of the most distinctive flavors we have ever tried, and we think you just need to give it a go.

Each one of these devices is available exclusively at ApVapeShop, so as soon as you decide which one you like best, go ahead, and make your order!

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