Guide to Puff Flow 1800 Puffs Flavors

Guide to Puff Flow 1800 Puffs Flavors

When buying a vaping device, one thing that is very important for everyone is the selection of flavors. People are constantly searching for new and unique aromas that will blow their minds and make their vaping experience even better.

Puff Flow 1800 Puffs disposable vape device is the top choice of so many vape fans, and one of the best things about it is its wide selection of flavors. Some of them are evergreens and in case you opt for them, we are sure you can not go wrong. But, there are also a few flavors that are quite unique, and you shouldn’t miss trying them out.

If you are interested in finding out more about the amazing selection of aromas that Puff Flow 1800 Puffs vaporizer offers, you will find the following lines quite useful. 

An Amazing Device Perfect For Your Vaping Adventure


Before we start talking about flavors, let us tell you some basic information about this device. Puff Flow 1800 disposable device has a unique compact design that makes it very easy to fit everyone's purse or pocket. It is very lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere you go.

Thanks to a glide switch, you can customize and control the airflow, so you can always get the best hit possible. Your intake can be either tighter or looser, so it is great for everyone. The Puff 1800 is pre-filled with 6.5mL of e-liquid, and it has 5% of tobacco-free salt nicotine.

You will be rewarded with approximately 1800 delicious puffs, and once you use even the last drop of e-juice, you can reorder a new device, and with every new purchase you can maybe try a new flavor, and enjoy the new taste you will adore.


Fruity Flavors For Everyone Taste


If you are a fan of fruity flavors, then Puff Bar 1800 has got you covered. Experience Aloe Grape that tastes like fresh aloe drinks mixed with delicious grapes. With each hit, you will taste a great combination of aloe and grape that will take you back to sweet summer. If this is not your cup of tea, then you can opt for Cran Lemon, which is a perfect blend of two tasty fruits you can experience with each puff.

There is also a flavor called Passionfruit, an extraordinary mixture of sweet tropical fruits. Another flavor that many people will like is Blue Razz, a perfect mix of sweet and sour blue raspberries.

Besides that, there are a few more typical and plain flavors like Watermelon and Mango, so if you don’t want to experiment with unknown flavors, you can always choose one of these.



Exceptional Iced Flavors 


Puff Bar 1800 offers a decent range of icy flavors that will provide you with an additional refreshment with each puff. Banana Ice tastes like a sweet banana infused with cool mint that will give you a smooth hit with each intake. Another great option is Blueberry Ice, that will, besides the obvious blueberry taste, give you a kick of menthol, leaving you with a cool aftertaste in your mouth.

Cool Mint is honestly one of our personal favorites because it has a stunning spearmint taste. So if you are a fan of menthol flavors, we strongly recommend choosing this one, because we know it won't disappoint you.

Guava Ice is made for everyone looking to taste a tropical vibe with a splash of refreshing menthol. In case you love how lemon tastes, don’t worry, because there is a Lemon Ice flavor designed just for you. This blend of citrus and cooling taste will leave you satisfied after each puff, which, just like all other flavors, won't leave your throat irritated.

Lastly, there are Lychee and Peach Ice, so if these are your favorite kinds of fruit, but you also want to taste a bit of menthol as well, you know what your options are.

For the end, we left one of the most popular flavors, and of course, we are talking about Tobacco. We know when transitioning to vaping devices, many users miss good old classic tobacco flavors, so if you are among them, there is nothing to stress about. This flavor is just what you need.



Buying Your Favorite Puff Bar 1800 Flavor


We have mentioned all flavors that Puff Bar 1800 has to offer, and after reading this, you will definitely find the one you will love. Puff Bar 1800 is an amazing product, and we are encouraging you to give it a go. You won't regret it, and you will be able to try a new flavor every time you replace your vaping disposable device.

It is very important to purchase an original product, and luckily, you can find it online at Ap Vape Shop. We offer different flavors of Puff Bar 1800, as well as many other disposable vapes and pod kits, so feel free to create your order and we will send you your package as soon as possible.
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