Guide to Pod Juice Pod Pocket 7500 Puff Disposable Vape Device

Guide to Pod Juice Pod Pocket 7500 Puff Disposable Vape Device

If we look at the disposables’ market today, it is not difficult to notice how crowded it is and how fierce the competition is. The manufacturers are finding adequate ways to attract vapers. Some might include more or less useful upgrades, but the safest way to please any vaper is to pre-fill these devices with premium-quality e-liquids.

This is the precise thing that the experienced and smart guys from the famous Juice Pod did, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. Their Pod Pocket disposable device contains over 14 of their top-quality e-liquids and each promises an unforgettable vaping journey. Besides that, they managed to create a technically impeccable vaping device that comes with all the modern features but is still super easy to use. This is what makes it such a great choice for vaping beginners who are looking for a cigarette alternative and expect the same satisfaction and experience. 

If you wish to get useful information about Pod Juice Pod Pocket 7500 puff disposable vape and decide for yourself whether it will suit you, we invite you to stay with us throughout the following text. We will present you with all the great features this vape offers and tell you more about the flavors, tech specs, and many more. Feel free to dive into the magical world of all sorts of vapes at our online ApVapeShop, or simply give our experts a call anytime if you need professional assistance. 

Eye-Captivating Looks and Superb Performance

Another way to stay at the top is to produce a device that simply has it all. Pod Juice Pod Pocket 7500 Puff disposable vape device comes close to that with its beautiful design, technical superiority, and great flavor selection. 

The device fits the palm of your hand even though it can provide over 7500 puffs, and it has a small box handheld design that makes it feel comfortable and secure when in hand. Thanks to the rubber matte finish, this device has a sort of modern elegance that doesn’t attract much attention, so it is a great choice for those who prefer discreet vaping. The colors vary from flavor to flavor, but the pattern is straightforward and fits the vaping industry standards.

As we said, you’ll get around 7500 puffs with the new Pod Pocket thanks to the rechargeable 650mAh battery and 14mL tank. There is a 3-level battery indicator that shows the battery status, so once it gets red, you can simply recharge the device via the type-c charger and use it again once the light is green. The charging port is placed at the bottom of the device.

Mesh Coils Equals Smooth Vapor and Great Flavor Delivery

Mesh coil technology is an innovation introduced with disposables just recently, yet every serious manufacturer has already incorporated it into their devices. 

Mesh coils consist of a thin layer of metal that is wrapped around cotton. This design allows for a larger surface area to come into contact with the e-juice which helps it heat up more evenly and faster. This is how more consistent flavor and vapor is produced. This means that you’ll enjoy the intensity of each putt equally – from the first to the last one. 

These coils tend to last longer than the traditional ones, so you can rest assured that Pod Pocket will remain fully functional and healthy until the tank is empty. 

The airflow is mid-tight, and the mouthpiece is like any other disposable, so you can expect a comfortable vaping experience with this one. There wasn’t any throat irritation with this vape, but the kick is still strong, so make sure not to draw too intensely if you are a beginner. Also, the device is silent when active. 

The device has anti-leak technology which keeps the device safe and functional. You can forget about the bothersome spills and leaks with it. 

What Are the Flavor Options?

Knowing the fact that the Juice Pod is one the most famous e-liquids manufacturers, it is no wonder that they wanted to promote the given juices even more and integrate them into the disposable vapes editions. 

There is an option for anyone basically in their huge flavor selection, so let’s have a quick look at what is there. Jewel Tobacco is ideal for those who look for a smooth transition from cigarettes to vapes. It comes with the well-known mild Virginia Tobacco flavor wrapped up in soothing oaky notes. 

If you are more into concrete minty hits, Clear Sapphire or Jewel Mint Ice are good options to start with. Juice Pod is recognized for its fruity and minty blends, so you can expect a real frosty berry-like blast with the Blue Razz Ice or Strawberry Kiwi Ice. The refreshing kick with each draw of Lemon Mint Ice will keep you well-energized throughout the day, while the straightforward smoothy-like delight of Strawberry Mango is surely one of their best editions so far. 

There are a few extra sweet treats if this is what you prefer. Fruity Bears brings in familiar childhood memories with its blissful scent, and Strawberry Rollup comes with some extra creamy notes and a gentle strawberry finish. Finally, Blue Razz Cotton Carnival is a must-try that doesn’t require much explanation. 

Is Pod Pocket Disposable Adequate for Beginners?

Pod Pocket is super easy to use, requires no maintenance, and it has all the interesting features that would keep you hooked on it, no matter if you just entered the vaping world or have been in it for some time. All you need to do to start vaping is take that draw – it is easy as that. There aren’t any buttons included on the device. 

It comes for a great price under $15, so you can try a few different editions to see which one fits you. Finally, this is the device that comes with intense, rich, and straightforward flavor delivery which is the prime thing that makes it one of the hottest-selling disposables right now.

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