Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 Puffs Disposable vs. Yovo JB8000 Disposable

Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 Puffs Disposable vs. Yovo JB8000 Disposable

At present, the market is flooded with a wide variety of disposable vapes, and within this vast selection, there are truly exceptional products that every vaper should be aware of. We have recently discovered two such gems, and if you haven't come across them yet, you're certainly missing out on something extraordinary.  


Among these remarkable devices are the Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 puff disposable vape device and the Yovo JB8000 disposable vape device, both of which are gradually becoming essential additions to the collections of numerous vapers. These devices embody impressive innovation, and having them within reach would undoubtedly be a wise decision.  


To understand why we wholeheartedly recommend considering the purchase of either of these two incredibly useful gadgets and indulging in delightfully satisfying puffs, we encourage you to stay with us until the conclusion.  


Top-Notch Batteries for Supreme Performance   


While disposables are designed for temporary use, it remains essential to make the most of every puff contained within the tank. And what better approach to achieve this than by ensuring a reliable and efficient battery? Luckily, both items are made using only premium components, so expect nothing but a first-class vaping adventure.  


In the case of the Geek Bar, it is equipped with a rechargeable 600mAh internal battery, which is a significant advantage. This means that as soon as it depletes its charge, you can easily replenish it using the included Type-C cable provided in the packaging. This way, you won't have to discard your device before fully utilizing all the e-liquid it contains.  


The Yovo JB8000 also features a built-in rechargeable battery, but the key distinction lies in its slightly stronger 650mAh capacity. With its rechargeable functionality, you can rest assured that there is no need for concern when it comes to power supply.  


Acknowledging the significance of puff count, let's delve into that aspect without any further delay. If you buy Geek Bar’s contestant you will be awarded with approximately 9000 puffs, which is incredible. Its opponent offers 8000 luscious puffs, which is also a significant number of luscious draws.   


Both devices have the smart light indicator that eliminates the guesswork of estimating the remaining juice in the tank, ensuring the aversion of those unpleasant burnt hits. Furthermore, the battery indicator light keeps you informed about the battery levels, notifying you when a quick recharge is required. So, these items are some of the most convenient ones on the market, and we are sure you will love them! They require zero maintenance, so make sure to try them out as soon as possible.  


What is the E-Liquid Capacity of Each Device?  


There is a slight difference in this category, and we truly believe that you need to be aware of it! Let's start with the Geek Bar Meloso Max, which offers an impressive 14ml of e-juice when you make a purchase. This is undoubtedly a substantial amount that provides great value.  


However, if having less juice is a crucial factor for you, the Yovo JB8000 might be your preferred choice. It offers slightly less capacity, 12ml to be more precise, but ultimately, the decision is yours to make.  


Furthermore, one aspect where both devices are identical is the nicotine level they offer. Both items provide a generous dose of 50mg/5% of salt nicotine, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience for users.  


Hence, the ultimate decision rests upon your personal preferences. Take a moment to consider what aspects matter most to you before concluding your order.  


Always Have a Great-Looking Disposable by Your Side  


In the present day, it is not merely sufficient for devices to perform flawlessly; their aesthetic appeal is equally important. As we carry our disposables everywhere we go, it's only fitting to choose ones that are visually appealing as well. Fortunately, both of our contenders today boast stunning designs that are sure to captivate your attention at all times.  


Geek Bar Meloso Max exhibits a remarkably sleek design, ensuring a comfortable grip during usage. Its extra narrow mouthpiece enhances the inhalation experience, providing a smooth draw. The device's exterior exudes simplicity yet effectiveness, featuring only the brand logo prominently displayed.  


Opting for the Yovo JB8000 will grant you a highly sophisticated device designed in the shape of a compact box, ensuring easy portability that effortlessly fits into your pocket or bag. Available in an array of vibrant colors, the device stands out without being overly distracting, striking the perfect balance in visual appeal.  


Are These Disposables Easy to Use?  


A common question frequently asked by vapers, particularly those new to the vaping realm, revolves around the device's level of complexity. They ponder whether it is user-friendly and manageable for their needs.  


The good news is that both products are designed with beginners in mind, offering a user-friendly experience. No setup is required, allowing you to indulge in the first puffs as soon as you unwrap the chosen device. With their draw-activated functionality, using them is as straightforward as it gets.  

We also need to mention that both devices are made using premium mesh coils, so rest assured you will have the finest vaping experience possible!  


Tailored Aromas to Delight Your Taste Buds  


While we often encounter an overwhelming array of aroma choices, that is not the case with these two devices. They provide a well-curated selection, striking the perfect balance. Consequently, discovering the aroma that suits our preferences becomes a simple and enjoyable task. Geek Bar comes in 15 aromas, while Yovo JB8000 is available in 12 unique options. They all taste incredible, so just pick the one that suits you the best.  


We have explored the fascinating comparison between the Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 puffs Disposable and the Yovo JB8000 disposable. Both devices offer remarkable features and advantages that cater to the diverse needs of vapers. Whenever you are ready to make your purchase go ahead and visit ApVapeShop. Here you can find only original and high-quality devices, so you can know that you will have the safest vaping journey you can imagine.   


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