Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vs Geek Bar Skyview 25000: Which One to Choose?

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vs Geek Bar Skyview 25000: Which One to Choose?

Even though we have been part of the vaping industry for a very long time, it still may be quite challenging for us to find a device that can 100% be our cup of tea. We think that nowadays it is almost impossible to know how many vape devices are out there, which means that there is a great chance that among them there are some rotten apples that are not worth trying out. 

That is why we try to test as many devices as possible and hope for the best. But, there are some ways to make even our quest far easier. One of them is to always opt for products that are crafted by renowned brands, which can guarantee their quality. For example, whenever we see that a new member of the Geek Bar family has appeared on the market, rest assured, we will be first in line to try it out. And thanks to ApVapeShop, we always have access to top-notch devices as soon as they are available for purchase. 

Today, we will talk about Geek Bar Pulse and Geek Bar Skyview, and decide which one we love more, and which one is a better investment. So, in case you are on the hunt for a new disposable and you have trouble picking the right one, don’t move! We are sure that one of these two, or even both, will be right up your alley. 

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 - the Unmatched Durability 

Lately, when opting for a new device, we need to make sure that it will withstand the test of time, and that its durability is supreme. That means that it has to have a powerful battery, to be made out of quality material, that it won’t leak, and that the consistency of aroma will be the same from the very first until the last drop of e-liquid. 

Yet, you would be surprised how little the device possesses all of these qualities, but we think that even if one of these parameters is off, our whole vaping experience would be destroyed. But, we were blessed to discover Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Puffs, one of the best-made disposables your money can buy. 

The very first thing you will notice when laying your eyes on this product, is its unique shape, and its incredible mega HD 3D curved screen, the first of its kind. Thanks to it, you can stay informed about the battery and e-liquid level, and monitor the wattage that is being used, so you can customize the way you vape to your preferences. This device is designed with the utmost quality in mind, and that is exactly what it delivers.


When using it, you will have a chance to choose between two modes, and depending on your mood and liking, you can opt for regular or pulse mode. Regular will treat you to approximately 25000 puffs, while the pulse is coming up your way with around 15000 luscious draws. Thanks to this level of customization you can finally vape like a pro, and the best part about it, you can do that completely hassle-free. This disposable doesn’t require any maintenance, so everything you need to do when you receive it at your doorstep is to unwrap it, take the first puff, and transport yourself to the heaven of lovely flavors. 

Since it is made using anti-leak technology, this device is ideal for on-the-go vaping. You can take it with you anywhere you go, and have a puff or two whenever your heart desires. There is no need to worry about making a mess or wasting some of the precious vape juice. Everything is safe and sealed, so you can vape without a single worry on your mind. 

Geek Bar Skyview - the Plethora of Unique Aromas 

If you ask us what we value more, the way that a device performs or how it tastes, we truly wouldn’t know how to answer. Mostly because we think that one doesn’t go without the other. So, we always look for a disposable that has the best of both worlds and Geek Bar Skyview 25000 Puffs is definitely one of them. 

Just like the previous contestant, it is made using a rechargeable battery, which means that whenever the smart screen shows that its level is low, you can take a USB Type-C cable and award it with some much-needed power and continue vaping stress-free. That is how you can use the entire tank, and this is pre-filled with 16mL of high-quality vape liquid. 

When it comes to customization, this device is like no other. Not only there are three modes to choose from, pulse, norm, and soft, but at the bottom, you will also see the very useful adjustable airflow switch. So, whether you like a more loose draw, or you are a fan of super strong hits, this disposable has got you covered. It is crafted using dual mesh coils, so you can expect each puff to taste equally good. Trust us, you will get nothing less than a satisfactory vaping session every time you use this marvel since it is truly one of those that follows all the trends that are shaping the future of vaping.

But, let us now move on to the most luscious part, the collection of aromas you can choose from when ordering Geek Bar Skyview. 15 distinctive ones are waiting for you, so without a single doubt, you will be able to find a few that will satisfy your taste buds. The range is a great mix of some fruity and minty options, so there is truly something for everyone. If we have to pick our favorite aroma, that would have to be the incredible Strawberry Watermelon Coconut, which is ideal for the warm days that are ahead of us. It is one of the most refreshing options, and you need to try it out. 

As you can see, both of today’s contestants are amazing, and regardless of your choice, you can expect to have an incredible vaping journey through the sea of spectacular aromas and innovative features. 

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